Oura Smart Ring AI to Track Physiological and Psychological States

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The NBC Central Twitter account tweeted about a new "fashion accessory" that NBA players will wear at Disney world (to start). This is part of the new COVID-19 tracing technology that is being pushed into society.

NBA players will wear a ‘smart ring’ at Disney world, per http://CNBC.com

The Oura smart ring is capable of predicting COVID-19 symptoms up to 3 days in advance with 90% accuracy. The ring can measure body
temperature, respiratory functions and heart rate.

From the CNBC article:

The NBA is using wearables in an effort to keep players and staff safe from coronavirus when the season restarts in July at Disney World in Orlando.
Players will have the option to use a wearable ring to provide them with a wellness assessment.
A social distancing alarm will notify players when they are within six feet of others.

The NBA’s Disney plan includes 22 teams traveling to Orlando to play games in what is being described as “a bubble,” at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex. Players that decide to participate will be subject to extensive testing, quarantines from their families and strict rules pertaining to social behavior. The league memo, which is more than 100 pages long, outlines its plan to keep players safe and the tools it will be utilizing in order to do so.

Players will also be given access to a MagicBand that they will be required to wear at all times, except during workouts and games. The Disney MagicBand will act as a hotel room key and let players check in at security checkpoints and coronavirus screenings.

For further safety assurance, the league said it is investigating the use of an access control software that utilizes the MagicBand to provide them access and entry into campus facilities. For example, when a player arrives at a security checkpoint, their MagicBand would display green or red depending on their health status to allow or deny them entry.

...all team and league staff will be required to wear a small device on their credential that will serve as an alarm that will set off an audio alert when within six feet of another person for a period longer than five seconds. The memo said the alarm can detect allowable pairs of people, such as teammates, a physician or patient, and it won’t set off the alarm. Players will be given the option to wear this alarm, but it’s not a requirement.

Sounds like fun to be an NBA player. But whatever, they get paid millions so it's acceptable to them I assume. Better than not getting paid.

It's touted as being 90% accurate to predict if you have COVID-19, up to 3 days ahead of symptoms showing up.

The holistic and integrated neuroscience platform developed by the RNI continuously monitors the human operating system, which allows for the accurate prediction of the onset of viral infection symptoms associated with COVID-19

What about the 10% of errors? When/if more people adopt this to "stay safe", their health bracelet will send data to a health monitor to act upon the data. These tracking/tracing employees or health officers will then make sure you are isolated, quarantined and contacts traced. Have an appointment you need to get to in days to come? Too bad.

The RNI is the Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute. Nothing to see here, the Rockefellers are "good people" and so are their foundations. They've never conspired to control people, ever.

This is medical pre-crime. And people are expected to trust this technology to "keep usu safe" from something as lethal as a severe flu according to the CDCs own numbers. At the RNI site on COVID-19, they speak of the Oura bracelet as "AI-drven monitoring" for protecting health and the economy. They also specify a smartphone app and what it tracks:

The Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute smartphone app goes beyond physical symptom and body temperature tracking through a holistic integrated neuroscience approach – measuring daily changes in physiological, psychological, cognitive, and behavioral biometrics.

Yes, that's holistic alright, but not in the good way most people think of the word. It's holistic in that it's tracking and tracing everything it can about you.

This medical pre-crime and "holistic" monitoring of nearly everything about your physical and psychological state is alarming. It's surprising so many people will welcome this. All of this surveillance and control technology is justified as needed to protect everyone from everyone else, for the greater good.

This type of medical monitoring is a gold mine for insurance companies as well. How better to asses the health of a client and approve or reject health insurance, and set rates to grant the policy. Eventually I see that they will incorporate this tech and IoT with 5G connectivity as a requirement for insurance.

I once saw a movie or something along these lines. You wake up, go take a pee. The IoT toilet tests your urine to let you know if you've been eating healthy or not. If it detects high levels of something unhealthy, you get a warning. If you fail to "correct" your behavior, after a few warning you will have a your insurance fees increase automatically, if not canceled eventually.

We are being sold this tech through a lie that we need it, and it's there for us, to protect us, to keep us safe, for our own benefit. Unfortunately, I see this type of big data tech and the technology that collects data from our lives as moving full speed ahead. Data is the new oil.


