The Covid Vaccines And Others Are Essentially Computer Programs to "Update" Your Natural Immunity

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This should be simple review but lest people forget, here is a brief expose about the so-called vaccines that were rolled out by the worst companies in the world at the moment: Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and their retarded cousin Novavax which gleefully was soundly rejected by all of the "anti-vaxxers" (read: informed and free) in the U.S.


Before this deepdive into the genetically modifying technology in the Pfizer and especially Moderna vaccines it is important to note that Novavax is built on "old" vaccine technology. That is, it contains a dead fragment of Covid-19. Since the virus was never properly isolated this still makes no sense, but that's how out of touch "the scientists" over at their vaccine labs are with regards to critical thinking populations.

They think that we simply didn't want the shot because we were scared of mRNA tech but would happily inject their unfounded sludge into our veins.

No thanks, assholes.

But I digress.

Here is how the experimental technology behind the mRNA technology actually works and what it is based on which is essentially CRISPR technology.

The origins of the operating system

he coronavirus vaccines from Moderna Inc., in Cambridge, Mass., and its German rival BioNTech SE propose to immunize people in a radically different way: by harnessing human cells to become miniature vaccine factories in their own right. Instead of virus proteins, the vaccines contain genetic instructions that prompt the body to produce them. Those instructions are carried via messenger RNA, or mRNA.

That is a quote from A bloomberg article back in August 2020. While its just second hand information it gives a glimpse of how these shots differ from conventional pharmaceutical products that we call vaccines.

As is most things, people that wish to find this sort of information including the direct quote from Moderna speaking of it as an operating system will have to do due diligence because this is what comes up on a search:

edited moderna search.png

Gotta love the fact checkers. As always #deepdives writers, we have to work harder to find important information in this day and age! What chance does the layman have?

So according to the "news" the shots insert an mRNA particle outlined with a liponano-protective layer so that it will not be immediately destroyed, as it should be, by the body upon injection.

The technology is based off of CRISPR technology, which in theory uses the defenses of bacteria to fend off "viruses" by chopping them up and then assimilating their proteins into the DNA of the bacteria doing the choppin'.

This is extremely experimental technology although these companies who see infinite dollar signs in their eyes will not tell the public that and will use the low-IQ buzzword of "science" to explain away those that critically think.

There is ample information on the web for anyone who looks into CRISPR. But I'll use this article for expedient purposes.

Here is a quote:

To foil attacks, the organisms chop up the DNA of viruses and then stow bits of that DNA in their own genome, to be used as a weapon against the foreign invaders should those viruses attack again.

Keep that in mind for all the teleprompter reading imbeciles on t.v. who tell you it doesn't modify your DNA. It does, patently, that's the whole fucking point of CRISPR to begin with.

Exhibit B proves my point:

When the components of CRISPR are transferred into other, more complex, organisms, those components can then manipulate genes, a process called "gene editing.

Those more complex organisms being human beings at this point, along with all the other animals that were injected with this experimental gunk by a bunch of lunatics.

The infamous story that circulated before being deemed "misinformation" by Pfizer BioNTECH...oh excuse me mainstream media I mean to say, was the trial done in 2012 on a cohort of ferrets. This is another piece of information that is hard to find using google or startpage, but I use which I consider at the moment a great search engine that doesn't mess with results (for now).

A review of the 2012 study by Regenitivemc has several quotes of interest concerning the trial, which went on for 56 days. This alone is another elephant in the room as these new technologies, dubbed "vaccines", have never gone through anything even closely approaching a proper long term study.

The paper states,” evaluations of an inactivated whole virus vaccine (similar to customary vaccines) in ferrets, nonhuman primates; and a virus-like-particle in mice induced protection against infection but challenged animals (those administered vaccines) exhibited an immunopathologic-type lung disease.”

Basically what they are saying is that the vaccine injected animals were routinely showing immunopathic lung reactions, which means that the immune system was attacking the lungs of the animals, or as we call it, autoimmune disease.

A quote to summarize the study:

The papers’ conclusion was “These SARS-CoV vaccines all induced antibody and protection against infection with SARS-CoV. However, challenge of mice given any of the vaccines led to occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology suggesting hypersensitivity to SARS-CoV components was induced. Caution in proceeding to application of a SARS-CoV vaccine in humans is indicated.”

Hypersensitivity of course relating to the autoimmune condition I stated above.

So basically the history of CRISPR in a nutshell is a couple of animal studies barely even, if even hitting, two months of study time, and lots of the animals became sick and / or died. Of course the ferrets were killed after the experiment which is where the fact checkers will gethca.

The fact checkers are the worst of humanity by the way. You call it beige, they fact check and say its brown. You say there's not a cloud in the sky, they fact check and say there's one tiny cloud behind a tree you can't see. They split hairs. That's what they have devolved to, and the reason for this is propaganda. You can usually fact check anyone on anything in some non-consequential way and find one tiny little error.

So to the average person using google who hasn't a clue how to really use the internet, the fact checkers will forever live rent free in their minds.

This is the future of "medicine"

I put medicine in quotes of course because modern medicine is a complete and utter disaster, a laughing stock to anyone who cares to know the history. I recommend this video for people to watch for basic history of American medicine and its oil predecessors, the Rockefeller Oil and Crime Syndicate.

Since youtube removed it here is the link to the video instead:

Well worth the watch.

As we saw with the lethal injections for the never before isolated Covid-19, one unsettling trend is the use of EUA or Emergency Use Authorization, crafted by drug companies, given to their friends at the FDA who usually work with the same companies, and then rubber stamped so that the drug manufacturer can avoid those pesky long term studies (like CRISPR) and decrease the time it takes for them to make tens of billions of dollars.

Even the MonkeyPox, a laughable, absolutely laughable excuse for a "pandemic" is getting Emergency Use Authorization from their friends for a vaccine. And NYC is declaring a state of emergency so that the government can usurp powers and bypass the rights of the people.

This truly is a bizarre time for critical thinking people. Sitting back and watching and following this stuff closely I truly feel sorry for the sorry people that are just injected themselves with numerous mRNA and conventional vaccines over something that you basically have zero change of getting if you just take good care of yourself and that is where I will leave this article.

The future of medicine is this: You rent out your immune system to drug companies, with several mRNA "updates" per year, and they will surely invent new diseases to scare the lemmings into submission. Many will die and they will blame that on more viruses, and I envision this vicious cycle continuing until either too many people die from the shots and interventions or somehow justice is served and people like Albert Bourla are hanging from the rafters in pubic along side Fauci, Gates and the rest of the marauders.

We can hope, right?


For me the weirdest part of this real life sci-fi/dystopian novel is that everything is being inverted at a record pace. Not only that but the funeral caretakers are pulling large and long things out of the veins of the cadavers they are working on. So much isn't allowed to be discussed and so many lies are being repeated ad nauseam as folks suddenly die of "we don't know what." Strange times. God bless and be well.

Yes I have heard of those long strands being recovered from the dead bodies. Seems to be correlated to the idea that graphene oxide is inside of these things, some sort of self assembling nanontechnology of one sort or another.

It is strange times indeed! Blessings to you as well and let's just keep our calm and resilience and not give in to the fear. Don't get the shots or do any of the protocols that are enslaving people...relocate if need be. The time for hard decisions is nigh.

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I tried fighting the system months ago, end up as a loser. Never felt so rejected and dejected, from people who used to promise equality and health working environment.

Not hoping they fall ill, but hoping for positive changes and reform someday soon, and maybe for those bad actors and perpetuators to go in jail for good.