💝Moving On Meditation Video Pt4 - WIth Ian Peric: Cutting The Ties That Bind

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I've come to realise that these very special videos made by @ianperic are very suited to all of us in these changing times. Letting go and moving on is such an important theme right now, and many of us are being pushed into letting go of and moving on from many things. Our lives as we know it have changed drastically of late, and these guided meditations are just perfect for helping us move through it with grace and ease.

In order to be completely free, we need to be detached from anyone or anything that binds or dominates us, to sever all the negative attachments to people and things that interfere with our physical, emotional and spiritual development. Cutting the ties that bind help people reconnect with the source of wisdom within them and connect back to their true essence. This can free one from unhealthy dependence and negative programming. As long as our consciousness is engaged with unresolved feelings, we remain engaged in an energetic link to the person or situations that caused them. This can quite literally make it difficult for us to engage in life in the present or completely move on.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to @ianperic who is creating these videos. I have worked with many therapists and alternative healing modalities over the past 30 years and let me just say that Ian is simply wonderful at what he does, with so much heart and clarity and light.. Priceless!

Overview: Steem & Hive (or any personal connection) - Cutting the ties that bind ~10-15 mins

  1. Overview of the process
  2. Some shaking and settling in - feeling into the body
  3. Leaning heart forward into your flow, your best case scenario, your sustainable flourishing and expressed passions
  4. Notice if there are any holding back from this, any sticky motives that aren't win/wins just sit with those and feel the tension between freedom and restraint. You might notice some motivations behind them. Are they beneficial and productive?
  5. One at a time identify them, feel them, notice what they have taught you and the new way that releasing them can open things up, thank them then cut them loose, release them, break free.
  6. Move and flow, explore the new state, relaxed, graceful flow, celebrate the new you.
  7. Thank all and dance this state into the day



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