Day 334 awaiting the next offensive.

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Last of the three-part series with Ukrainian military guest.

First-hand accounts of some pretty incredible fighting!

Detailing the integration of drone and indirect mortar assets this is a rare look inside of this emerging technology it's pretty crazy how this is being developed implemented and now completely and totally employed. Incredibly this entire situation is put together with Belarusian mortar teams as well making this a pretty international affair with a bunch of different individuals being involved.

And of course this is in the southern front during the big huge collapse of the front lines and clearing of the city.

Biggest part about all of this that really astounds me is the fact that my idea that Russia is going to belong to the international banking cartel forever as well as be burdened with massive amounts of reparations for the cost of rebuilding ukraine. Which absolutely should be built properly as well as would be essential to giving Ukraine peace and prosperity.

Actually in fact Russia just barely got done repaying the United States back for all the Lend-Lease program equipment they received in world war II and now Bradley Fighting vehicles as well as strikers are coming in too. The analysis that NATO forces are probably going to be more than a match for the Red army is a pretty real and actually a very credible thought nowadays that is if Russia does survive this conflict with Ukraine because I really don't see very much hope for the Red army even if it stopped making mistakes.

Unless it's United States high mobility multiple launch rocket system there is no way for majority of Russian and Ukrainian equipment to did anything on the first try so incredibly it looks like precision military equipment has established itself in phenomenal ways


Yep underperforming Russian military equipment is absolutely shocking the entire world now we are going to see defense forces transitioning away from Soviet technology because well of course it can't stand up to modern conflicts. While this has shocked the entire world it is now forcing massive countries to reevaluate and reinvest in military equipment especially when we are looking at possible conflict between India and China however lessons from the Ukrainian war now have a huge impact in the decision-making process.

Drunken fights drug abuse and frostbite. All of this absolutely adds up to a massive amount of issues for the Russian forces.

Mobilized unit had 30 casualties before even getting into Ukraine!

Massive waves of sabotage and fires really bring out questions of if this is Ukrainian special forces and military intelligence operatives. Or if it's Russian partisans trying to sabotage the war directly.

Hundreds of mysterious fires have been reported. And attacks have even included Moscow.

Listing a few of these incredible Russian losses now incredible this entire conflict has been especially for Ukrainian forces. No matter if this is behind enemy lines special forces and government operations or if this is just partisan activity going on in Russia the consequences of all of this are really starting to add up.

Leopard tank supplies to Ukraine are going to make a mess out of this war..

Personally I don't think they're going to make this for any more of a mess than it already is however they definitely are going to help resolve the entire conflict expeditiously.

However I definitely do have to agree with this individuals analysis that the Germany more wants a Minsk agreement and immediate peace at the cost of another long-term issue with the rise of Russia being assured and continued conflict in the future after we've seen the complete humiliation of the Red army in this conflict.

Breakdown of the events that are going down in this conflict with the German side actively sabotaging international aid efforts isn't exactly shocking as we've seen quite a bit of knowledge come out over Russian political espionage and it just shows how deeply tied some of these individuals are.

Hearing that Germany is still afraid of Russia is pretty incredible as the entirety of NATO forces are kind of sitting back and laughing after watching the recent performance by the red army. In fact if NATO actually had been involved in this conflict we would see it being over within a week. Russian forces do not have the logistical capability to keep up with the rest of the world. Military standards have evolved quite a bit since Russia was on top of the world. And it's only a fact that the reason performance has failed more logistically than militarily. The fact that Ukrainian forces are able to Target supply dumps and wreck havoc behind enemy lines has really changed this conflict.

Pointed out is the trouble Rush is having with Ukraine and the fact that they are getting completely and totally stomped absolutely does factor into this entire equation you have a massive amount of NATO troops on the border just awaiting the first provocation and the chance to enter this conflict. Which would be the reason why you don't see a huge buildup along the NATO line as the overwhelming amount of force that is currently there completely dwarfs anything that Russia could muster. In fact all the way along the line of NATO actual control you see a huge buildup of NATO forces on standby as well as complete rotational troop movements being brought in by NATO partners worldwide. Russia absolutely is completely and totally afraid of this fact. The reality of Ukrainian forces winning this war coupled with the fact that NATO and the rest of the world is all pissed off because of the continued threats and harassment of worldwide nuclear warfare has dragged the rest of the world into this conflict whether Russia wants to admit it or not.

Russia reports poisoned vodka on the front line. And ironically Russian tanks actually run on alcohol which is extremely clean burning and to prevent soldiers from drinking the gas tank of tanks and armored vehicles it is really important for you to poison or denatured the alcohol that you put in there so... What do you think's going to happen when you drink poison alcohol?

