Reuters-Binance's "exchange" #1

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This is an old news and I can post only a link to the full post here because I don't have enough RC.

This is not an in depth analysis. Just some thoughts from someone who don't know much about crypto.

Originally posted on Publish0x (my referal link after reading this post and the articles mentioned:
22 Apr 2022. Reuters - Special Report: How crypto giant Binance built ties to a Russian FSB-linked agency
22 Apr 2022. CoinDesk - Binance Denies Allegations It Shared Russian Users' Data With Law Enforcement
25 Apr 2022. Binance - Binance & Russia: Openness, Transparency and Honesty
7 Jun 2022. Binance - The Crypto Money Laundering Myth and the Machine Working Overtime to Sell a False Narrative
1 Sep 2022. Reuters - Exclusive-U.S. sought records on Binance CEO for crypto money laundering probe
13 Oct 2022. Binance - CZ’s Principles
17 Oct 2022. Reuters - How Binance CEO and aides plotted to dodge regulators in U.S. and UK
17 Oct 2022. Binance - Our Response to the Latest Reuters Story

Reuters continued to report about the matter although Binance directly said that part of their reporting was false. So how much was actually false? It would be worrying if they are proved to be as wrong as Binance stated. But before that happens, for this matter, I think we can focus on how much of their reportings is right. And Reuters stated a lot of things very specifically, we will discuss about an especially interesting example in the full post.