Collapsing Athletes, Deadly Injections, and the Outright Lies Being Told to Hide Connections Between the Two

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"Former NFL star Demaryius Thomas found dead at 33," the December 10 CBS headline read. On the evening of December 9, the young Thomas was added to the fast growing list of professional athletes who are collapsing and in many cases dying suddenly, both on and off the playing field. The CBS News reporting of the story was nearly identical to the AP's.

"Preliminary information is that his death stems from a medical issue, and our investigators currently have no reason to believe otherwise," police in the Atlanta suburb said in a statement.

If all you saw was the cookie-cutter corporate media reporting on the story, you'd come away led to believe he likely died of a seizure.

"He had been suffering from seizures for over a year, and we believe he had a seizure when he was showering," LaTonya Bonseigneur, a first cousin who grew up with Thomas and was so close they considered themselves siblings, told the AP early Friday.

But there was one thing the story as told by the AP had left out: The police report, obtained by TMZ Sports (and Newsweek) reveals that the police had in fact been dispatched to Thomas' house after they received a 911 call "in reference to a cardiac arrest." The significance of this omission in mainstream reports will soon become apparent, although it is possible that the legacy media outlets simply weren't aware of this information at the time they initially published their stories and this omission was unintentional.

Choosing not to cover this development later, on the other hand, was clearly an intentional choice, in much the same way the Daily Mail headlined the news on December 1 that inspirational Scotland women's international Rugby star Siobhan Cattigan had "died suddenly in 'non-suspicious circumstances'," even as the cause of death had not yet been officially established. "Yet anytime a young person – not least of all a healthy star athlete – dies unexpectedly there is some inherent element of ‘suspicion’ involved," Robert Bridge writing for Strategic Culture notes. "Perhaps not in the criminal sense, but certainly from a medical point of view."

Suspicious, too, that the entire corporate media establishment apart from Newsweek would remain silent about minor details in a police report suggesting that a former Super Bowl star's death may have been caused by a cardiac arrest rather than a seizure. If nothing else, we can be sure that there is something suspicious, if not sinister, about the fact that the sudden premature deaths of both Cattigan and Thomas are far from isolated cases while the whole of the corporate media establishment desperately attempts to convince us that hundreds of healthy athletes in their prime who are increasingly dropping like flies both on and off the playing field is anything but suspicious, no cause for concern, and definitely not something that anyone should be asking questions about, or demanding an independent investigation into. Although that is exactly what some former (and current) professional athletes are beginning to do...

After all, anyone who is paying any attention these days can see that something is terribly wrong in this country right now, in the world, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. As the month of November came to a close, there were just a few too many athletes collapsing on camera to ignore, and it began raising red flags and really shaking up the establishment narrative that all is well apart from those afflicted with the scary virus, that dreadful enemy haunting humanity called Covid. On November 25, the world watched as 17 year old Pedro Acosta, the famous Spanish motorcycle racer who won the 2021 Moto3 World Championship, collapsed suddenly during a televised press conference.

The very next day in Mali, a 34 year old AS Police midfielder, Guimbala Tounkara, died before reaching the hospital after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest shortly after a training session.

Rewind two days to November 24, a particularly eery day in this regard for sports enthusiasts, with 26 year old Sherrif Tiraspol footballer Adama Traore's collapse on the pitch televised as he suddenly dropped to the ground clutching his chest during a championship game with Real Madrid (seen above); 30 year old Roider Cabrera, Filipino professional basketball star collapsed with a cardiac arrest in the locker room after a tournament at Ynares Sports Arena and was rushed to hospital, where he successfully underwent angioplasty a day after his cardiologist found a blockage in his heart; 36 year old Darlaston Town footballer Leon Taylor passed away in the evening after the sudden onset of "an illness" earlier that day rumored by many to be a heart disease; a 15 year old Italian cyclist collapsed during a bike ride and was rushed to the hospital where he died in his father's arms, emergency workers unable to save him from the "sudden illness that not even the doctors of san Martino di Belluno have been able to understand;" and 28 year old footballer Charlie Wyke suddenly collapsed in training and hospitalized, with the media citing Wigan assuring us that the injured player wasn't vaccinated and "stressed his collapse was in no way related."

The same cannot be said with any amount of certainty of a great many others suffering sudden medical emergencies during games, practices and competitions, whose vaccination status often seems to be intentionally withheld. The question for still others like 28 year old bodybuilder Jake Kazmarek, who "passed away unexpectedly on October 2," just four days after his second Moderna injection, is not whether they got the jab or not, but when friends and family members will begin to ask whether there could be a connection between the two.