This will be a gold mine for criminals.

If any of ya'll have suffered some kind of identity theft, you know how disruptive it is if someone gets your login information. You have to change all your passwords, there's hassles with financial institutions, cops, and employers.

Now imagine if someone gets your biometric information. You can't change your retinae, your fingerprints, or your DNA. Even if that hacker gets caught, your biometric information was probably sold on, and you will never, ever be able to be hackproof again.

Biometric ID is the stupidest thing imaginable. Never, ever use a face scan, fingerprint, or DNA based ID. Once that data is hacked, your body is permanently compromised.

I can't wait for the first cases of folks spoofing this surveillance data. Wrecking the Rockefellers should be an international pastime IMHO. I kinda almost wanna get one of these things just so I can use it to send bizarre and alarming data to mess with the creepy stalkers insisting on gathering this information on all of us.

Here's a thought. Let's catch rich people, politicians, and cops, forcibly attach radio collars to them, release them, and then post the data to a livestream. It'll be for their own safety of course, like it is for jaguars in the Pantanal, or stag in Scotland. They'll be safe from taking drugs that are so easy to buy when you have lots of money, from attending SRA rituals, or putting out fake stories to artificially inflate public interest in them for career purposes. Everyone benefits!

For a while there's been abuse of surveillance going on. Cameras across cities making public spaces surveillance zones. I'm setting up some cameras on my home, as I was gifted some for Freedom Day (June 19) by a neighbor who has upgraded. Several other of my neighbors have surveillance systems as well. Privately owned cameras and surveillance are beginning, if they don't already, to outnumber state owned cameras, and facial recognition software is already in the wild as FOSS. We just need to share data with each other, and we'll actually be safer against burglars and robbers, rapists and murderers.

We don't have to share it with the state. Just with each other, and state agents and actors are public persons, whose identities are public information.

They should be radio collared for our protection. I mean, who can commit acts of corruption? Only state agents. In order to get paid to work for us, they should have to agree to be surveilled by us to prevent corruption. It's a no brainer, and there doesn't need to be any investment in hardware, because we're already getting DVRs and cameras for home security. The Rockefellers already made the rings, so we can just use them.

We just need to think about these technologies differently. We've been fearing how they can be used against us. But we are the people and outnumber them significantly. Criminals need to fear how we can use these technologies to our benefit, by surveilling state actors and public figures to prevent fraud and corruption. This isn't using it against those figures, because none of them have anything to hide, right? It's keeping them safe, just as it keeps us safe.

Not even joking.

I'm down for collaring elites, media personalities, etc. But can we also have a shock option added, in case they misbehave? Also for their own safety and security, of course.

Anything to protect the children. I'm sure when we tell them it's for the safety of children, they'll be eager to do whatever shows they are all for the protection of the children.

Although the data can be hacked, they would have to hack the security device to use it as well, instead of scanning a human directly. But it can happen...

Cmon, the elites are the ones who don't get these things first, we gotta test it out first.

Camera surveillance and face rec was on the rise, and now Amazon and others pulled face rec from police partnerships lol... they don't want th backlash of the protest/riot anger lol

We still need it, and it's FOSS, although better implementations preferable to extant code. I got my cameras installed today, and could put it to work right now.

Sounds like the new and improved version of a Smart device, which I will never touch. Something the ultrasheople will salivate over and get as soon as they can.

They're already testing our pee and poo in Canada. Started in 2016. They know which neighborhoods smoke the most weed, for example.

"Informationwar" stopped curating my relevant posts a while ago. They seem to have a few favorites they'll support, and nobody else. I've stopped wasting a tag spot on them, even if I have nothing else to put, after they passed up about 10 in a row.

How about you Canucks test the pee and poo at government offices? Turn this baby around and deploy all the surveillance being aimed at you at the scumbags in positions to commit crimes against the people. It's not folks like you that can accept bribes or conspire to degrade government, after all.

It's government agents. That's where the surveillance tech will do some good, and folks that receive pay for government service cannot claim some sovereign right to not be surveilled, like you actually have. They don't have to accept pay to represent and serve you, but if they do, they need to agree to have their movements tracked, their pee and poo analyzed, and be held to account.

