Pandemic 2.0: Mandatory Vaccination Rollout Begins As Face Mask Requirements Continue to Spread

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If you listen to fakestream media, you’ll already be aware that the so-called ‘pandemic’ is back, and with it a renewed push to fully revive the ‘new normal’ and another round of new tyrannical measures being imposed upon society. Citing recent spikes in the number of reported cases of Covid19 particularly in Texas, Arizona and to a lesser extent the southeast - being described by the media and various politicians as a rapid increase in the spread of the coronavirus across the country - the powers that shouldn’t be are back once again with another round of fear mongering, pushing the same old worn out pandemic narrative and the overarching agendas that go along with it.

Pandemic 2.0 has arrived. Never mind that this time there is no increasing rate of deaths alongside the recent rapid spread of the virus (allegedly), as deaths have actually dropped considerably, or that the numbers of new cases being cited is based on faulty data coming from people testing positive with tests which have a high rate of producing false positives. Never mind that this actually indicates the death rate is even lower than the already admittedly low rate comparable to the common flu. Never mind reality, there is the return of a super scary and profitable pandemic to be pushed here!

The agenda accompanying this pandemic revival of course includes the push for mandatory vaccinations, which have been a part of the scamdemic agenda from the very beginning, as Bill Gates has repeatedly made quite clear. Well the mandatory vaccine rollout has now already actually begun, despite there not even being a ‘Covid19’ vaccine available yet!

If you wonder how exactly a vaccine can be made mandatory before it is even developed, tested, approved, and available for use, it does seem rather odd and ahead of schedule. The very fact that a vaccine that isn’t even approved or available yet is being required in advance of its apparently now certain approval and release to the market, should be evidence enough of just how intent on forcing this new vaccine on the public the orchestrators of this agenda really are!

The University of Tennessee has just implemented a new policy of mandatory vaccination, requiring that ALL students be vaccinated with both the yearly influenza vaccine and the highly anticipated (by its pushers) ‘Covid19’ vaccine, in order to be allowed to attend. The ‘Covid19’ vaccination is required for all students as soon as it becomes available for use, a strange requirement considering that under ‘normal’ circumstances there are a variety of reasons that such a vaccine would potentially never even make it to the market.


The fact that they seem so certain it will be shortly available should be shocking, and is more evidence that this is part of a pre-planned agenda that its pushers remain certain will be implemented regardless of how the developing vaccinations actually perform during trials.

As reported by the AP:

University of Tennessee students will have to get their flu shot this fall and also be immunized for COVID-19 if a vaccine becomes available under an emergency rule unanimously approved Friday by the university’s Board of Trustees.

As with just about all of this ‘new normal’ tyranny being rolled out under the guise of the ‘fight against Covid19’ while in reality being focused almost entirely on increasing corporate profit, this first mandatory ‘Covid19’ vaccination implementation at an American university was done with an emergency rule. Lawmakers have been bypassed with the implementation of almost every single new ‘Covid19’ measure, from the economic shutdown to quarantines, from social distancing guidelines to mask-wearing mandates and now mandatory vaccines. All of it has and will continue to come down through emergency orders, executive orders, court orders, and corporate mandates, not through laws passed by Congress via the elected officials who are most accountable to the people (though still hardly so). This is surely by design, and the easiest way to circumvent any potential resistance to the agenda by the people.

Regarding the new university requirement, some people will surely argue that this is no big deal, because it is just a university requiring the vaccine and not the government, and that some schools already require vaccines, and that this is therefore in no way foreshadowing a nationwide implementation of mandatory vaccination. To see through this shortsighted argument, one needs only look at the mandatory mask policy being enforced by large corporate chains nationwide even without a government mandate to do so, now beginning to be followed by state-level mask-wearing requirements. If you think that all of these corporate chains now requiring all* of their employees to wear masks without exception, some also beginning to require employees to undergo a ‘Covid19’ test in order to return to work or remain eligible for continued employment, won’t also make ‘Covid19’ vaccination mandatory for all employees the second the vaccine is available, I don’t know what to say. Just look at recent history and open your eyes.

