I hope 2022 (Poem)

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2022, The year of hope?


I Hope
This year will see change, real change.
Not the kind of change that takes us back to where we were but,
The kind that brings us to a new and better place.

I hope
The pandemic will become endemic,
So we can all start to find a new path.
We've had plenty of time to think!

I hope
That this year we take action,
On so many things that we have all been waiting for.
A new paradigm, its time.

I hope
To live without fear,
Lets get out a bit more local,
And explore this beautiful world

I hope
Technology be used for the common good,
To free us and empower us,
We can have all we need for free!

I hope
For abundance,
Great abundance,
For us ALL.

I hope
Tomorrow finally becomes today,
And in a positive mood,
We all find our way.

I hope
It's time



Thanks for a beautiful poem that wraps up all the hope for a better world.
Happy new year!

 last year  

thank you! all the best to you in 2022~

There will be no pandemic in 2022
Technology would be used for our own good
The world will be as peaceful as ever, good year, good season.

2022 will be a year of hope been birthed

Dreams been achieved
And goals been accomplished

Alot of good things I stare in 2022 ahead

 last year  

i hope so :_)

Wow,thats a great write up poem.Its powerful, I hope the message is filled with positive energy to make the year a turning one to free us from pandemic, joblessness,poverty,greed,grudge,hatred,enmity and disrespect.

I liked the poem,looked so tidy, @eco-alex, happy new year,mate. 💓

 last year  

thank you.. glad you had a read.. happy new year to you

Happy new year, sir.❤️❤️💓