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Deep Dives 19 - Confirmed Conspiracy Theories

This is a short post to make a couple of announcements.

First, we'd like to announce that Deep Dives 19 will be extended for another 2 weeks!

Researching and putting a quality post together takes time.
The original contest announcement generated a lot of comments and lively debate.

Unfortunately, the relatively lessened contest period (by DD community standards) may have been too short in order to allow participants enough time to research and generate entries with significant evidence to back them up.

The second announcement is that @abundance.tribe has generously donated an additional 400 HIVE to the the prize pool!

We're very grateful for the support and for incentivizing more participation in this research challenge. Much respect!

In light of the initial shortened submission period and considering the additional Hive up for grabs, we feel that it's only proper to give participants more time to contribute to the challenge.

Good luck Deep Divers!

Once more, here are the contest details (below).

Confirmed Conspiracies - Open Archive Challenge

This is a unique edition of Deep Dives and we're excited to host this 19th research challenge.

In this edition, we call on community members to dig up evidence/proof/documentation on events that turned out to validate or legitimate conspiracy theories.

Don't know where to start?

Here are some links that will get you off on the right foot.

  • The Bay of Tonkin Incident that Officially launched US War in Vietnam
  • Operation Northwoods
  • CIA Mind Control MK Ultra
  • MK Ultra LSD experiments
  • US government research into UFOs
  • Big Tobacco Covered up Evidence that Smoking was Deadly
  • Operation Mockingbird - CIA infiltration of US media
  • Operation Paper Clip - The USG hired Nazi Scientists after WWII
  • The CIA Developed a Heart Attack Gun
  • NSA Domestic Spying Program on US Citizens
  • Operation Popeye - US Weather Manipulation
  • Operation Stargate - Remote Viewing
  • Gulf War 1 - "Nayirah" - Propaganda Testimony by (Saudi Ambassador's Daughter)
  • The Franklin Scandal
  • CIA located Bin Laden through Fake Vaccine Program and DNA Testing
  • The Manhattan Project
  • The Tuskegee Syphilis Study
  • The Iran-Contra Affair
  • CIA Drug Trafficking in US funding the Nicaraguan Contras
  • Operation Ajax
  • Operation Gladio
  • Karen Silkwood - Nuclear Industry Whistleblower
  • CIA Drug Smuggling in Mena Arkansas
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Watergate
  • The Modern Surveillance State
  • Social Credit Systems
  • The Assassination of JFK
  • The Assassination of MLK
  • The Assassination of RFK
  • The Assassination of Malcom X

Always Exercise Caution

When engaging in research of government websites, intelligence agencies and whistleblower sites, such as Wikileaks, we strongly urge you to take all necessary precautions.

We recommend that you take the time to properly explore available privacy tools and VPNs.

Check out our Resources for Researchers post for tips on protecting yourself online and resources for diggers.

How to Participate in the Challenge

deep_dive1 CLRblur1.jpg

  • Search the Archives and the historical record making use of #DeepDives own - Resources for Researchers
  • Build a post around your findings
  • Provide additional sources to make your case and strengthen your position
  • Explain the significance and why it’s an important information that should be communicated to the public.


  • Help spread the word, reblog this post
  • Limited to 2 contest entries per account
  • Submissions must be made in a separate post (not in the comments)
  • You may leave a link to your entry in the comments below
  • Submissions must be posted before the deadline
    (UTC - Monday, September 21, 2020, UTC 11.59.00PM)
  • Please make sure to post or cross-post to the “deep dives community" page
  • Indicate that your post is a DD19 entree in the title of your post (so we don't miss it)
  • Your entry must include references to a document/documents found in a publicly available archive
  • Provide a link to the specific document or page
  • Make an attempt to keep your post concise and to the point

  • Please, do not plagiarize the work of others


The Winning Post Should

  • Meet the rules criteria

  • Well researched & sourced

  • Clearly presented

  • Significance should be clearly articulated

  • 3 Outstanding contributions will be acknowledged

  • *Winners will be announced within a week of the submission deadline


1st Prize = 250 Hive

2nd Prize = 150 Hive

3rd Prize = 50 Hive

Bonus Prize = 50 Hive


Great stuff, and amazing community support from @abundance.tribe. Almost all of the topics you mentioned for possible research opportunities was on my huge list of topics to write about. That list is now collecting virtual dust, but I really hope that a few deepdives community members will submit some great research in areas of known and verified conspiracies that I personally would have hoped to complete myself at some point. I would have chosen either the Tuskegee event or CIA drug Trafficking. If anyone is interested in researching the latter, then I recommend they search for an agent called "Frank Terpil". For anyone interested, here is a good place to start.

It's a very Intresting story to research, and there are plenty credible and verifiable sources out there on this topic!

Good luck to all!

Frank Terpil was a wild man... a one-man demolition squad. If anybody knows about the SE Asia/CIA drug trade, it's Frank!

I think you are the perfect man for the job haha! You certainly don't need any leads from me, that's for sure.

Frank was stationed in Laos at the same time that Hue Pham and I were doing work for Bill Colby. I think you may have chosen my topic for me, thanks.

I left some links and sources to articles and documents below, if needed or it helps at all. Look forward to seeing your article and good luck!

Thank you, the same to you!

Grateful for the tips, Frank Terpil doesn't ring any bells but coming from a top #deepdives researcher I'm sure there's a lot to unpack there! Any takers?!


What a fantastic and timely development! I am extremely grateful to @abundance.tribe for their support of the education and requisite understanding folks will gain from this challenge. Don't think that gratitude lessens my respect and appreciation of @deepdives and ya'll that work so hard to benefit good people facing the challenges consequent to the ongoing magnification of the corruption of government and the terrible deprivations and slaughter that afflicts society with.