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Regardless of the answer, one thing is undeniable, and that is the countless 'vaccine' recipients who have been seriously injured by these experimental injections (some of them definitely athletes), and the orchestrated suppression, censorship, and discounting of their very real life stories. Silenced & Censored: The Untold Story of COVID ‘Vaccine’ Injuries - A Documentary:

Something is definitely terribly wrong in world right now. Too many things are so far from 'normal' this year, and asking questions about it all is increasingly off limits. There is absolutely nothing 'normal' about the FDA/CDC hiding and ignoring of the unprecedented number of Covid 'vaccine' safety signals. There is nothing 'normal' about the nearly 20,000 deaths following injection with the Covid 'vaccines' reported to the CDC's vaccine adverse reaction database (VAERS) in less than one year's time either, when the total number of reported deaths following injection from all previous vaccines combined over the entirety of the past two decades through the end of 2020 (when the current injection campaign was launched) sits at just 12,642!

Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 23-59-52 COVID Vaccine Data.png

There is nothing normal about the newly authorized Covid 'vaccines' accumulating 100x more reported deaths following injection in less than a year than all reported deaths following influenza vaccination from all flu shots combined the year before. There is nothing 'normal' or 'healthy' about suppressing valid safety concerns and safety signals and known risks associated with vaccination in the name of public health and 'safety' in order to discourage 'vaccine hesitancy'.

There are no objective independent researchers and journalists arguing that every single one of these reported deaths and injuries are actually caused by the Covid injections, only pointing out the absurdity of vehemently insisting that these injections are 'totally safe' and adverse effects 'extremely rare' while simultaneously ignoring all of these reports as if they don't exist, while VAERS reports have historically been shown to reflect only 1% of the actual number of adverse vaccine reactions according to the government's own DHHS. And yet we are all instantly labelled as crazy anti-vaxx conspiracy theorists simply for pointing at these documented facts, censored by Big Tech for the thought crime of 'spreading misinformation', because truth that challenges the precious narrative of the empire of lies is automatically 'misinformation' regardless of how well documented the factual information actually is.

At the same time, no rational observer could possibly argue that there is nothing wrong with the picture painted by VAERS data revealing that 100% of the reported mRNA 'vaccine' deaths were associated with just 5% of the batches produced. It is a shocking bombshell discovery, first reported on October 31 in a Daily Expose exclusive, that all deaths reported in VAERS through mid-October following injection with the mRNA shots were associated with just 4% of Pfizer batches and 5% of Moderna batches. The data was similarly skewed towards a select few 'dangerous' batches of injections in regards to the all of the non-deadly adverse reactions which had been reported, with a vast majority of the batches looking to be essentially harmless. Even more bizarre is that the vast majority of these 'dangerous' batches were sent to 13 or more states while the thousands of 'safe' batches and almost none of the 'dangerous' batches were sent to 12 or less states, an interesting pattern that is again seen in both Pfizer and Moderna. The chances that something like this could occur coincidentally are no doubt slim to none. Which 12 states were recipients of the 'safe' batches, and exactly how all of this could possibly be a mere coincidence, are both questions we should probably all be asking ourselves.

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As it is, the VAERS data clearly suggests that there are a select few batches of both Pfizer and Moderna injections that are responsible for the vast majority of adverse events and 100% of the deaths caused by these injections, a handful of deadly lots and a whole bunch of what appear to be relatively safe or benign batches, and this is the case no matter how many of the reported deaths and injuries are actually caused by the shots. If the FDA was truly engaged in any sort of pharmacovigilance surveillance of these experimental injections as they say, then they would certainly have made this discovery long before a few 'conspiracy' researchers with a whee bit too much time on their hands did, and if safety was a priority or even a concern of theirs, then these select few batches would surely have all been recalled by now and an investigation launched. Wouldn't the folks over at the CDC and FDA of all people be looking intently into what exactly it could be about these particular batches that is so different from the rest that they could be causing so much more harm than all the rest. Could this many batches have been inadvertently or potentially even intentionally 'contaminated' like the million Moderna doses recalled in Japan after discovery of metallic particles earlier this year? That injections from these specific batches are still being administered to recipients, as the most recent adverse event reports demonstrate, should tell us everything we need to know about the true priorities of the so-called 'regulatory' agencies that are so obviously captured by the industry whose interests they serve...

