The Truth

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This is part of a post I wanted to write for Hive. One of my fave recipes and beautiful in its simplicity and minimalism (cost wise).


I'd rather be writing, reading, dancing, cooking, learning to make cake art and music, playing guitar with my daughter and playing video games with my son.

Studying Theology, Philosophy, Anthropology, Maths and more.

And hanging out with Gulam Mather.

But whatever is happening right now, and although I am in a pretty desperate situation, I am okay anyway.

Full recovery is possible and James Hillman and Jung were right.

But you'd have to try thing for yourselves to see if things work for you.

I'm still working on finding stability, peace and enough proof to achieve both of these.

Until then I can't judge so don't bother getting all fussed anymore.

It's not true if there is no proof.


On we go.

  1. Practice NonJudgement

and thank you for engaging. It's why I keep coming back <3


Eternal Seeker
Hardened Dreamer
Peaceful Warrior
Determined Dancer
and Stargazer


Beyond fear is freedom

And there is nothing to be afraid of.

To Life, with Love... and always for Truth!
Nicky Dee


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Nicky, whatever is going on with you right now, this can't be a good idea. Please take remove the link and just brain dump post after post until you can get it all out.
Please take care of you

PS im downvoting this to try and hide it. Please understand im trying to help and not be malicious .

Thank you for you engagement.

I trust the process. I'm not going to live like this for the remainder of my days.

And I've tried pretty much everything else so

stay strong. Get help

I am trying :)

Thank you <3

you're welcome ;3

Also - could you send the link for the new Engage App, please?

I can't find it anymore and it's much more productive time wise - for me anyway.

it's still the old . no new link?

Nice. Thanks!

You're welcome!

You are loosing it... because you are talking to the same tribe!
Talk,call,h@ve a human convetsion..

No time right now!

I'm busy making time!

p.s. Don't come judging me! :D

Hope you're well, A. The funds from the sale of the house should be through next month or the month after. I'll pay you back in full then.

ANd thank again. You probably saved my life for real <3

I don't think that was my issues, you won't feel better after this!

Well I don't know what will happen next.

I do know that I was feeling really sick again in Pringle Bay. So... back in town. Looking for more stability. And feeling better already.

Stories and posts to follow when I can find the time to write again - and stop treading water. Working on it.

Take care, angel.

Sent DM, btw.

I am sorry to hear that your situation is deteriorating. What will sharing all of this information here do?

Leave the history for my children.

My biggest fear is that they will be lied to, told I am crazy and live a lie.

I see. That makes sense. Here it will remain should they ever choose to seek the truth.

What’s going on with your health these days?

Exactly. Why Web3? Bingo <3

Health - eh. But been under a ton of stress and not good sleeps or diet. I'll fix it. Again.

As for the rest of it... one day at a time. And try not to fuck it up even more. That's all we can do, right?

I'm sorry I've been so absent. I've been trying to find some stability. And peace. So that I can write and create more consistency again.

You'd think this would be easier than it is :|

Back in Cape Town now. Going to get that job. And then write that next book. And finish off that last book. And then write that other book.

Sending much love <3

One day at a time. It’s hard to keep the ball rolling. I know. And I’m sure it’s much harder in your situation.

As always, the way you talk about it suggests that you have a handle on it. Hang in there.

Am indeed.

And one day I'll have time to write poetry again.

And (even better) read yours again.

Stay you <3

My poetry doesn’t take a long time to read. At least make time to do that. 😉