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RE: Emotions: The Impressions & Expression.

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We cannot control people's feelings towards us. We cannot stop them if they say it's over depending on their reasons.

However, we can control this thing called Love to an extent. If you truly desire the next human, you can work your way into their lives, and stay for as long as you want.

As long you give them the pleasure and sense of worth that the society is withholding from them. They stay loyal to you

The funniest thing about humans is that we always want to be at the receiving end. We want to be the one that is seduced or led astray. We want to be the one who is showered with love, care, and affection.

This is the reason we always fall victims to lovers in disguise. They have the key to make us happy at one minute, and wreck us the next minute because they choose to be the ones who call the shots.

The day the human who is always hurt by love decides to call the shots, things will change. It, "Seduce or Be Seduced". Choose the former and not the latter, and watch how the universe makes a lover out of the person you love.

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Couldn't agree more

Seriously?? Really?? This is such a surprise response 🧐🤔😳