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RE: Coronavirus: The Ugly Face of Capitalism

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Free market capitalism cease's to exist as soon as government agencies or central banking are involved.
(that's crapitalism, oligarcies,cronyism, kleptocracies)

Congratulations to Brussels bureaucracy — that was a spectacular example of the capitalist solidarity in the times of trouble.
^ this^ has zero to do with capitlaism.
Bureaucracies are a necessary part of socialism.
'The west' has been socialist for the last 100 years,and getting worse year by year.


May I ask you first, @lucylin, as a patriot reloaded, are you Trump oriented?


That’s good. You need a correct criteria if you want to understand what is happening. You see, Centralized Political Hierarchical Matrix, embodied in the state as we know it, always mixes terminology to take away your criteria. You can call it crapitalism, oligarchies, cronyism, kleptocracies… that is always the final stage of Capitalism that grows to monstrosity just before the revolution. It won’t help it calling it other names, or the oxymoron ‘socialism for the rich’…

When you return to the right criteria, you will see that ‘Free market capitalism’ is a pipe dream. It never existed, like the Socialism never existed. Those were just labels in a propaganda war. They are both impossible under the Centralized Political Hierarchical Matrix. Now, with a blockchain invention, both free market (without capitalism) and socialism are possible, but people will have to fight Centralized Political Hierarchical Matrix to realize it. This insane ‘lockdown’ and global surveillance because of Coronavirus is the beginning of that struggle.

I hope I will gather some time to put up an extensive text about that.

When you return to the right criteria, you will see that ‘Free market capitalism’ is a pipe dream. It never existed

You are incorrect.
ggg.jpg the Socialism never existed
Coerced taxation and central banking is socialism

That is funny, but it isn’t true.

and that's not an argument. lol

Just like your funny post isn’t. That is because you don’t have a criteria of what capitalism is. You have only propaganda labels, @lucylin. Go ahead and explain how “Coerced taxation and central banking” never existed before 1918.

Your funny pic explains credit, and not capitalism or crapitalism. You don’t even try to put the question into serious level and talk about capitalism as an exploitative economic system. You see, Karl Marx, had a good number of flaws in his philosophy, but the best part in it – a most brilliant part – was a definition and critique of Capitalism. And he was doing it because he wanted to preserve Capitalism. He believed it could be fixed.

But I can guess you would rather cut of your nose than read works of Karl Marx, right?