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RE: Growing evidence Oregon fires started by organised arson

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Let me add some perspective. I live in Oregon, and your statement is mostly not true. While the one in Southern Oregon appears to have been arson & someone was arrested, the others are not. Most fires in Oregon are started by lightning, as is the case with most of those now burning. Also, the fires did not start along major highways. The majority started away from highways and reached minor highways and country roads as they spread. The fires, did, however, spread very rapidly, putting some smaller towns in danger. Unfortunately some of these small towns were pretty much completely burned to the ground. About 40,000 people have been completely evacuated, with as many as 500,000 people living in what are now evacuation zones, mainly Level 1 and 2) (Level 1 is Get Ready, Level 2 is Get Set, Level 3 is GO NOW). Smoke is covering nearly all of Oregon, with the worst levels west of the Cascade Mountains. Of major cities in the world, Portland Oregon had the worst air quality in the world for two days straight. People need to focus on safety and, hopefully soon, recovery. We don't need to focus on false rumors as to how most of the fires started.


Most fires in Oregon are started by lightning, as is the case with most of those now burning

Not one lightning strike has occurred in Oregon this week that is connected to a fire.

OTOH, dozens of arson arrests have been made, and hundreds of reports of civilians witnessing arson have been made.

You're lying or absolutely ignorant of exigent circumstances outside of the liberal enclave you live in, simply lapping up the propaganda fed you by the enemedia instead of doing one damn bit of research into the facts yourself.

Here's a partial list of arson arrests or reports in the last week:


It goes on, but I couldn't fit it all in one screen shot.

Edit: just to be brutally honest, some of the fires that took off this last week from the East winds had long been smoldering, and some of them may have been started by lightning.

Since Sept. 7th, when the riots in PDX were diminished, massive ongoing arson has been stoking those old fires, connecting them, and starting new ones, when the wind picked up.

Not only arson has terribly multiplied these fires, but specifically molotovs and fireworks have been used, which isn't typical of wildfire arson - but is exactly typical of arsons that have been being caused by rioters. Good investigation will be able to reveal if the same formulations and batches of fireworks and molotovs link both.

How much you want to bet they're the same batches?

While the one in Southern Oregon appears to have been arson & someone was arrested, the others are not.

You have no right to make that claim. I am from Oregon too. There have been MULTIPLE arson arrests and the mainstream media is doing MASSIVE DAMAGE CONTROL to make sure that we don't know that. THey are blaming this all on CLIMATE CHANGE. Meanwhile vids are surfacing now of arsonists caught at multiple fires.

Sheriff Deputy knew the deal. He was suspended for saying it.
I recommend you learn how Bolshevism works when they are laying the tracks. This is standard OP.

Spreading the mainstream narrative isn't very Vigilant.

Here is a vote. Oregon strong.

Was fighting the fire last night.

Locals volunteer work party.

We had a suspected arson incident. Was putting out small smoldering burns then next thing a car with a pair of young men took off. Next we have huge flames. Where normally we had embers.

After the pickup truck came with the ibc tote of water and a water pump it took a few mins to get it to stop from spreading.

Can't prove shit. But fresh broken glass where that fire burned hot? No way. Molotov cocktail? That would explain the flames!

If I can get back out there tomorrow I'm going. I'm barely able to walk after working to the edge of curfew.

Countless homes destroyed. Inside the burnt areas? More than half all structures were lost.

Keep up the good fight friend. Updates on these comments around here somewhere.

Here's a clue regarding some incendiaries used:

What happened with the laws on blocking traffic during the protests... Didn't the news just say that's illegal? Sheesh.

And lots of ways to start fires. The Columbia River gorge fire was started with fireworks.

Oh, he has the right to make any claim he wants, but not to do so absent the consequences. Lying has consequences, and ignorance does too.

Read the transcript of the Clackamas County Commissioner's livestream I posted a link to and you'll see that there is evidence and reports that are being withheld from the public by corrupt and partisan officials. It wasn't just one deputy who was put on leave. A Captain in that Sheriff's county revealed the deputy was simply speaking out of turn, and that's why they're on leave, not because they were not correct.

The bureaucracy is keeping a lid on the evidence for political purposes.

This is exactly it. Thank you.

Excuse me -- "you have no right to make that claim" -- I have every right to make that claim. I know I am correct. You may not agree with me. That's your right. I thought Hive was a place where all could express their viewpoints.

Yes it usually is. Right now we can only look at the facts presented, and theorize about the rest.

Not to start a comment fire, but I came across this in my Hive feed moments ago from a first hand witness in Oregon.

Next up we also had an incident where somebody pulled up claiming to help out and then drove away next thing you know we had a massive fire.

It was in an area that was actually being spot checked and we would put out burning fires. Which was pretty crazy. It took quite a bit to put out this crazy fire and then we discovered a bunch of freshly broken glass that looked like it would contained gasoline or other flammable liquids.

I wonder what lessons we should learn from Australia's wildfires not that long ago. Is there any relation?

It is not coincidental that the land is being stripped methodically of what could be considered for the individual independently sustainable sustenance. It with the Covid-19 bullshit is combined to strip the middle to lower classes of their wealth including any hope in off grid living or living off the land - making EVERYONE dependent on the new regime.

It is not a conspiracy to think this way. The Great Reset is a very real plan by the elite (those with all the mullah!) -

It is better for them to solidify the false originally projected 'effects' of global warming in order to compound the fear of that false narrative in order to create a 'new' system - a new global change - heralded as the saviour of all. Brought in by the same corruption experts that ran the previous system into the ground. The common denominator is control! -- the desire to continue control into and through a new age/paradigm. These reactions as these authoritarian emergency measures implemented through large scale events creating an intricate fear based tapestry of lies by these controllers are based on a premeditation that they will lose control unless they control the shift.

They're afraid.

Please be aware this is a rationally deduced opinion and not fact, nor do I 'believe' it. This is how we must study and assess information in order to ascertain the motives of large scale deliberate events capitalized on by the media. (I've had people punish me in the past for using my brain, so I put this disclaimer here - lol).

As always, all false narratives have slithers of truth in them and often lie to us by omission (Thanks Mr Corbett). We must not forget to pull the babies from the bathwaters lest we be lambasted as conspiracy theorists. (Oh gees...)

Idk what to say after last night.

But yes some odd people are doing this on purpose.

In Vancouver and a guy threw a Molotov cocktail out the window and started a big fire. People driving followed him and he was arrested and even admitted he did it.

People are compiling lists of people arrested for starting these fires.

And it's getting long.

But better management. We have to.

If it burns? Let it burn.

thanks for the link to this creative!

I know I am correct.

If you feel you 'know' that, then you are delusion-ally ignoring the evidence. Or, you are simply holding onto a confirmation bias that doesn't exist, because the fear of the truth has stunted your perception (aka cognitive dissonance).

The alternative is that you are in on withholding evidence, and steering the narrative away from the truth.

I'd like to believe you are of the former, but if you use any more logically fallacious distractions, I'll be forced to suspect the latter.