Vaccine-Induced Polio Outbreaks in Africa Continue to Spread, Causing More Damage Than the Virus Itself


For close to a year now, a wave of polio outbreaks caused by the polio vaccine has been sweeping across Africa. Since last November, the polio vaccine has caused more cases and injuries than the virus the vaccine was supposed to be protecting children against.


“Global health numbers show there are now more children being paralyzed by viruses originating in vaccines than in the wild,” the AP reported late last November. At that time four African countries -Nigeria, Congo, Central African Republic and Angola - had reported nine new polio cases caused by the vaccine, and seven other African countries were already fighting vaccine-caused outbreaks, along with Pakistan.

All of these vaccine-derived polio cases “have been sparked by a Type 2 virus contained in the vaccine,” the AP noted, a ‘wild’ virus which had been eliminated years ago, but is even now continuing to spread across Africa and the Middle East thanks to these dangerous vaccines.


The WHO has now recently reported on the first of this month that this vaccine is also responsible for a new polio outbreak in Sudan, stemming mainly from a vaccine-caused polio epidemic originating in Chad. Chad was one of the many countries in the region hit by a vaccine-derived polio outbreak last year, which has been spreading in both Chad and Cameroon since then, and now into Sudan.

”There is local circulation in Sudan and continued sharing of transmission with Chad,” the U.N. agency said, adding that genetic sequencing confirmed numerous introductions of the virus into Sudan from Chad.

Two Sudanese boys who were recently vaccinated for polio were among the vaccine-injured polio victims, who were both paralyzed, one in March and one in April.

“WHO said it had found 11 additional vaccine-derived polio cases in Sudan and that the virus had also been identified in environmental samples,” the AP reported, adding that: “There are typically many more unreported cases for every confirmed polio patient.”

...WHO warned that the risk of further spread of the vaccine-derived polio across central Africa and the Horn of Africa was “high,”...

Ironically, the announcement of this most recent vaccine-induced polio outbreak in Sudan came just a week after the WHO declared the African continent to be entirely free of the ‘wild’ polio virus. And if they meant the continent was free of polio cases derived naturally from the wild, then it means every single polio patient in Africa is now a victim of vaccine-derived polio.

Pakistan and Afghanistan, along with Iran are now also fighting vaccine-induced polio outbreaks as well. The vaccine continues to reintroduce the deadly disease into countries across Africa and Asia. In 2019, Ethiopia destroyed 57,000 vials of the Type 2 polio vaccine for this very reason, following such a vaccine-caused outbreak, and a similar scenario played out in India as well.


The AP makes the point of noting that only “in rare instances” can the live polio virus in the oral vaccines responsible for sparking these polio epidemics actually “mutate into a form capable of sparking new outbreaks.” And yet it would appear this outcome is not quite as rare as they would have us believe. In any event it is quite clear these so-called “rare instances” are capable of causing immense damage and injury, to such a degree it is quite possible the damage caused by the vaccine-induced polio outbreaks will surpass the damage caused by the ‘wild’ virus the vaccination was purportedly designed to eradicate. What is also clear is that currently the polio epidemic caused by the vaccine is far more dangerous than the ‘wild’ virus the vaccine was, we are told, introduced to eradicate.

And yet in light of this fact, the AP goes out of its way to blame the delayed global eradication of polio on a pause in the vaccination campaign it claims is “needed to stamp out polio”, despite this very same vaccination campaign being directly responsible for every single polio case and outbreak in Africa at this time (if the WHO was correct in its declaration of the continent now being free of the ‘wild’ virus).

Immediately after quoting the WHO warning that risk of the vaccine-induced polio further spreading across Africa was “high,” and noting that more than 12 African countries are currently fighting vaccine-induced polio outbreaks, the AP article stated that:

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of the large-scale vaccination campaigns needed to stamp out polio have been disrupted across Africa and elsewhere, leaving millions of children vulnerable to infection.

It goes on to describe how, in April, the WHO “reluctantly recommended a temporary halt to mass polio immunization campaigns, recognizing the move could lead to a resurgence of the disease.”

It then concludes the article by declaring the only way to eradicate polio is by vaccinating 90% of children (down from the 95% it said was required in its November article on the subject).

Some of the [vaccination] campaigns have recently been re-started, but health workers need to vaccinate more than 90% of children in their efforts to eradicate the paralytic disease.

Such corporate media authors seem to be oblivious to the self-contradictory nature of this style of reporting, first blaming the oral polio vaccine on all outbreaks currently plaguing the African continent, and then in the next paragraph blaming a ‘resurgence’ of the virus, which was in fact vaccine-induced, on a temporary halt to these oral vaccination campaigns; and then implying the re-starting of the vaccination programs which caused the current outbreaks are the solution. The vaccine caused the current polio epidemic, but at the same time halting vaccination also left “millions of children vulnerable.” This is classic 1984-style mainstream media doublespeak.