What you do today will enable survivors in a decade or so to look back with deep and heartfelt gratitude for the understanding they gained from your work.


Gold price manipulation, building 7, cannabis legalization is a lie, weather modification, pizzagate, YouTube shadowbanning, oh man my feed over the past couple years is basically a list of conspiracy theories that have now been proven as facts. Everything I was saying 10+ years ago has come true in the past year or so, which is scary.

Sweet! I was going to try to get something written this weekend, but went out today and tomorrow leaving to be back Monday. Thanks @v4vapid, and Kenny for the AT prize increase.


P.s. Still can't enter because when a conspiracy theory usually gets confirmed or proven, it stops being a conspiracy theory, as it it has become a proven fact. Or am I wrong on this?

So what's left? What is it? If it's not some kind of idea or theory? Well, we can name a thing a thousands different ways, but what is it most? A conspiracy? An Event? A Crime? Or a warcrime?

At first look at the inspiration material at least 50% are actual crimes, warcrimes or disgusting events. Cannot call these a conspiracy theory or a theory. They are crimes, usually crimes against humanity or warcrimes.

Imagine a 5 year old saying, >> "But sir, that's not a theory or nor a conspiracy theory, that's a proven crime"

I think that's the whole point of this exercise. To write a research article to show that it wasn't merely just a "conspiracy theory" when the information was originally floating around, but there was real facts around the story or the actual real conspiracy, when it was denied/dismissed as one at the time.....if that makes any sense:)

Let's say it different: Confirmed Conspiracy Theory or a Confirmed Crime?

I don't call them conspiracy "theories" myself, unless it's generally in the framework of rejecting it - using the term as a way to highlight actual conspiracies that were once dismissed as craziness, as well as in the form of irony.

It's the establishment backed thinkers/debunking/gate-keeping types that do that as a way to hide their real crimes (yes crimes against humanity!). All we are doing is using that term against them as way to discredit their own debunking and "theories", that we are the actual conspiracy "theorists" ourselves. Conspiracy theorising is not an unusual or illogical thing to do anyway. That's is how actual crimes are solved - and why so many people are charged with conspiracy (mostly against the state, but not the other way around in a lot of cases). You can't uncover a conspiracy without actually theorising and/or collecting scientific data to back up your "theory" of a conspiracy taking place.

I completely agree that crimes and war crimes against humanity are in themselves conspiracies, because many of them were conceived and planned out by the conspirators before they actually took place. That is the very definition of a conspiracy, so using that term is appropriate in those cases (in conjunction with the terms of war crimes and any other crimes or corruption in general).

I don't think we should necessarily get too hung up on this (even though I completely understand your point on a fundamental level and agree with it). I think it's too late to change most of the average peoples minds (due to decades of deliberate attacks and propaganda in defence of real conspiracies) on that in general and the collection and spreading of truthful information is a lot more important than anything else. Most people can't be forced into anything either - they must transform themselves through a self-awakening process....that's why verifiable information is king. If it's out there, then that process will take place for whoever is open to it in a non-partisan way.

If you go back and look at previous deepdives article that others and myself in this community produced, you can see that in most cases they were produced in the form of investigative journalism with the use of real and verifiable documents that can show real evidence that a "conspiracy" took place, or there was overwhelming evidence of crimes against humanity perpetrated by the state.

That's what I have always concentrated on myself. Real documents and real data to show that it wasn't just a "theory", without anything to back up the article produced.


That title is not promoting the term "conspiracy theory" itself, but rather re-inforcing the fact that real conspiracies that were considered just crazy "theories", have been confirmed and can be verified with real evidence and documents that it was indeed a conspiracy (or high level corruption/crime against humanity).

Real crimes by way of conspiracy yes. Look, what's the point of having law if the people don't even know what a crime is? What the point of debunking conspiracy theory if you keep labeling it that way? Why use a term the CIA invented to discredit the truth so they could continue their Nazi-like ways?

Those are goddamn crimes brother, you know it. Not so much a conspiracy or a conspiracy theory, it's a CRIME with checkable facts, that's what's most important, and not a small petty crime like stealing An apple to eat either. No these are actual warcrimes, actual genocides and actual crimes against humanity.

Say it right brother and sister, unless you want them to get away with it?

 2 years ago (edited) 

We don't disagree and we've discussed the terminology in previous comments. The point of the research challenge is to showcase instances that were once thought to be 'conspiracy theory'. You're right, they may be simply considered a crime now. Perhaps even admitted after decades of uncertainty but now the historical record suggests otherwise.

We get it. We agree, the term conspiracy theory is derogatory. We could have called the contest by another name but it would go over the heads of most normies.

Many continue to believe certain events were not orchestrated by special interests to achieve their political, social or economic goals - this is a reminder to be critical of official proclamations from the authorities that repeated enough become entrenched interpretations of the events in question, even when evidence indicates otherwise.
We do appreciate your concerns on this and hope that you might put some energy into making a post for DD19, that would be very cool.
Thank you

I really don't have anymore time but thanks.

Changed my mind, but I just can't call it an "conspiracy t..." man. 🤣🤣🤣

I've been slowly putting together a series of posts for this contest and hope to get the first one out soon... lol
Big ups to @abundance.tribe - very gracious of you all to increase the prize pool by 200%, thank you!

Thank you for the extension, I was going to try to crank out something in 2 days, but now I can take some time to do it right.

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How come there is no comment from none of you of what you think of our posts ? Is the silence part of the contest ?

There's a lot of material to go through, we've bookmarked your post and will go over as soon as possible. Thank you for your submission to DD19, we look forward to reading your piece!

Thank you for the sign ⭐️