It should go without saying that there is absolutely nothing 'normal' about vaccines of which 95-96% of the batches are essentially harmless while the remaining 4-5% of the batches are incredibly deadly. But then again, there is nothing at all about this vaccination campaign that is 'normal'. From the unprecedented extreme rushing of development of the totally experimental mRNA injection technology, to the extravagant bribes that were offered to incentivize populations to take these experimental injections, to the global mandates now being rolled out across the planet, there is absolutely nothing 'normal' about this government-sponsored multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical affair.

There is certainly nothing 'normal' about a healthy 16 year old teenager suddenly dropping dead in the middle of a math class over Zoom. Of course, there is nothing 'normal' about children attending school virtually from home over Zoom either, but that is the state of the world today, and there is nothing 'normal' about the 2021 Clown World we now find ourselves living in. On July 13, this particularly unusual occurrence was reported to VAERS by the California mother whose 16 year old son died at home suddenly on April 30, 2021, "while taking his math class on Zoom," 28 days after receiving his second dose of the experimental Pfizer injection (lot ER8734). "He had no previous symptoms," the mother wrote in the VAERS report.. "I was with him one hour before and my assistant saw him 20 minutes prior and he did not show any irregularities." At the time of the report, the family was still waiting for an autopsy report because the doctors had been unable to determine a cause for the sudden premature death.

Such strange events, whether being reported in the context of the ongoing injection coercion campaign or not, once so uncommon to be practically unheard of, are now sadly becoming increasingly all too common in the wake of the global 'vaccine' rollout. One such phenomenon unique to 2021 is the curious case of collapsing athletes mentioned at the beginning of the post, and a video compilation I put together documenting a good many of these sudden collapses can be seen below, which includes a short clip of Dr. Peter McCullough explaining the data that 'proves' these injections are systematically causing countless serious adverse events, mostly neurological and cardiac, including thousands of deaths.

Athletes and to a lesser extent coaches and referees all around the world are dropping like flies, collapsing suddenly on the playing field, experiencing heart attacks during practice, dropping dead from sudden cardiac arrests and strokes, diagnosed with myocarditis and pericarditis (heart inflammation), reporting rare blood clotting disorders; and due to the highly televised nature of sports games and publicized nature of sports in general, the public is no longer able to ignore the sheer number of athletes who can be seen collapsing on live television during games and the growing number of news reports about similarly injured athletes in between games, often during practice or at home.

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 01-01-39 Kevin Gage 🔴⚪️⚔️ on Twitter.png

Given that this particular population consists of people who are in the prime of their health, sudden death and non-trauma injuries among athletes is historically extremely rare. There is also a steady, well-documented baseline of sudden cardiac arrests among athletes, so it is a simple matter to establish that the number of collapsing athletes during 2021, following the launching of the global vaccination campaign, is both unprecedented and occurring at rates far exceeding those observed in previous years. It is for this reason that the phenomenon is now beginning to gain media attention, as the rate of these cardiac injuries and deaths has become so unusually high that it can no longer be ignored.

For example, on September 11, a German Newspaper Highlights “Unusually Large” Number of Soccer Players Who Have Collapsed Recently, and that report listed 24 soccer players among those who had just in recent weeks collapsed suddenly, including 5 deaths, and this list is only the tip of the iceberg.

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The Croatian media outlet,, has documented 30 cases of cardiac arrests and sudden deaths among soccer players for whom the injection was mandated, in just 4 months, which would extrapolate out to 90 cases over the course of a year. This is clearly no longer a 'rare' occurrence, as it has always been until now.

On November 26, Free West Media compiled a list of reported athlete collapses for the month of October, and was able to document a staggering 69 cases, noting that compared to the summer months, "cardiac and circulatory events on the sportsfield went through the roof."

Meanwhile an incomplete Wikipedia List of association footballers who died while playing has through November 12 recorded a record 18 deaths in 2021, a 6x increase from the three recorded deaths in 2020 and nearly double the ten recorded in 2019, double the nine recorded in 2018, and noticeably more than the deadliest year of the past decade - 2016 - which saw 13 deaths. In fact, there is no single year in which the number of professional soccer players dying after sudden collapses on the pitch has reached this figure, and the year isn't even over yet. Something is not right in 2021.