The big corporate chains are all voluntarily falling right in line with whatever ‘new normal’ measures the corporate media is pushing, both with and without government mandate, and the corporate media has been pushing the vaccine as the only ‘solution’ to this coronavirus ‘problem’ from the very beginning. Clearly, the oligarchs who run Corporate America are all on the same page - Bill Gates’ page - and considering how much power the corporate world wields over the ordinary lives of Americans, the corporate oligarchy could impose a pretty effective de-facto mandatory vaccination program on the public without a single law being passed or any kind of government order ever even being implemented.

First make it mandatory for the employees, then begin to require vaccine certificates for all patrons to be able to enter the premises and shop there, and just wait and see how many Americans - even those who claim they’ll never get the vaccine - will quickly cave and get vaccinated just to be able to continue to have access to their preferred educational institutes, shopping centers, restaurants and such. Combined with intense propaganda efforts by the mainstream media and government incentives, you could effectively ‘convince’ I’d imagine at least 75% of the population to voluntarily accept a de-facto mandatory vaccine without any political edict or government mandate officially requiring it. Corporate power in America and the whole Western world is such that agendas rolled out by a unified corporate world are just as if not more effective that laws passed by the government.

Of course, if such a scenario does begin to play out, and this should be anticipated seeing how the entire corporate world has been acting in a unified manner implementing the rest of the tyrannical ‘new normal’ pushed by the media, we can certainly also anticipate that at least some local governments and political bodies will follow suit by implementing mandatory vaccination orders as has already begun to take place with masks.

After months of the corporate chains requiring their employees wear masks or lose their jobs, these requirements are now spreading with airlines now requiring passengers wear a mask in order to fly; and a statewide mandatory mask-wearing edict has been implemented in Washington by executive order.


Everyone in Washington is now ‘required’ by executive order to wear a mask at all times while in public, both inside buildings and while outside, even while all alone! Violators are subject to $1,000 fines and even potentially time in jail. As per the Governor’s press release:

Starting Friday, every Washingtonian must wear a facial covering when in a public space, as mandated by the public health order signed by Wiesman. This includes both indoor and outdoor public spaces.

By court order, a local judge has mandated that all businesses in Houston (and the entire county surrounding the city) enforce a mandatory mask-wearing policy; business owners who refuse to implement the policy are subject to a $1,000 fine along with being featured on the city mayor’s potential new “Wall of Shame” proposed to further incentivize cooperation and highlight those disobedient establishments who dare refuse to cooperate with such nonsensical tyrannical measures. Derrick Broze covers the Houston madness in the clip from a recent show below:

As far as safety is concerned, the masks being required admittedly do not protect users from contracting the virus as they are an ineffective barrier against entrance of the virus, but rather they only stop the spread of the virus from those who are sick by way of inhibiting the spread of germs attached to larger molecules such as in spit when one coughs. And yet the requirements apply to the entire population, not just those who are sick, and are being implemented in the name of protecting the public, despite one’s hand or a piece of paper also being effective at stopping the spread of germs attached to moisture present when one coughs.

At the same time, the wearing of a mask subjects the user to an oxygen deficient environment. Thus by requiring people to wear them all day, every day, for months on end (as is already taking place for thousands of Walmart and other corporate employees), is a requirement that people perpetually subject themselves to an ‘unsafe’ oxygen-deprived environment (17-18% while wearing a mask), according to the minimum level of oxygen in the air determined by OSHA to be considered safe working environment (above 19.5%, with 20-22% being healthy).

The same architects of this agenda who are so intent on pushing such an unsafe and ineffective practice on otherwise healthy members of the population will certainly have no scruples pushing an equally unsafe or far more dangerous vaccine when one(s) become available, and there can be no doubt they will be approved whether or not they are actually safe, and will no doubt be available within the timetable set by Bill Gates, if not sooner.

Bill Gates has been the predominant voice pushing mandatory vaccines from the beginning of this whole thing, and has openly informed the world this is indeed his agenda.

