ecoTrain Question Of The Week S4E6: What is Your Hole In The Bucket?

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I would like to begin this QOTW with a short story:


A long time ago, there was a small village. In that village lived a serving man. His job was to fetch the water.

Every day, he would carry two empty buckets down the long path to the river, fill the buckets, and carry the full buckets back to his master's house.

One of the buckets was perfect and would carry all the water it held all the way back to the master's house. Naturally, it was very proud of its daily accomplishments.

The other bucket was imperfect. It had a crack. And every day, the serving man would fill it to the top with water, and every day, the bucket would slowly leak on the way back up the path and would arrive at the master's house only half full.

This went on for two years. Finally, the bucket with the crack in it couldn't take it any more. When the serving man reached the river, the bucket said to him, "I want to apologize to you."

The serving man was surprised. "Why would you want to apologize to me?"

"Because," said the bucket. "Every day you have to walk all the way down to the river to fetch the water and walk all the way back, and every day, I am only able to bring half the water you put in me back to the master's house. I am ashamed."

The serving man felt sorry for the bucket. He said, "I'll tell you what. As we make our way back up the long path to the master's house, look around you. There are beautiful wild flowers growing along the path that will cheer you up."

The bucket agreed; and as they walked back up the long path to the master's house, he did look around and the beautiful wild flowers did cheer him up. But when they reached the master's house, the bucket still only had half of the water it began with.

"I was still only able to do half the work," said the bucket. "I still failed. I am sorry!"

The serving man smiled, and said, "Did you notice that the beautiful wild flowers were only growing on your side of the path? I knew about your crack all along, and I took advantage of it. Two years ago, I dropped flower seeds along the path, and for two years, you have been watering those flowers. It's thanks to you and your leak that those flowers were able to grow and make the path to the river more beautiful, making everyone's work more pleasant."

The end.

Lovely story isn’t it! Perhaps you know it... So this week's QOTW is time to acknowledge and celebrate our hole in the bucket! The question is,

"What is Your Hole in the bucket, and how has it helped make this world a better place?"

So our hole in our bucket is something that some may consider a defect, such as stubbornness, compassion, aggression, shyness etc.. It could be anything at all, even physical such as a physical disability that has pushed you or someone to do amazing things. This is a great time to acknowledge something that you may have viewed as a problem or negative and turn it into a positive and also acknowledge the good side of it. It is quite healing, and you may not have thought about it before.

So i invite you to dig deep and share with us what your hole in the bucket is and any stories you have about how they have brought about some positive changes or events. If you like you can also share a story about someone else you know, perhaps a partner, friend or public figure who has a hole in the bucket, and yet great things have happened as a result of it.

All are welcomed to post, please remember to subscribe and post to the ecoTrain community, and of course re-blog this to help spread this positivity.
Much love, I look Very forward to reading your posts! I have quite a few holes in my bucket so im sure ill be posting on this one!



"Q. What is Your Hole in the bucket, and how has it helped make this world a better place?

- We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this QOTW.

- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.

- You can post anytime from now until Friday 22th May.

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- Please also post a link to your post in the comments so that I will be sure to find it and add it to the weekly tie-up post.




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What a wonderful story. It's funny how we often try to turn negatives into positives in our environment, but we don't always work on changing our faults to positives, instead trying to ignore or hide them. Some great food for thought here.

thanks l;-) and yes.. there is good and bad in everything..s ometimes we focus on the bad in terms of our uniqueness,, or what some call faults.. it can be liberating to see it also had its up sides xx

Loving the story! Have to think what my hole in the bucket is / has been. Not sure, let me share the post for and get back to that :)

great! yes thats the idea.. we get to think about it and maybe discover something cool! im thinking too ;-)

I never really used the term hole in the bucket, so that's where the challenge is I think. Curious to see what you and others come up with. The stories will probably be very cool to read.

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This is a really wonderful and inspiring story. Our perspective matters a lot, a dose of positivity, sprinkled every where will definitely bloom into something beautiful.

The question sounds awsome. I will write my answer soon!

Happy to hear!