THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK S4.E7: What is Inner Strength? How do you find it?

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If there is one thing you can rely on it is the Question Of The Week to prompt, inspire, challenge, shift perspectives, illuminate, and ultimately help us all grow and evolve into wiser, stronger, and better people. This week we look at Inner Strength, something that we all need in large doses right now as we all live and try to cope with the many challenges of today’s world. Inner strength is that thing that holds us up on our feet, ready to take on life’s challenges without buckling and falling down. As some of you might know, when we fall down it can be hard to get back up, and so having inner strength is vital for us to continue to live our lives in a productive and healthy way.

Where do you think this strength comes from? Is it the same for all of us, or do we all find our strength in different ways? Is it a result of positive thinking and looking at things in an empowering manner? Does inner strength come from faith and hope in God or the divine plan? Does it come from the mind or the heart? Do activities like Yoga, Meditation, Sports give you inner strength? Or.. are we just born and predestined to be what we are because of our DNA?

Maybe you have a different view!? The ecoTrain would love to hear what inner strength is for you, and how you personally experience it and find it.. especially when times are tough. We always love to hear personal stories, and at ecoTrain we hold a safe space for you to share whatever you have to say. I know some people don’t like to post personal views or stories as sometimes they get negative comments. This is VERY rare in the ecoTrain community, we always welcome all points of view and will listen and support you regardless of your thoughts and feelings. There is of course no right or wrong answer, especially when we all have our own unique ways and abilities.

Your posts are valuable not only to yourself as you think and respond, but also to others who read your posts in our community and tie up post. I have personally learned so much during these QOTW's, and really look forward to this weeks answers as I personally dig deeper into my inner strength than ever before. Ill definitely be posting on this one!




"Q. What is Inner Strength. How do you find it?# - We welcome everyone to join us and post your answer to this QOTW.

- Your answer can be a written post, a video, or any way you wish to express yourself.

- You can post anytime from now until Sunday 31st May.

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This is a beautiful initiative—first time I've noticed it. I like this prompt here a lot. I'm seeing a lot of people in my circles graduate at this time, crossing that rite of passage. And it's a prime time to look inward and discover the tools that grant us inner strength.

thanks for your comment lindsay <3... i hope you share a post with us

I think that inner strenght is connected to a deep desire to achieve your purpose. Finding a purpose and meaning for it is vital to achieve a bullet proof core of power. I believe that once we are able to determine what we desire the most in life and commit to it, we are unstoppable. Inner strenght can help you get over difficult periods of life, failures, dissapointments, heartbreaks. Because inner strenght is power beyond suffering.
For finding inner strenght... As weird as it must sound, you must go deep inside your own mind and find your motivation, your desire. After this, the world is your oyster, no matter how tough it gets.

wow.. YES! this is so deep, so true.. thank you

Yes, purpose is something that helps us to find the strength to push through difficult times. Without it we have little reason to and can give up.

I'll be bringing my entry soon. This is inspiring.

GREAT! happy to hear ;-)

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It's pointing to Steempeak, can you edit to point at peakd?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! i didnt realise!! its fixed now

so fast! great pOst too wow!

I'm glad it went a long way. I'm a writer who focuses on psychology about the human entity and everything related as well.

Wow! I love the topic! Maybe my understanding is different but I will join! "What is Inner Strength? How do you find it?" I will join and preparing my self for this subject... (^_^)

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great! i look forward to your post kenny!

Hereby my entry. To be honest I know nothing about inner strength.

My thoughts here...

Greetings community, it is a pleasure for me to share for the first time with you. Greetings, this is my entrance.

Looking forward to the responses to this question about inner strength
Here is my response -