Simply put, athletes are both collapsing suddenly and also dying from cardiac arrest and other heart problems and blood clots at a rate significantly higher than ever before, and the data proves it, as cardiac failure and sudden death among athletes is historically extremely rare, with cardiac failure being the primary cause of non-traumatic sudden death in athletes.

Take, for example, a 2015 study published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation which found that : “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Rare for Adults Engaged in Sports."

This conclusion is confirmed by all studies on the matter. As the German report noted, the German Heart Foundation states: "Depending on the study, there are between 0.7 and 3.0 deaths per 100,000 sports enthusiasts per year."

At the same time, A 10-year review of sudden death during sporting activities published in 2018 found an “incidence rate of 0.76-1.49 per 100,000 participant-years,” while a study published in the Spanish journal Cardiologia found an incidence rate of sudden death among "people who practice intense athletic activities" to be just 1.6 deaths per 100,000 per year, and: "In persons under the age of 35 years, the risk is exceptionally small, with an incidence of 1/200 000/year."

It is no easy task to ascertain the rate of these sudden collapses and deaths per 100,000 athletes on a global scale due to difficulty in estimating the number of total athletes around the world, but breakdowns of the data league-by-league, sport-by-sport, and region-by-region makes this task easier, and an analysis of the data by Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz reveals an estimated 5-fold rate increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA soccer players in 2021. We are not yet a full year into having the majority of sports players vaccinated, and already we can see the rates of sudden death and injury are clearly unprecedented, and far higher than normal. has put together an ever growing list of all known sudden deaths, collapses and unusual, mostly heart-related injuries among athletes that may be caused by these injections, with at least 178 dead and 311 who have had cardiac arrests or other sudden injury in 2021, the majority heart related. This list is by no means yet complete, but it does appear to now be the most comprehensive compilation of this data in one place, and it is updating and adding documented stories on a regular basis. These numbers reflect their data as of December 15 update, which appears to be missing two deaths and a non-fatal collapse which I have separately documented in this post, whose stories will be sent to them, and hopefully added to the list soon, and brings the total documented sudden athlete deaths this year to at least 180.

Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 14-18-54 311 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 177 Dead, After COVID Shot - Real Science.png

As the year draws near to a close, these sudden injuries among athletes are now occurring at a staggering rate of approximately 2 per day, with a total of 26 injuries reported in the first 12 days of December alone, 15 of those resulting in death! Nine of these deaths were reported as sudden or following sudden collapse, some definitely cardiac arrests, and the remaining six unspecified or of unclear cause, with the addition of Demaryius Thomas who was not yet among those currently listed, bringing the number of deaths recorded in the first 12 days of the month to 16. Of the 11 athletes who recovered from the episodes, at least six were sudden collapses, and two were players sidelined as they clutched their chests.

For Australian basketball player Ben Magden who was admitted to the emergency room on December 1, it was a confirmed case of pericarditis (heart inflammation) following the second Pfizer injection, a plight shared by an unnamed Adelaide Crows football player who was also admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with pericarditis on December 2, two weeks after his first Pfizer injection. Magden was told what has by now become the same old story given to so many who've found themselves in this position: "The Dr. said this is now common after the Pfizer shot, especially with teenage boys and young males."

Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 16-56-35 Ben Madgen on Twitter.png

The vast majority of these hundreds of collapsing athletes are suffering from heart complications, a great many experiencing sudden cardiac arrest and others heart attack, many seen dropping to the ground or stumbling off the field or the court as they clutch their chest, some developing myopericarditis (heart inflammation) or blood clots. It is likely no coincidence, then, that cardiovascular complications are among the most commonly reported adverse 'vaccine' reactions and cause of death in VAERS reports, with both deadly blood clotting (VITT) and heart inflammation (myopericarditis) acknowledged risks associated with these injections, and the American Heart Association's journal Circulation recently publishing a study finding that mRNA injection doubles the recipient's risk of developing cardiac problems including heart inflammation - Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning. The takeaway: "We conclude that the mRNA vacs dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination."