They've stolen our money to use it against us in the effort to make us all zoo animals. Let's just turn that around and put them in the cages they've designed. We have the power to do so, as the riots in the USA have proved.

Maybe we can have government that can't be corrupt after all, just by using the surveillance tech they want to use against us, for us instead. They have no plausible excuse to refuse it being used on them.

Not only will it be hugely beneficial to the public, it will be sweet justice as the criminals suffer the very treatment they seek to impose on their victims. I'm practically giddy with glee at the prospect of this being seriously proposed in the West.

How are they testing pee and poop? Everyone has favs indeed, maybe your content isn't always relevant for IW? I dunno.

No, the content I tagged was extremely relevant to informationwar. Mainstream media conspiracy and coverup, for example. It appears to be personal. Perhaps their operator doesn't like cannabis users, for example. I get a lot of shit for that. Cannabis cures cancer, it's true but saying so will get you hated, censored, and banned all over the place. :) And many people carry a grudge and stigma about people who use or advocate for cannabis. Even in 2020, it's best to keep it to yourself. But prohibition is killing my wife and I, has been for years, so we're not going to stop talking about it. That said, yeah I've just given up on tagging those guys. They seem to like to upvote stuff like yours (always pays out $30+), not like mine (never pays out more than $2). Maximizes their curation profits.

Sounds a bit conspiratorial, hehe. Maybe they should upvote this comment?! Kidding.

The city is in charge of pee and poop testing. Each neighborhood is sampled and tested for just about everything imaginable. Illnesses, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, hormones, toxins, etc. They say soon they'll be able to tell which areas have the most likelihood of heart attacks, or domestic violence, and so on. And soon it won't be partially private, ie, they'll be testing at the properly line, not at the main output from each neighborhood. Nobody says anything so the line keeps getting moved. If you speak up, it's because you're paranoid, and need to be medicated etc. You know the drill.

Boycott all #tracking
Switch off your smart devices... go oldschool ;)

LOL, I leave mine on, but I don't have wifi nor data on, so nothing gets downloaded ;) If I get that worried, I can go airplane mode or remove the SIM card hehe.

True, that works too ;)

They won't be content to have their technology on people's bodies. They want to get it in the body. Keep an eye on the continued use of "Problem, Reaction, Solution" to create the justification for global tyranny through technology. Check out the patient registered by Microsoft corporation on June 20, 2019. They are as subtile as a heart attack.

Just propose at every opportunity that whatever they seek to apply to the public be applied to government agents, and seriously seek to make that happen. The government is where corruption and abuse of power happens, and where surveillance could do some good. Your neighbors will agree, and we can make this tech work for us, despite they intended to harm us with it.

The patent, yes, not patient ;) Lots of 6s.

Haha, yes patent :-) Here is another one. Go onto Google search and type in any three digit number and the word new cases and see what happens. E.g. 237 new cases. Instantly generated AI article to reinforce the false narrative.

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I notice CNN has a front-page "news article" on this topic today.

I am afraid of these invasive technologies!

Just never accept one, no matter what, including smart devices. Never.

Yeah, it's not a 'great' thing, but it's sold that way.

Just the other day I reprogrammed my smart ring with a new domain name

Huh, what does that mean?

I have a smart ring and was able to find an app to help me read and reprogram it. I changed the link from my old domain to my new domain, so technically someone with NFC enabled on their smartphone can read my ring and visit my website just my scanning it. Very cool. I could also put a bitcoin key on there if we had the proper interfaces. Maybe I could keep my HIVE master key on it and sign transactions, that could be handy if I had an easy reader.

I'm really, really, looking forward to more stories about how these kinds of things are hacked and used to spoof data.

Very Nice!

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Oh data is the new oil. Such a good assessment of this reality unfolding as we speak. Of course that the sure way of pushing this to the masses is to get celebrities and cool people agree to wear them. This sounded science fiction years ago... Well now it is reality.

This is really an informative post. I am really glad to see technologies rising to help the fight against Coronavirus. This oura smart ring bracelet is really nice as it detects symptoms up to 3 days with an accuracy of 90%.

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LOL, seems you only read the first paragraph...

ow! great invention. informative post.

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