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RE: A Nice $1,800+ Haul From The Curbs Last Night + Found A Late Hall Of Fame Hockey Player's Stuff

in ecoTrainlast year

Came here after reading your SPL plot posts. Damn, you must live in a decent part of town for people to be dumping all this kind of stuff on the curb. Surprised not more of this stuff is re-sold online before getting thrown out.


Welcome to my little niche on Hive. I live in a big city where there are a lot of lazy, clueless, or deliberately wasteful people. I try to do what I can. I post on this a few times a week if you'd like to follow along for ideas about household items/parts you can possibly sell from around your house yourself.

Ironically I made enough in one day of sales this week from free curb stuff to buy a plot, but that's money for bills.

You should just buy the plot first and use that as motivation to get out for more recycling :D

I try to sell most of the used stuff I have online and if that fails, they go to like the Salvos. I personally hate throwing stuff away if I can.