There has to date been a total of nearly 10,000 heart attacks reported to VAERS following Covid vaccination, nearly 17,000 reported cases of myopericarditis, and 19% of the total reported deaths cardiac related. Additionally, the first 'confidential' Pfizer documents used by the FDA in its approval of the 'vaccine' to be released in the proposed 55-year process reveal a massive number of adverse events reported during the first two months of the vaccination campaign, and many of these are cardiovascular. The document, Pfizer's CUMULATIVE ANALYSIS OF POST-AUTHORIZATION ADVERSE EVENT REPORTS OF PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) RECEIVED THROUGH 28-FEB-2021, records 946 "serious" cardiovascular adverse events sustained and reported prior to February 22, including 1,200 cases of tachycardia and arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat that can lead to cardiac arrest and stroke), 130 heart attacks, 91 cases of cardiac failure (which can lead to heart attack), and seven cases of cardiogenic shock (life threatening medical emergency), seven cases of POTS (which can cause one to suddenly faint or pass out), and six cases of coronary artery disease (the most common heart disease in America, often accompanied by heart attacks).

With this in mind, news such as that reported from The Sun on December 11 may just be seen in a whole new light: "Former Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero was diagnosed with a cardiac arrhythmia after suffering chest pains when playing for Barcelona against Alaves."

That the CDC's own study data also suggests that the Covid injection increases the risk of heart inflammation in teenage boys by as much as 120x, it is truly shocking that the corporate media continues to refuse to even question whether this unprecedented spike in collapsing athletes, many of whom are young men, could in fact be caused in large part due to the injections, especially when a number of these injured athletes are actually being diagnosed with myopericarditis following injection.

Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 14-35-14 The Curious Case of Collapsing Athletes Dropping Like Flies PeakD.png

While some of these injuries are no doubt occurring among the unvaccinated, and a few are bound to be among the few who would have ordinarily collapsed and died from cardiac arrest each year anyway, one can be just as certain that some of the deaths and injuries are most definitely being caused by the injection. A number of these athletes are admittedly injection recipients, and many more must be just to keep from being kicked off their teams. Nobody in their right mind can at this point continue to argue that these injuries are not now occurring at unprecedented rates which are significantly higher than average. Never before have we seen so many collapsing athletes that they are being reported at a rate of 2 per day! Sudden death among athletes occurring at the rate of 1 or more per day that we are now seeing extrapolates to approximately 30 deaths per month, or 360 per year. That is not normal, and anyone who insists that it is, in the face of the steady stream of daily news reports of collapsing and hospitalized athletes, is delusional. Something different about 2021 has to be causing this recent spike in heart failure in healthy athletes, the 'vaccine' is new in 2021, the 'vaccine' is known and proven to cause the types of heart problems responsible for so many of these deaths and sudden collapses.

We also know that the corporate media is undoubtedly failing to report ever single one of these injuries, and that the total count listed above, although surely containing a some cases in which the injections were not to blame, is also definitely missing cases where it almost certainly was. For example, a VAERS report from July documents the unfortunate sudden collapse and subsequent death of a 15 year old New York boy "on soccer field while playing soccer at a local camp" on July 22, just four days after receiving his second Pfizer injection (lot EW0198).

Many of the world's athletes are vaccinated by now, with a number of sports leagues requiring it and reporting high rates of vaccination among their players. At the same time, there is an abundance of data overwhelmingly indicating that this is by far the deadliest, most dangerous 'vaccine' in human history, by a long shot, as Steve Kirch has meticulously documented with every available point of data. For in-depth documentation of the data and studies demonstrating this, much of which was presented during the September FDA safety meeting at which the vaccine oversight committee overwhelmingly voted against deploying booster shots, see the in depth study, Estimating the number of COVID vaccine deaths in America by Kirch and associates Dr. Jessica Rose and Andrew Crawford.

Despite athletes definitely being sidelined as a direct result of heart problems officially diagnosed as adverse reactions of the 'vaccine', many of these curious cases verifiably occurring following injection, and a mountain of safety signals pointing to the clear and present risks these injections pose, the 'fact-checkers' nonetheless continue to insist that there is absolutely no correlation between these mounting sudden deaths and injuries and the ongoing injection campaign. To make their case, they rely upon blatant lies spewed by the 'experts' to 'debunk' all those who are simply pointing to the facts, asking questions, and suggesting that there is an obvious correlation here that can't be ignored.

PolitiFact's'fact-check' propaganda piece, for example, concluded unequivocally that "there is no evidence" that "Athletes are collapsing with heart-related issues due to the COVID-19 vaccines," deeming that claim to be totally "false" after thoroughly debunking the mistaken notion with a big pile of laughably dishonest, easily disprovable claims. Yes, although the author does make several valid points that do indeed appear to prove that not all of the deaths, sudden collapses and other unusual injuries among athletes in 2021 are being caused by the injection, they must rely on outright lies to make the case that none of them are, and in the process show themselves to be the greater fool in this grand debate.

