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RE: Collapsing Athletes, Deadly Injections, and the Outright Lies Being Told to Hide Connections Between the Two

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You've put a lot of effort into this post and whether one agrees with the premise or not, this effort deserves a reward.

I reached out to two of the downvotes on this post. One because I knew them and another to see why they thought this deserved one.

The user I know informed me they followed hivecleaner's trail and after reading your post has decided to no longer support their downvote trail. The second I have yet to hear from, but suspect the story to be similar.

Well, it looks like meesterboom downvoted you on his own accord. Telling, since he doesn't put much effort into his own content.


Thank you so much! I have in the past had people removed themselves from curangel curation trail as well due to use of their stake to downvote content of mine they actually supported! Strange use of curation trail, if you ask me, considering curation trails are meant (or at least advertised) as being all about rewarding specific content, not countering rewards.

And yes, it does seem that the most prominent repeat downvote offenders (over disagreement on worldviews anyhow) either don't put much effort into their own content or aren't even content creators at all, but rather investors/developers attempting to shape the platform into their own image of what is and is not allowed/encouraged/rewarded on here. I appreciate that you support the free expression of ideas and opinions, as it is of utmost important to recognize the importance of not suppressing ideas we personally don't agree with.

I personally read much of the 'other side' of the argument on many topics I research and feel all the more informed for it, and would never dream of wishing such posts/articles be suppressed or discouraged in any way, even when I think they are the most absurd nonsense I've ever read. I can always just write my own post or make a video or meme or whatever, pointing out just how ridiculous or 'wrong' something is, anyway, if I really disagree with it that strongly to care so much! Sadly, others don't see things the same, and feel suppression, censorship and punitive actions directed towards that which they don't like is the only way to 'progress'. To me, that is not progression, but regression, but hey, I'm just one of those crazy conspiracy theorists in the minds of folks like that, so my opinion doesn't count anyway :)

I agree, it's important to give all sides an equal voice and if a point can't be refuted, then it definitely doesn't deserve a downvote. My interaction with meesterboom was short, but he fully exposed his character. He's not the type of person to emulate for sure.

That being said, it's telling that there's almost zero information to support the safety of these experiments nor even showing a benefit for their use, but proponents of them get so bent out of shape if you disagree with them.

Fortunately, those beings acting out with vile behavior are not taking responsibility for their own health and are likely to not be a continual problem over a long period of time. I don't feel bad for them, because they've made their choice.

For this reason I don't bother writing about the issue. I'm fine with them thinning themselves out...