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This is an excellent topic to bring up at this point in time.
Because all of us, except those who already know, and have already planned for the coming destruction of currencies, nations, society, supply chains and the coming living conditions of the ice age we are now entering, are going to have to change our priorities.

So, to set your priorities, you must have a good idea of the future.

  • If you are planning for The US$ to be around in ten years, then all your plans are about to fall apart.
  • If you are planning to work until retirement age and enjoy your 401k savings, then all your plans are about to fall apart.
  • If you are planning to live in your energy INefficient suburban home the rest of your life, then all your plans are about to fall apart.
  • If you are planning to continue to get your food from a grocery store in exchange for dollars, then all your plans are about to fall apart.

- - - - - - -

It would be nice to talk about priorities in general. About achieving life goals.
About getting your dream job, or achieving some scholastic goal.

However, all those take a back seat when your life is on the line.
And a lot of things are coming our way.
All of our lives are going to be turned upside-down. (which, since we live, right now, in an upside-down clown world, then will be right side up)

And if we hold onto our old dreams, and our old paradigm of how to achieve those dreams, we are going to smashed to bits from the storm that will be blowing through our lives.

Priority #1: Survival
Everything else comes 2nd.

If you are in a city, get out. Your life is in danger. This goes double if your city has burned in the last year.
There is no longer any ability to bug out only when things get bad.

Soon, if you stay, you will have to avoid gangs of cops, military or Antifa while trying to get out.

- - - - - - -

So, what will your priorities be over these next few years?

  • Getting your own greenhouse.
  • Growing most of your own food, in your greenhouse. (the alternative is having a deal with the person who grows food for you.)
  • Getting an energy efficient and passive solar heated home.
  • Getting a source of water that does not rely on the city or state. (this very well may be rain water)
  • Getting a source of heating fuel. (wood, oil, propane. Enough to last at least a month, because that's how long the blizzards are going to start last.)

Prepping and storing will help you get enough time to attain these minimum goals for survival.
They will not be something that gets you by until normal returns.
The new normal is living in an ice-age, with a very short growing season.

Sorry this was not about how to make choices about priorities,
which are most important to your dreams, and such.
However, we are at a time when drastic measures need to be taken.
Get your kids out of govern-cement school. Get your family out of the city.

- - - - - - -

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Thank you for this post! i agree with every word!!! Its good to know that others also see what i see,, these priorities are really the ones we should all be thinking about yes. And leaving the cities.. absolutely.. this is just the beginning, and it aint looking good!

nice one!

Likely lot's of things are going to change.

OH yes!
Change will be proven, over and over, to be the only constant.

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