The clear implication seems to be that the only way to stop the vaccine-induced polio epidemic sweeping across Africa is mass immunization of the child population with the very vaccine responsible for causing the outbreak in the first place. Such reasoning is insane. After all, you aren’t going to stop the spread of Type 2 virus by ramping up distribution of Type 1 and 3 vaccines, and the Type 2 vaccine is the big problem here...

It is almost as if, from the perspective of the vaccine-manufacturers presumably profiting off of these campaigns, it was all by design in order to perpetuate the existence of polio and thus necessitate the ongoing perpetual vaccination against it.

Officially, only vaccines which contain live viruses (like the oral polio vaccine) are able to infect the immunized with the virus it is purportedly aimed at protecting the immunized against. I say purportedly because at least one independently tested vaccine (Infanrix Hexa By GSK) has actually been found to not contain a single one of the antigens for any of the several viruses the vaccine was supposedly ‘immunizing’ against (while at the same time containing 65 toxins), meaning it was scientifically incapable of working as vaccines are designed to work, meaning not all vaccines on the market are even capable of protecting a single person from the virus they are purportedly designed to protect the patient from.

In any event, with all nuances aside, we are told that the oral polio vaccines containing the live virus are being widely used in Africa and Asia because they are cheaper to manufacture than the injection form of the vaccine which does not contain the live virus, and are thus affordable for the Third World. There are of course other possibilities, as Africa has long been a vaccine testing ground for Bill Gates and his merry band of vaccine-manufacturers. The polio vaccine is supposed to be one of the safest and most effective tried and tested vaccines the world knows, and yet here we are. In Africa, the vaccine is currently more dangerous than the virus it was purportedly introduced to eradicate, and nobody is jumping to pull the plug on this dangerous oral vaccination campaign and pushing to replace it with the likely safer polio vaccine injection used here in the West. Even the polio injection is not without its own set of problems, history of vaccine injuries and negative side effects, but at least it is far less likely to cause new polio outbreaks which are paralyzing scores of children like the oral vaccine has been doing.

From the standpoint of those pushing vaccination as the solution to the problem, who claim vaccinations not containing the live virus are incapable of sparking viral outbreaks even in rare cases, this seems to be the most logical solution, if an actual truly safe and effective solution is really the goal. And yet the oral vaccination campaigns continue to march on. These were first halted earlier this year, not because of any safety concerns, but because of coronavirus. And they are now resuming again, despite the evidence they continue to spark polio outbreaks and paralyze children. This follows a long pattern among the vaccine-pushers of ignoring vaccination safety concerns and minimizing vaccine damage.

Bill Gates is a large supporter of this oral polio vaccination campaign in Africa and the Middle East, through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which funds and supports the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), a major pusher of the oral polio vaccines.

And, as one of the richest billionaires in the world, he certainly has the financial means to help fund a vaccination program using the more costly vaccine injections, and he has the influence to persuade others to do the same, and yet he doesn’t.

So one must ask, why are Bill Gates and the other major supporters of this massive polio vaccination program all silent on this issue, despite the proof that the oral vaccinations have created a seemingly bigger problem than the original problem they were purportedly meant to solve? And if all of these powerful vaccination proponents are truly philanthropists in heart and deed as they would have the public believe, as opposed to in name only, then why are they all content continuing to fund and support and push a vaccination campaign that is demonstrably causing the paralyzation of scores of African children whom they claim to care about, and sparking outbreaks of the deadly disease responsible?

The only reasonable conclusion is that they don’t care about the children, but rather about their image and profit and control.

In Africa, the polio vaccination campaign can be touted as a resounding success, having officially fully eradicated ‘wild’ polio from the continent just as it was purportedly designed to do, despite also causing a whole new polio epidemic to take its place, which the populations there must contend with.

The Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers don’t care about the harm their vaccines cause, only about how much money they make, and in order to sell a vaccine it must be relatively effective, although not necessarily all that safe. Thus Africa turns out to be the perfect large-scale testing grounds for new vaccines, hosting a variety of largely uneducated and impoverished populations which are far easier to take advantage of than educated westerners who also have greater financial means to seek justice for potential vaccine injuries. And indeed, Africa has been used time and time again for this very purpose, and Bill Gates has been very much involved with this unethical corporate abuse of the Third World in the name of global health and safety.

After all, the western world tends to care little about Africans, this reality accurately portrayed in the film, Hotel Rwanda, with the words spoken to the Rwandan hotel manager: “You’re not even a nigger, you’re an African.” And the long history of western colonialist exploitation of Africa even to this day bears witness to this sad reality.

Despite the philanthropist mask Bill Gates hides behinds, he has a track record of supporting dangerous vaccination campaigns that have caused immense damage, particularly in Africa and India. In fact, India even cut financial ties with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in part because of the number of vaccine injuries his vaccination programs there were causing. (More info from a native Indian who lived in an area visited by the Gates-supported vaccine-pushers.)