And sounds like of course it's wood alcohol which is not exactly a substance you really want to drink however it's an excellent substance that you want to put in the gas tank. Clean burning highly volatile with a lot of energy potential.

But of course in leaked Russian phone calls it seems like there is nothing that can be hidden from the international community from the Russian front lines. Apparently Russians are freely willing to give up operational security for calls back home.


Russia has squandered this entire conflict and accumulation of failures has resulted in the destruction of its army.

Some Bradley infantry fighting vehicles are actually on the front line with 47th assault brigade. Making this into being an extremely overwhelming Force for the Red army here pretty quick.. TOW missiles as well as that incredible tank shredding machine gun. They've also got a belt fed 762x51mm m240 for finishing off infantry as well as light armored vehicles because you don't need to blast them with the light artillery this vehicle come standard with. And don't forget this 25 mm or 30 mm turret mounted weapon can easily slice through Red army armored vehicles and tanks.

Having m109 paladins showing up that can be digitally interlinked to a combat Network as well as the fact that it's radar can command counter battery positions with ease. The fact that these are on a tank chassis and with treads means that after they shoot they can just drive off completely wrecking Russian counter battery attempts by simply removing itself from that exact position. Russian forces are incapable of doing this and the Red army at every shot gives away its positions. Counter battery radar has shut down the overwhelming artillery advantage of Russian forces and it is dwindling down to a mere annoyance and harassment. That's right we are seeing the Red army massive artillery garages during massive amounts of shells with a extreme lack of precision however Ukrainian forces being able to hit targets with pinpoint accuracy?

Britain even gave up one of its beloved Sea King helicopters and I have a feeling that is doing a massive amount to evacuate Ukrainian wounded to the rear area hospital medical units.

Soledar pictures of before the conflict as well as what the city currently looks like absolutely shocks the senses. The fact that nothing survives and all structures have been damaged and rendered inhospitable is pretty crazy the fact that you would Target an entire civilian town and level it completely the ground with absolutely no regard for its citizens...

And of course they go over the pro Russian propagandist gal who ended up getting shot that I covered in probably a day or two ago. The fact that she was messing around and ended up having to learn the hard way is a pretty important more or less than that human being should learn. And the fact that it was a single shot definitely means that she got too close to the front line and ended up taking one for the team. AKA she got shot by a sniper. And of course is now out of action for a little while. It is reported that she survived and was talking mad crap at the hospital so it just looks like there's a chance for another Ukrainian precision Marksman 2 get a crack at her.

In the big Rammstein meeting eventually a Germany broke down and allows Ukrainian forces to get polish leopard two tanks as Germany will not stand in the way of Poland transferring them. Marking a huge shift in policy which now additional military equipment flooding into this war zone. Thankfully Germany has found an excellent compromise and will not stand in the way of Poland supporting this conflict.

There's a bunch of individuals in Germany that are scared that somehow you're going to see the rise of the Soviet Union 2.0 and the Russians overwhelming the Ukrainian defenders and attacking europe. Unfortunately I just really don't see that happening with the complete and total humiliation destruction of the Russian Red army by its own mistakes. In fact if Russia hadn't wasted so much manpower and effort with its own hubris this war would have been done in the two to three days they initially claimed.

Dutch f-16s!!!!
Westwood actually be a huge game changer for these multi roll highly technologically advanced airframes to get transferred into the Ukrainian Air Force inventory. This would absolutely allow massive air-to-air capability as well as close air support protections for infantry troops.

Biggest news today is the fact that we are seeing leopard 2 tanks finally show up on the front lines. The fact that Germany is now forced into handing it's leopard tanks for Ukraine. So this means that the Red army is going to really have some major problems here pretty quick. And the next offensive pushes will be backed up by massive amounts of technology and lethality with the Western main battle tanks finally getting unleashed.

The fact that Russia uses its t90 and now it's allowing t14 Armada tanks in this conflict just means that the world is justified in sending the world's best main battle tanks just to test out the Red army.

The fact that we are going to see main battle tanks on the front lines of this conflict for the Ukrainian side is pretty important. Poland was going to send these tanks over no matter what although finally Germany decided to allow it. Lightning offenses will be completely and totally possible now with the extra mobility and protection that we see from NATO main battle tanks. Of course the fact that Ukrainian forces are extremely capable and experienced in these lightning advances is really going to come into play.

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Watch the southern offensive take Crimea.