For starters, PolitiFact's Kayla Steinberg cites the same claim being made by two separate 'experts' that is presumably meant to put to bed the notion that there is even one single documented case of an adverse 'vaccine' reaction occurring among athletes this year.

"To date, I am not aware of a single COVID vaccine-related cardiac complication in the professional sports," said Matthew Martinez, a sports cardiologist who works with the National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Soccer and who is the director of sports cardiology at Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey.

The same goes for Jonathan Kim, an associate professor of medicine and chief of sports cardiology at Emory University in Atlanta. "I am not aware of any reports that vaccines in athletes are causing cardiac issues," he said.

These so-called experts are either incredibly ignorant, or they are lying to you. If Jonathan Kim is truly not aware of the reports of myocarditis following Pfizer injection in NCAA college golfer - Tennessee State senior and 21 year old John Stokes - who documented his 'vaccine' injury in a since-deleted series of viral Tik Tok videos recorded from his hospital bed, then certainly the dutiful 'fact-checkers' ought to be. After all, even Yahoo News published a piece on the young athlete's story, and did not attempt to refute his claims that his heart inflammation was indeed caused by the injection (as diagnosed by his doctor), and in fact went so far as to acknowledge it in their headline.

Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 15-14-05 A student athlete’s TikTok went viral after he developed myocarditis from the vaccine Her[...].png

So there is at least one reported case of "'vaccines' in athletes causing cardiac issues" that went mainstream long before this 'fact-check', and yet the chief of sports cardiology over at Emory University in Atlanta is either somehow entirely unaware of this reality, or he is lying to the media's face. John Stokes was diagnosed and hospitalized with myocarditis on September 4, just four days following his Pfizer injection, and was told by his doctor it was caused by the 'vaccine'.

Stokes tells Yahoo Life that he received his second COVID-19 vaccine shot on Aug. 31. Shortly after, he says, he developed common, temporary “flu-like” side effects, which included body aches. However, his chest pain, which he initially likened to a “gas-like” feeling, soon got worse.

“I told my parents something wasn’t right, and we called the doctor,” Stokes says. “He told me to go to the ER. They diagnosed me with myocarditis, and they told me it was from the vaccine. I was hospitalized for several days after.”

Hospital paperwork proves that the doctor listed the myocarditis as likely caused by the 'vaccine', and vaccination card shows he received his second Pfizer injection just 4 days before he was admitted to the hospital...

Screen Shot 12-16-21 at 02.02 PM.PNG

There are also professional athletes among those whose debilitating conditions were definitely reported to have been and almost certainly were caused by the injections, some of these being heart conditions, and Dr. Joseph Mercola documents three of these cases in an informative piece published earlier this month - They Were High-Performing Athletes … Until COVID Vaccines Destroyed Their Health.

So we have the story of Florian Dagoury, a world record holder in static breath-hold freediving, who experienced increased heart rate and a reduction in his breath-holding capacity after second dose of the Pfizer injection, and was then diagnosed with myopericarditis, an acknowledged adverse reaction associated with these shots. He clearly blames the 'vaccine' for the injuries which have left him unable to perform at his peak.

Then there's pro-tennis player Jeremy Chardy who has announced that his 2021 season is over due to a severe adverse reaction experienced after getting the Pfizer shot.

“Since I had my vaccine, I have had a problem, I’ve had a series of struggles,” said Chardy. “Suddenly, I cannot train, I cannot play. I prefer to take more time to take care of myself and be sure that in the future I will not have any problem, rather than trying to get back on the court as quickly as possible and find myself still having health problems.”

Chardy told AFP he was suffering from movement-limiting pain — which caused violent pains all over his body as soon as he made any physical effort.

This player also blames the 'vaccine' for his troubles and regrets taking it. The third professional athlete highlighted by Mercola, is "veteran triathlete Antoine Méchin, 32,...also facing the potential end to his career after receiving Moderna COVID-19 injections and developing a pulmonary embolism."

And what exactly is a pulmonary embolism? As the Mayo Clinic explains: "In most cases, pulmonary embolism is caused by blood clots that travel to the lungs from deep veins in the legs or, rarely, from veins in other parts of the body (deep vein thrombosis)." 'Vaccine-induced thrombosis', perhaps, one of the earliest confirmed and most widely acknowledged serious adverse events caused by these experimental injections?

