Here are the REAL supporters of Canada's Freedom Convoy the media won't show

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▶️ Our "leader" Trudeau has been hurling insults at the Canadian people from his hiding place all week, and the corporate media is doing everything possible to slow Freedom Convoy's momentum. Division is their game, but Canada is uniting against these tyrannical globalist puppets, and their time is numbered. All they can do is censor, propagandize, divide, coerce, threaten, bully, and manipulate. An increasing number of us are totally immune to the bullshit, and once you know the narrative is lying to you, you never see the world the same again. Today I took my camera down to the local anti-mandate rally in support of Freedom Convoy, and this is what I saw.

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It's a People-take over...😜 ✌️

As far as I can tell, that's what we call peaceful protest. Great footage!

Many people have joined this Freedom Convoy. When any movement starts, the President condemns in this way which is very sad and bad

Hard to believe JT is that childish. Sounds like he's scared. "I'm not intimidated," he insists. What a douche.

That was an amazing protest! What great spirit and turnout. I had such a great time. We were lucky to have such nice weather! !LUV


Beautiful footage!

Here is the MSM take on it today:

They say 5 arrests were made in Vancouver.
But when you look into the details, all 5 were counter-protesters!
And remember who caused most of that... the MSM.
They want you to think the freedom convoy is violent but the truckers and supporters have resisted all attempts to get them to fight.
They even pelted us with eggs and threw nails under truck tires.

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People expressing their freedom

There's a real purpose behind those Canada flags right now, and it's amazing to see everyone waving in solidarity. Right now it means something, unlike on July 1st when it's just an excuse to take the day off and stuff our cake holes. The constitution on that red and white sign looks mighty fine! !LUV

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