They are actively activating the biosecurity state control matrix.

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I've written about this for, well, years now. Convid 19 was simply a staging event to expedite the process of what has been warned about for decades: the biosecurity control grid.

The World Health Organization has been working behind the scenes to install itself as the self-appointed supreme power of what constitutes health and also health emergencies.

As Dr. Mercola's recent article clearly illustrates:

Bill Gate's global takeover is official

The globalist movement towards a one-world government is going to pivot around the WHO. Combined with the new Pandemic Treaty masquerading as a humanitarian program, the IHR (International Health Regulations) of 2005 is being amended and one final capstone of control is being placed.


Make no mistake; this is a global communist takeover where the health and welfare of the whole is placed in front of the rights of the individual.

But if only they actually had our health at heart. The WHO is nothing at its core but a pharmaceutical and poison-based technocracy that promotes procedures, vaccines and drugs as health. This is how the satanic cabal operates. As I've stated many times before, they hate life, they hate nature and they want the world created in their image which is to say one of artificial intelligence, a hard, callous, soulless enterprise where there is no sanctity in the miracles of life. Everything is artificially created or modified.

The World Health Organization is never going to arm the population of earth with how to grow healthy food and how to properly distill and filter their own water. There is no room for mindfulness or meditation because in their eyes this is all hogwash and "unscientific" and the cult of Science must reign supreme even if that means hundreds of millions if not billions of individuals are ignored and thrown in the scrapheap of death on the way.

The plans for the "next" plandemic are already rolling out as Bill Gates, somehow an expert to the masses claims that a super contagion that targets children will be coming soon. Some rambling about climate change and releasing viruses.

The only real virus here is the WHO, Gates and the rest of the insatiable crackpots and psychopaths that someday history will look at with utter disdain and disappointment.

The real crux of the problem with the WHO is the fact that apparently their dictates will supercede all nations and laws including the U.S. constitution rendering people absolutely helpless to defend themselves against the tyranny.

If only we all woke up at once we could simply catapult these traitors and criminals into the Atlantic Ocean with a nice cinder block tied to each person's foot.

This means that mask mandates / quarantines / vaccine passports and the like will not just be something that you have to fight at the local level but something that will be coming, with the full support of the sheeple, from the top.

We have to remember that most people trust the WHO. They don't know its roots, who funds it...who the people involved are, or what the agenda is. They only know the propaganda. They hear "world health organization" and their easily-fooled minds think "good" while anyone that acts in accordance to the truth is seen as "bad".

No more dire time has come for people to spread articles like these with everyone they know. Soon enough, and the WHO has also hinted at this many times, this information will be burned and buried the way true knowledge always has the habit of having happened to it. There will be a time soon when this information simply isn't available...maybe in the next few years. Hopefully we can win, but there will be a very bumpy ride on the way to where we're going...and only those that possess the information before it is destroyed will truly know what is going on and we will be the underground resistance...and we'll have to sit back and watch as many, many people are throttled, killed and imprisoned as they wake up too late.


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btw Have you read Michael Senger's Snake aoil Twitter thread?

Kinda interesting, though I'm not yet 100% ready into believing everything it as I need more time to process it all and need other's insights 🤯... In terms of Social Media bots and psyops, it is really feasible to operate on a grand scake, I'm almost leaning into believing his "exposé" atm.

No I have not but I will definitely check it out...