(Text version of this Corbett report:

The media gone right along in pushing this agenda, and have repeatedly featured this billionaire, who has no medical education and isn’t a doctor, as a ‘medical expert’ at every chance they get. Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the entire world, and he has said that in the ideal future travel will be restricted to those either with ‘Covid19’ vaccination certificates or proof of testing positive (and thus having developed immunity). That airlines are now requiring masks for all employees without a federal mandate is a likely a foreshadow of their willingness to require vaccination certificates as per Bill Gates’ guidelines even without a federal mandate...


Most recently, Bill Gates, speaking with Anderson Cooper on CNN, stated in regards to his Gates-sponsored ‘Covid19’ vaccines, that convincing the public to get these new and yet unapproved injections, is now the ‘final hurdle’ of the plan - a plan he has in the past referred to as the only and “final solution” to the ‘problem’ of ‘Covid19’.

As summarized by RT:

Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates lamented the US is 'not even close' to doing enough to fight the pandemic, before warning that the vaccine he wants to inject into every human on the planet does require their consent first.
Gates seemed miffed that Washington wasn’t following his instructions more closely, complaining that “it’s possible to ramp up testing for a new pathogen very, very fast” if they’d just do as they were told.
Gates, who has repeatedly expressed a desire to inoculate the world’s population with whatever vaccine emerges from the research laboratories he is funding, admitted the shot might be rolled out before it’s working perfectly. “It’s possible the vaccine will be better at protecting you individually and not stop you from transmitting…it’s not guaranteed that the vaccine will be a perfect transmission blocker.”

Boasting that “the logistics in the US are not an issue at all,” Gates bragged that “we can get this thing out there” before acknowledging that “you’ll have a ‘choice’ whether you take the vaccine or not, so there’s that final hurdle.”

But, despite claiming people would have a choice, he then went on to imply they wouldn’t, showing little concern over “vaccine hesitancy” getting in the way of an immunized America, despite having acknowledged this posed the “final hurdle” to his “final solution.”

And what better way to overcome this “hurdle” of convincing a skeptical public to take a radically new, never-before-tested form of vaccination, the specific vaccine itself also rushed through production and surely undertested to begin with? Well, besides making normal life a living hell for the general public through various corporate requirements, making it mandatory would sure be one easy way of overcoming this hurdle!

And that is exactly what the New York State Bar Association is now recommending - that governments implement mandatory vaccination programs for the new, not yet available ‘Covid19’ vaccine, despite the people’s rejection of it.

As the recent NYSBA report published in the New York Law Journal

“Some Americans may push back on the COVID-19 vaccination for religious, philosophical or personal reasons,” but, “for the sake of public health, mandatory vaccinations for COVID-19 should be required in the United States as soon as it is available.”

The writing is not only on the wall, the mandatory vaccine rollout has in fact already begun, even before the mandated vaccine is available.

Now just imagine the following scenario, the first steps already beginning to be put into motion.

First, they will begin to require students to produce vaccination certificates to attend grade-school and university. Then all the corporations will begin to require employees to get vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs, just like they have done with masks and testing. Then the airlines will begin to require potential passengers to produce vaccine certificates in order to be permitted to fly, just like they have just begun doing with masks. Then large corporate chains will begin to require proof of vaccination for anyone who wishes to shop at their stores, rather than just for their employees, just as they imposed ‘social distancing’ upon shoppers all throughout the initial phase of the scamdemic. Libraries begin to require proof of vaccination to issue library cards. Small businesses are encouraged to make mandatory vaccination an employment requirement. All of this is being implemented in the name of ‘protecting the public’ and alongside intense mainstream media campaign. Anyone who doesn’t go along with the agenda is attacked and labeled an enemy of humanity and a threat to public safety. Governments begin to require the vaccine, at first just a few cities and state governments here and there, but eventually more and more and more as the pressure from the media intensifies. Fewer and fewer people become willing to resist being injected with Bill Gate’s creation as they face not only unemployment, shopping and travel restrictions, and public pressure, but also massive fines and even jail time.

Then, whether the vaccinations are ever mandated at the federal level or not, the day of mandatory vaccines will have arrived in full force, and Bill Gates’ plan to vaccinate the world will have arrived. And I believe that is more or less just how mandatory vaccination will in fact arrive, with the implementation of the first steps already here and plan already set into motion.

