CDC study finds "vaccines" are INFERIOR to natural immunity!

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After a year of saying Covid vaccination is superior to natural immunity (which is impossible), the CDC finally admits recovery from infection protects better than mRNA injections!

This not only calls into question the entire global vaccination effort, it confirms exactly what "conspiracy theorists" have been fact-checked and censored for saying since the start! No wonder the study was quietly released, with no corporate media coverage. I didn't even hear about it in alternative circles until now. Since the new year arrived, the whole Covid narrative has changed, and seems to be imploding, perhaps by design.


Are we better off without the injections? Would herd immunity work? Does natural or vaccine protection last longer? Everyone wants and needs to know, but powerful interests seek to control the narrative, and the debate rages on.

  • 5 months ago, a major Israeli study found natural immunity provides superior protection

  • about the same time, the CDC released an announcement claiming the mRNA injections provide superior protection

  • Then a few months ago, a study in The Lancet discovered natural immunity lasts much longer

  • and about that time, the CDC put out another proclamation that the shots grant better immunity

  • last month we found out the injections prevented us from achieving herd immunity, prolonging the pandemic

Then quietly last week, the announcement that "those who survived a previous infection had lower case rates than those who were vaccinated". The exact opposite of what they have been shouting loudly for an entire year.

The injections are worse than the illness. Allow that to sink in.

Hundreds of billions spent, economies destroyed, cultures ruined, freedom obliterated... and it would have been better off to just do nothing.

Was there ever any doubt?

In the fields of biology and medicine, and outside of politics, no. But in the mainstream, natural immunity has been ignored, slandered, lied about, and even claimed to not exist.

"Natural immunity is a rightwing conspiracy theory" is a comment I've seen dozens of times in the past few months. Many people are so poorly informed they honestly believe the herd was unable to survive pandemics until vaccines were invented (around the same time as telephones).

Natural immunity is how we recover from infections. Our body recognizes invaders, builds defenses against them, and clears them from the body. These defenses last a long time, often for life. It's called natural acquired immunity. Unnatural acquired immunity, also known as vaccination, uses some of our body's processes to generate a weaker and limited form of these defenses. Vaccination can't provide superior protection. Why do we vaccinate, then? Because some viruses are so dangerous, we don't want to risk getting them at all, even once. Covid is NOT such a virus.

But that's what the CDC is saying to steer people back to the vaccines: 'Natural immunity is better, but Covid is a serious illness that you need to fear! Just get the inferior injections instead, which come with much lower risk.'

Shouldn't it be up to the individual what they decide to do? Especially now that we know the injections are actually reducing our overall levels of immunity?

In fact, the "do it for your community" excuse to push people into taking the injections is now complete bullshit! You're actually putting your community - in addition to yourself - AT RISK by taking these shots!

This is why unvaccinated people aren't dropping like flies, as the media predicted we would. We've got natural immunity, because at some point in the past 2 years we've had Covid, and recovered from it (like 99.998% of people do). Masked statists drive past our weekly freedom rallies, screaming "you stupid idiots are all going to die!" and all we can do is shrug. They're the ones who are dropping right now, which is sad, but we warned them this would happen.

And yet, the government is making the Beast System "vaccine passports" permanent here, locking anyone who won't take the shots out of society. And soon, out of grocery stores. If the shots worked, I could maybe understand it, but doing this to ourselves to fill our bloodstreams with something that causes serious side effects and OFFICIALLY doesn't even work?

The CDC is quick to point out their data was collected before December, so there's a chance omicron could have changed things. Yeah, right. Desperately grasping at straws. It's the only thing they can say to draw attention from the fact they just made their biggest flip flop of the entire pandemic - and that's saying something!

If this is really just a garden-variety bug from Nature, like those we have been encountering and dealing with for millions of years, why the rush to replace our immune systems with experimental spike-protein generators injected through a syringe? We can handle cold viruses on our own!

Now that we KNOW it was the wrong thing to do all along, it's time to finally put a stop to it. End the global injection program immediately.



JESUS! How did I not hear about this for a week?
CDC has done their best to destroy their own credibility, if they had any. Here they are again, another massive flip flop! Natural immunity is superior!!!

Yes, I had to reHive this one. So many bombshells in the past week alone! :O
And the Freedom Convoy is pretty incredible.


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Nice pun! ;) !LUV LOL at beast pass and the checkmark for statist collaborator, very nice.

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If these vaccines reduce our natural immunity then why take it. For this reason, there was no need to make the vaccine passport permanent

People can never be better than the nature. It's a fact. The scientists think that they are gods, while they are so far from being so. All the information we got is a tiny thing compared what could be discovered in the future. Funny to see them fighting the nature.


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