Bill Gates’ support of shady new vaccines, unethical vaccination programs using African children as test subjects, and the coming coronavirus vaccine

A recent Gates-funded vaccination program in Africa is a particularly relevant example, considering it was the world’s first malaria vaccine to be approved; demonstrating Bill Gates’ record of support and advocacy for dangerous new vaccines, at a time when the world’s first ‘Covid19’ vaccine(s) featuring never-before-used vaccine technology - backed and supported by Gates - is being rushed through testing and trials in record time to be pushed on the global population like no other vaccination in world history.

In 2015, the world’s first malaria vaccine, backed by Bill Gates, which had been years in the making (as opposed to the coronavirus vaccine which is being rushed out in less than a year), was approved for use in Africa among children. It was funded by Bill Gates through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the tune of $200 million.


In the fall of 2019, the vaccine was first rolled out in Africa in Malawi, Kenya and Ghana, despite mediocre efficacy and major safety concerns - with four doses offering a measly 30% protection for no more than four years - causing medical experts to question whether it was even worth the cost and effort.

“The biggest concerns, however, are vaccine safety,” the author of a Science Magazine article on the rollout noted.


Indeed, the vaccine was being rolled out despite risks discovered in clinical trials which included a rate of meningitis at 10X the rate of those not receiving the vaccine, increased cerebral malaria, and a doubling in risk of death from all causes among women.

As an investigation by Peter Doshi whose findings were published by the bmj in February of 2020 found, the vaccine rollout was in reality a massive case study being operated under the guise of a vaccination pilot program. It was officially deemed a “pilot introduction” by the WHO, and not classified as “research activity,” so was randomly given to African children as a part of their routine vaccination schedules with “implied consent.” This means actual informed consent was never obtained, as would have been required if the study had been officially classified by the WHO as the “research activity” it was clearly intended to be, resulting in the title of Peter Doshi’s expose - WHO’s malaria vaccine study represents a “serious breach of international ethical standards”.

Doshi concludes that, the vaccine’s “use is being limited to pilot implementation, in part to evaluate outstanding safety concerns that emerged from previous clinical trials.”


In other words, the manufacturers of the new and under-tested, relatively ineffective and dangerous vaccine, along with its backers including Bill Gates, used the African child population as a large real-life testing ground for the vaccine, without gaining informed consent from the families of the children being vaccinated. The parents of the children were never informed of the high risks posed by the new and relatively ineffective malaria vaccination being given to their children. And the WHO was complicit in the orchestration of this unethical implementation of a highly ineffective and demonstrably unsafe vaccination program.

Think about that the next time you hear Bill Gates or Donald Trump or the CDC or WHO talking about the coming coronavirus vaccine, and their plan to vaccinate the entire global population.

The ongoing saga of the harm caused by the polio vaccine in Africa and the Middle East along with the history of the world’s first malaria vaccine rollout in Africa, together form a really quite revealing and relevant picture for Westerners, given the strong push for the coming ‘Covid19’ vaccine by many of the very same characters behind these two dangerous vaccination campaigns. Bill Gates through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is both a major supporter of the failed oral polio vaccination campaign, the unethical malaria vaccine program, and the coming global ‘Covid19’ vaccination campaign.

Thanks to the US- and Gates-funded, Trump-backed GAVI Vaccine Alliance, the world’s first experimental coronavirus vaccine (AstraZeneca vaccine developed by Oxford) was also first being tested on the African population before testing began in the US, which really shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

It should be alarming, or at the least raise red flags, that one of the most influential people responsible for pushing through a new ‘Covid19’ vaccine featuring a brand new, never before used or tested vaccination technology, which is getting fast-tracked to market in record time with minimal testing, is the very same person responsible for backing dangerous vaccination campaigns now causing irreparable harm in African and the Middle Eastern children, and he doesn’t even care. When Bill Gates and all the other ‘Covid19’ vaccine pushers talk about how it’s been tested to be ‘safe’, and that the side-effects ‘aren’t that bad,’ and that it will do far more good than harm, and it’s is the ‘only way to end the epidemic and get back to normal’, just remember that those are exactly the same kind of things they said (and still say) about the polio epidemic in the Third World.

We are currently seeing in Africa the kind of harm that a tried and tested, ‘safe and effective’ vaccine can do. Just imagine what kind of harm a brand new, fast-tracked, under-tested and highly politicized vaccine, featuring never-before-used mRNA technology could cause. And then keep in mind that the novel coronavirus it is claiming to immunize against still hasn’t been proven to exist as such by the medical gold standard of virus identification, and if they haven’t properly identified the virus, how on earth can they possibly effectively vaccinate against it? Then realize the ‘pandemic’ which the vaccine is being touted as the only solution for, already naturally subsided months ago, and was never nearly as dangerous as it was hyped up to be to begin with.