Months of indoctrination, fear-mongering, predictive programming, followed by a rapid ‘return of the pandemic’ to further prepare the minds of the fearful masses to accept whatever measures continue to be implemented, combined with the start of college campuses implementing mandatory vaccinations for students well before the arrival of the vaccine to the market; and mandatory vaccination in America no longer looks like an unlikely, unreasonable distant future, but rather a future that is right around the corner if the power elites get their wish.

Maybe the people can turn it around, but this is their agenda and they are quickly moving forward with it, preparing for the vaccine arrival right on schedule - well in advance of its official approval for use. Maybe with enough resistance to this madness, the agenda can be thwarted. Nobody has the right to force any other human to put anything into their body without their permission, nor to discriminate against them for their choice to do or refrain from doing so. Those who think and claim they do have that right, are making a claim to ownership of your body, and that is straight up slavery. You alone own your body, and ownership of your own body and choice of what you put or refrain from putting into your body is a most basic human right.

This proposed threat freedom is exasperated due to the fact that the mandatory vaccine will likely also contain a microchip, and thus these mandatory vaccinations will be used to forcibly chip and subsequently track the entire population, as has been admitted by its proponents.

Furthermore, history of vaccination shows that vaccines are never completely ‘safe’, and always causes some percentage of injury to users. Massive payouts to the vaccine-injured is proof of this, but since these payouts are really payoffs to the victims to keep their mouths shut, the public rarely hears of these numerous cases which demonstrate the inherent dangers of vaccination, sometimes even including the cause of death in the vaccinated.

Pharmaceuticals have little incentive to do the amount of testing required to prove a vaccine is truly safe, and no incentive to keep a proven unsafe vaccine from going to the market if that vaccine is anticipated to rake in the dough. They are protected by US law against lawsuits by the vaccine-injured from their products. Despite this lax testing standard among pharmaceuticals, it normally takes several years for a vaccine to pass through development, testing, and receive approval. However several ‘Covid19’ vaccines are already complete, developed in a matter of months we are told, and are simply waiting for approval. They are being rushed through trials, ready to be green lighted following the absolute minimum amount of testing necessary to say they underwent any testing at all.

Add to this that the Bill Gates-funded vaccines are an an entirely new type of vaccine never before used or tested in the history of humanity, which seek not to create immunity through buildup of antibodies but through genetic modification of the person vaccinated, and you have a prescription for a medical nightmare. The coming push to vaccinate America, just like the push to get all Americans tested and daily wearing a mask, is far more about corporate profit than keeping anyone ‘safe’ by stopping the spread of any so-called virus. And of course the agenda is all about totalitarian control of the masses as well.

For more in-depth discussion on all this and much more news related to this Pandemic 2.0, I highly recommend checking out The Last American Vagabond’s The Daily Wrap Up show from yesterday:


Soon we won't be able to wake up without a government's approval. It's mad where we're going but at least there are people who can see through this bullshit. We must stand together and help others along the way. Only together we can overcome this tyrannical dictatorship of our mother earth.

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This was such an informed and well-written article! I'm afraid to say, I think your predictions of the future are spot on. I don't know if you are familiar with the Bible, but all the things we are seeing seem to line up with prophecy in Revelations. The concept of having to be identified somehow by taking a mark (potentially, whatever 'cert' you would get from accepting vaccination), or not being able to purchase essentials, find employment, and being labeled and disbanded from society - all of these concepts are talked about in the prophecy in Revelation. No matter what your beliefs, if you haven't read it, you might want to check it out. At the very least, it might pique your interest.

Thanks for this awesome, well-researched, and credible article! :D


Exactly my thoughts too
These conspiracies were already preempted from the prophecies
We ought to study the Bible to be fully armed with ideas before it manifest

Ya, I know it says that no one will know the exact day or time, but we can be ready and prepared when we see the signs, and a lot of them seem to be approaching. I don't know if this will be it, but I agree that we should be prepared and ready either way. Thanks for your comment! :)

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What a manipulative way to force people to do what they should not be doing.. This is madness turned into the new normal. People should not accept this. Where is the power of will?

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"repeatedly featured this billionaire, who has no medical education and isn’t a doctor, as a ‘medical expert’ at every chance they get. "

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