How the media keeps people in a state of disease (part 1)

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This is more of a psychological analysis of the situation than the traditional "deep dive" meaning that there are very few if any external links.


It simply amazes me, still, to this day, the absolute garbage that I see on televisions when I'm travelling out and about. I haven't had cable for years so I don't allow this type of poison into my home, because in many ways its actually worse than the toxic food and drinks that are wreaking havoc on the human population.

I heard a great speaker once use the metaphor of not letting someone come into your home and dump a garbage can all over the floor right in front of you. But many people still allow this with their minds. They allow the toxic sludge of the television to literally pipe errant garbage directly into their subconscious mind, where it festers like a sore and bleeds over time, affecting their life and manifesting in physical illness.

Most people are aware at least on a base level that the "news" that they watch is a highly controlled narrative and that one of the largest--in fact the largest--financial contributors to those "news" networks are pharmaceutical companies whose sole objective in life is to profit. And they can only profit if millions of people take their products. And they can only have millions of people taking their products if they can convince those millions that they are sick. And they need to keep them sick perpetually because they are financially obligated to their shareholders to increase profits indefinitely.

This can only happen if more and more people are sicker and sicker and are taking more and more petroleum-based pharmaceuticals. The business model of drug companies is to make as many people sick as possible and to keep those people sick for as long as possible, preferably for their entire lives.

Cradle to grave customers.

So their marketing arm, which is also known as the mainstream or legacy media, works diligently to convince people that they are sick and need to take drugs, period. It fits nicely into the profit structure of the media companies themselves as well who's sole objective is to strike fear into the hearts of the diligent television consuming zombie public. And its not just television, its also most major sources of information including radio and social media, who are all funded by the same companies, ultimately owned by Blackrock, the largest shareholder in essentially every major Fortune 500 company in the U.S. and certainly all major pharmaceutical companies.

The way that mainstream media creates and sustains sickness in humans is the same method that is used to condition them in any type of behavior and that is mind control programming.

If you rolled your eyes at that last emboldened term then it is highly likely that you have been mind controlled yourself because this is generally very easy information to find and research.

But I digress.

So how do they do it and why is it so effective? Inquiring minds are itching to hear the answer, if for no other reason than we don't want to fall prey to the programming ourselves and we want to break the programming and reprogram ourselves if that is indeed the case.

They do it using emotional triggers and then applying images and symbols to them. This is precisely how memories are created in the human mind. Think of all the drug commercials that people watch every day. Practically every other commercial is for a new disease and a new drug to "treat" it. Never "cure" it, only "treat" the disease. These terms may be subtle but are very telling to the linguistically inclined.

The word "treat" implies that it will never go away, it will only be kept at bay, exactly as explained above regarding how these companies and entities wish to create lifelong customers. If they ever cured anything at all they would lose all those customers and that would lose money for the shareholders and this is not acceptable to their business model which, and it bears repeating, is to make you as sick and dependent as possible for your entire life until they finally lose you as a customer through the ritual called death.

The media gives lip service to things like exercise and nutrition but the underlying theme that they exhort to the audience is very clear: doctors are gods and so above anything else you should listen to them.

When people are subjected to massive and sustained programming, such as indoctrination centers (schools) and through perceived authorities (doctors, media hosts, etc.) they internalize and identify with the ideas that these forces are portraying to a cult.

One way that they do this is by using the word "have" as in you "have" such and such disease. Whether its asthma, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, fibromyalgia, herpes, eczema, or even fictitious mental disorders like ADHD, you "have" this disease. In order to "have" something, you must have gotten it from somewhere. When someone "has" something it means they own it. So people own the becomes part of them, a subconscious program. It becomes their identity. Again this is much like a cult that first breaks the individual down and then reinstalls another identity.

Once the person believes that they have "caught" or "have" the disease, they then are subjected to the television programming which is reinforced by other elements of society (friends, doctors, family, other modes of programming) to believe that this diseased state is who they are now.

This is the mass psychotic hypnosis that Dr. Malone spoke of in his recent interview, which you may still be able to find on Bitchute or Odysee and possibly Youtube.

One idea that I firmly believe is that we do create our own reality here. The world is not as it is the world is as you are. This accounts for the wide variety of opinions and viewpoints that people hold all over the place. You can go five feet and find two people with completely different viewpoints that both believe vehemently is the truth. So in that regard what really is the truth? That's another topic for another time but I would warrant that truth is something that is felt very intuitively and internally, deep down inside. Which is the completely opposed to the idea of "believing" what giant companies that thrive off your sickness and disease are paying billions of dollars to get you to accept as the truth.

When people feel afraid the body operates on a much lower frequency, and these can be measured. Different emotions emit different frequencies and fear is one of the lowest. When the body operates on this type of low-frequency for a sustained period of time it can create an internal environment of dis-ease or what is called disease. Operating from fear not only causes people to be reactive and hesitant in life, it also causes hormonal releases of cortisol and other stress-related hormones. This causes rerouting of blood flow from the digestive tract or the "fight or flight" response, which is not meant to be a long-term state.

So the media does what it can to make and keep people afraid, and pharmaceutical companies swoop in like vultures to pick off the stragglers and people that have fallen for the con. The slightest deviation from a sense of wellbeing is interpreted by the fearful person as some sort of malfunction and off to the doctor they go, one more cog in the machine of sickness. Every little symptom has its own drug.

Remember, its all about profits (for the most part) with these companies. It has nothing to do at all with health, despite their finely crafted and tailor made commercials meant to specifically target certain groups of people. If it had to do with health then the entire pharmaceutical company would collapse overnight because they would actually help people and would no longer be needed and they would liquidate themselves and humanity would prosper. But this is not the case.

Ultimately for those that seek to control and are materialistically stuck in the matrix of greed and never-ending profits the goal is to make as many people dependent on them as possible in every manner imaginable; from every conceivable angle. Currently they are doing this by attempting to control what goes into your body by intimidation; their tactics are becoming increasingly hostile by the day and they are getting more and more brazen as their victims swell in number. But unfortunately for them there are large pockets of people that don't fit into their financial matrix. We don't use any of their products and in fact help other people do the same and so we are a market threat. So they use intimidation tactics, travel restrictions, lockdowns, mandates etc. to attempt to entice people that are on the fence to join the cult of drugs.

In part two I'll go into more depth about the individual companies that this media and fear complex cartel is made up of and additional methods they employ to thwart the health and vitality of the public as well as some future operations that they have planned to expand their empire of fear and deceit.