Hopefully you can begin to see the absurdity of blindly trusting the ‘experts’ like Bill Gates who are forcefully pushing this vaccine on the entire global population, and who are doing so in conjunction with a coordinated mandatory vaccination campaign no less.

We already know what Bill Gates thinks of you or I or anyone in the independent media pointing out serious vaccine dangers, unethical vaccination programs, and standing in opposition to dangerous vaccination campaigns such as the oral polio vaccination campaign in Africa. Such facts are deemed ‘conspiracy theories’ that are ‘dangerous’ to his agendas and must be censored from social media. And the ‘anti-vaxxers’ pushing these facts are likened to child pornographers who should be banned from the internet.

The only reason the establishment media like the AP can get away with exposing the dangers of vaccines on occasions like these is because they turn right back around and support their distribution anyway.


This is quite a pickle we find ourselves in. There is lots of evidence that vaccines are forced (consent is implied) on poor people all over the world and that these vaccines are injuring those people grievously, yet so many of us still believe vaccines are perfectly safe. Perplexing. Why are so many of us so stupid?

Excellent essay and compilation of relevant info. Thank you so much, again and again, for doing such excellent work.

Interesting development. I wrote about this earlier while there had been less than 1k cases which the naysayers on /r/conspiracy were saying was a small percentage of actual doses and acceptable cost to prevent an outbreak.

To now know that the vaccine induced outbreak is now a greater risk than naturally occurring polio vindicates my initial concern. I don't trust Bill Gates as far as I can throw him and that's not very far. (I don't care how much of a philanthropist he makes himself w his media friends)

Thanks for the share.

We already know what Bill Gates thinks of you or I or anyone in the independent media pointing out serious vaccine dangers, unethical vaccination programs, and standing in opposition to dangerous vaccination campaigns such as the oral polio vaccination campaign in Africa. Such facts are deemed ‘conspiracy theories’ that are ‘dangerous’ to his agendas and must be censored from social media. And the ‘anti-vaxxers’ pushing these facts are likened to child pornographers who should be banned from the internet.

What a strange backward joke all this has become.

I need some help. Do you have studies that have been done to show harm the masks do to the wearer? I had a few of them from NIH/PMS that now that I read them again HAVE BEEN CHANGED, which is freaking me out. I'm hoping you have one or two handy.

Not handy, no. I have limited internet time right now but the last American vagabond has compilation of links on the study in the show notes to several of his daily wrap up shows. You’ll probably have to go back several weeks but he has them somewhere on his website. All his shows with links to his show notes are on BitChute and YouTube except when censored...

I’ll share if I can find them but he has a nice pdf with all the links to relevant studies all in one place... I also have on my pc some of the videos where he covers those studies so i’ll Give you titles if I can find them... sorry I’m not of more help right now but really limited with my general lack of internet access right now...

I can check tlavagabond, thanks for the guidance. He does great work too. If you happen on something, cool. If not, cool too. It's my favorite thing to argue but, shockingly, all the PMS/NIH studies I had collected have been changed!!!

I found something perfect from the WHO. A beautiful list of reasons why people should not wear the things:

Potential harms/disadvantages
The likely disadvantages of the use of mask by healthy people
in the general public include:
• potential increased risk of self-contamination due to the
manipulation of a face mask and subsequently touching
eyes with contaminated hands;(48, 49)
potential self-contamination that can occur if nonmedical masks are not changed when wet or soiled. This can create favourable conditions for microorganism to
• potential headache and/or breathing difficulties,depending on type of mask used;
• potential development of facial skin lesions, irritantdermatitis or worsening acne, when used frequently for long hours;(50)

• difficulty with communicating clearly;
• potential discomfort;(41, 51)
• a false sense of security, leading to potentially lower adherence to other critical preventive measures such as physical distancing and hand hygiene;
• poor compliance with mask wearing, in particular by young children;
• waste management issues; improper mask disposal leading to increased litter in public places, risk of contamination to street cleaners and environment hazard;
• difficulty communicating for deaf persons who rely on lip reading;
disadvantages for or difficulty wearing them, especially for children, developmentally challenged persons, those with mental illness, elderly persons with cognitive impairment, those with asthma or chronic respiratory or
breathing problems, those who have had facial trauma or recent oral maxillofacial surgery, and those living in hot and humid environments.

I found this list as well, hope it helps :)

5 NIH studies from 2004-2020 all finding verifiable health effects from wearing a face mask, including scientifically verified reduction is blood oxygen level:

If this is what I think it is, I thank you, and have already used it a number of times. I'm tickled pink that you remembered though. Gonna go have a look now. I suspect it's page eight of a WHO document from June, which has been a very useful document.