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It is better to not understand all than to understand incorrectly.
Do you judge people? Do you think they are not good enough or worthy of the things they have? Do you think they should have known to take up their responsibilities better?
It's always surprising how people could easily gauge others' life, paint them in their color and be so confident about their opinion of them. They even go to an extent of involving more people because they want their judgment to be accepted and trusted by all and you get to wonder if it's your life in question, or theirs.

Criticizing other people's actions and assessing their every step isn't supposed to be our lifestyle, but unfortunately these days, it's a favorite thing to some. Even if they had done something so bad that you're so annoyed and irritated, walking up to them to ask what has been going on is better than staying far off and assuming them to be a bad person.
The person might not even have a hint he had done something wrong but when you talk to him is when you get your information and also do him a favor of getting conscious of his acts even if he isn't guilty. No matter how close you are to people, do not assume you know them all. Yes, they're your family or your friend, or neighbors. You might know much about them and probably can predict their motives but you need to agree with me that at a particular moment you had an issue with them, you don't know a thing because if you know, there won't be an existing issue at all.

However, before you judge people's character, make sure you have your information and in fact, the correct information that you confirmed by yourself. This is very important because you can't be in the dark and not pick a spoon for a fork. It's only unfair to judge based on what you heard from a third party or what you presume the situation to be, especially to those who don't even know that they have a problem with you.
Give them the chance to explain, let them tell you about their life themselves. Misjudging others isn't always about your victim's affair but it says much about you. When you give a conclusion and it turned out to be wrong, you only get to reveal your insecurities and weaknesses as a person because your wrong judgment best reflects who you are, not him who you judge.

Finally, I'd suggest if you can assess and judge every step you take in life, as you would judge other individuals, your would become a better person because it helps to guide your thoughts and actions, awaken your consciousness to facts that you are created we'll and you should be loved. Then you can love and appreciate others to.