One wonders if the 'fact-checkers' go out of their way to find the 'experts' who are either unaware of these reports or willing to lie to hide their existence from public view, or if there is just such a media blackout and/or level of corruption among sports cardiologists that most are either this incredibly ignorant or easily moved to knowingly deceive the pubic about known injection risks, possibly out of fear of losing their jobs if they told the truth. Regardless, a lie is a lie, and PolitiFact is clearly in the business of publishing lies, whether they know it or not. This is the sorry state of all the establishment 'fact-checkers' these days, and has been so for quite some time now.

According to Michael Emery, co-director of the Cleveland Clinic Sports Cardiology Center, developing a heart problem from the 'vaccine' is "super rare." Just as incredibly 'rare' among athletes as it is among the general public, I'm sure, although the countless thousands who have developed serious heart problems following injection might beg to disagree. "We have no data to suggest that the frequency of sudden cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death in athletes is higher now than it was in the past," Emery concludes. As PolitiFact puts it, referencing a Highwire compilation of news clips and headlines documenting many of these collapsing athletes:

The video’s caption asks why dozens of athletes are collapsing "in just the past few months." But sports cardiologists aren’t seeing a sudden rise in athletes collapsing.

Of course the sports cardiologists cited by the establishment 'fact-checkers' are managing to 'not see' a whole lot of things that are out there in plain view for all to see, as demonstrated above. Maybe they are just blind, and the media talking heads woefully ignorant. Or maybe they are lying to you. Either way, the Big Pharma government/media cabal is working overtime doing absolutely everything in its power to hide the connection between the known, documented adverse 'vaccine' reactions caused by a deadly experimental injection and the fast growing 2021 global epidemic of collapsing athletes. And although some of the 'experts' out there may pretend they are blind as they continue to insist that the red flags popping up everywhere one turns aren't really there, the world is beginning to see through the veil. And all those who have seen the elephant in the room will never be able to unsee it, no matter how vehemently the establishment insists it isn't there.



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Thank you so much! I have in the past had people removed themselves from curangel curation trail as well due to use of their stake to downvote content of mine they actually supported! Strange use of curation trail, if you ask me, considering curation trails are meant (or at least advertised) as being all about rewarding specific content, not countering rewards.

And yes, it does seem that the most prominent repeat downvote offenders (over disagreement on worldviews anyhow) either don't put much effort into their own content or aren't even content creators at all, but rather investors/developers attempting to shape the platform into their own image of what is and is not allowed/encouraged/rewarded on here. I appreciate that you support the free expression of ideas and opinions, as it is of utmost important to recognize the importance of not suppressing ideas we personally don't agree with.

I personally read much of the 'other side' of the argument on many topics I research and feel all the more informed for it, and would never dream of wishing such posts/articles be suppressed or discouraged in any way, even when I think they are the most absurd nonsense I've ever read. I can always just write my own post or make a video or meme or whatever, pointing out just how ridiculous or 'wrong' something is, anyway, if I really disagree with it that strongly to care so much! Sadly, others don't see things the same, and feel suppression, censorship and punitive actions directed towards that which they don't like is the only way to 'progress'. To me, that is not progression, but regression, but hey, I'm just one of those crazy conspiracy theorists in the minds of folks like that, so my opinion doesn't count anyway :)

I agree, it's important to give all sides an equal voice and if a point can't be refuted, then it definitely doesn't deserve a downvote. My interaction with meesterboom was short, but he fully exposed his character. He's not the type of person to emulate for sure.

That being said, it's telling that there's almost zero information to support the safety of these experiments nor even showing a benefit for their use, but proponents of them get so bent out of shape if you disagree with them.

Fortunately, those beings acting out with vile behavior are not taking responsibility for their own health and are likely to not be a continual problem over a long period of time. I don't feel bad for them, because they've made their choice.

For this reason I don't bother writing about the issue. I'm fine with them thinning themselves out...

I appreciate the effort you put into your reporting Jason. I've shared this on various social media.

I absolutely love your work and highly support it thank you very much for producing such high quality content backed up by so many sources.

The problem isn't really that this is going on it's that there is so much evidence that this is going on in front of our faces and people can't see it for what it is.

Really appreciate your content and really hope to continue to see more of your content in the future on this platform especially with the recent down quotes and attempts to control the narrative financially on this blockchain.

Please if you haven't already vote for witnesses that are for free speech! Thank you very much and hopefully you have an amazing day from both me and my beautiful German Shepherd.


Absolutely, and good to know people appreciate my work, this post in particular was quite the time consuming project to get all of the documentation together into a post. It's encouraging to know people are reading it and find it informative, for as you point out the downvote campaign against myself and others on this platform has gotten pretty ridiculous. I probably would have left already if I felt nobody cared for my work on here and all my support was just a bunch of autovotes. And yes, I have used my votes for free speech witnesses to the best of my ability, with the little I know of the witnesses. Definitely made sure none of my votes were for those who so obviously oppose free speech and often dv my content. Feel free to add suggestions if you know of any free speech witnesses I haven't voted for yet!

And awesome pic, by the way, where at are you 2, if you don't mind me asking? The pup has really grown into a big German shepherd over the past months since the last time I saw him, looks like you're both having fun these days. Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine - it's been cloudy and snowy for over a week where I'm currently at in Montana...

Usually I'm just north of Portland Oregon in Vancouver Washington.

There's been too much civil unrest in Portland and as well the crime rate has absolutely skyrocketed due to a number of factors including legalizing cartel sample delivery. Which has just exploded into so many more problems.

Yep puppy dog is definitely getting very big.

As to rewards and the frustrating down votes, honestly enough we have such an opportunity here. The fact that people are challenging such well laid out documentation and evidence is absolutely astounding.

The only thing that you can do is pray for people to educate themselves however it's just generally easier to complain and throw a fit if you don't agree.

Personally keep slugging on! Let alone trading. There's so many more ways to make rewards here. I was threatened with down votes and kind of just laughed because I've got enough now that with the trading and working with the diesel pool I am financially doing amazingly well.

Having this kind of information definitely changes the entire game and really shows how much evolution that we have had with the simple platform.

Yeah I believe a lot of things are frustrating however it's more frustrating to not tell the truth and be silent!!!!

So no matter upvotes or down votes hopefully you continue posting and showing how much tenacity you have.

I absolutely believe in your work as well as your knowledge!

This was a herculean effort to put all this information in one post. It just kept going on and on and on, proving there are major issues with this shot that are being ignored or worse, covered up! Thank you for taking the time and effort 1

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Dear Frances,
I´m so happy and excited fo have founded you!!! I discovered you via Ramola D Report videos, and I discover Ramola via Claire Edwards.
I'm so happy to have found marvelous people, real warriors, real persons that tell the truth no matter what. I feel so happy as I have contact with Sean Hross, I translate his videos in Spanish, I have my channels ABRE LOS OJOS. He's a fighter and I really thank you that you found him to help him. Thank you so much.

I feel empathic too as I lived in China for 6 years and I know what Chinese medicine is. I'm not expert, however I know about it and I have been sometimes trated with CTM. It's so sad what the world mafia has done with this medicine. The Chinese, were complaining that the Americans were infecting (or GMO) all the natural medicine, plants, animals, roots, etc. I loved to enter a small clinic of Chinese Medicine and see all those crystal cointainers and I will never forget the smell. I'm so surprised on the story you told about the blind person that had blocked some conduct of an organ and you cured them. It'a really amazing. I wanna tell you that I respect you so much and that I hope you can live in peace, as I know you have been threatened, harrased and they try to kill you. I'm so sorry for that. Sometimes I wanna cry... I´m from Mexico and my name is Maria. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR WORK, THANK YOU FOR BEING AN EXAMPLE OF AN HONEST AND GOOD PERSON, YOU ARE A GREAT WOMAN AND WARRIOR. In a lower lever of course than yours, I have been having some problems all my life for saying the truth and defend the justice. So, since the pandemic started, I opened my channels to translate in Spanish as it's unbelievable the lack of information there are in Mexico.... People so ignorant and the government blocks the real informers, alternative media... That's why my channel is ABRE LOS OJOS, (Open your eyes). Sometimes I get suspended from Facebook or Twitter, one Youtube channel was deleted, etc.- I truly believe there´s no virus, it's EMF... But people never believe me that 5G is an DEW, is frecuencies that can be good or can be bad used... The funny part is that when I was younger I worked for Bayer... in Marketing as you can realize they only wanna sell and hide the adverse effects and pay money to the govt to pass the product papers.
Well, It's my pleasure to meet you and send you hughs and good vibes to UK, I guess you're there now.
Greetings from Mexico, María (46 years old) :)