Another day, working on the best results for my plants, especially my tomatoes

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↑This was my tomatoes on May 28, situated in the center of the outside east facing rail of my little deck↑

Cherry Tom's from the inside.jpg
So just a little while ago, I laboriously moved things around so that they could go in the corner, where I hope they will get just as much morning sun but more afternoon sun as well
Cherry Tom's outside 1.jpg
Seen from the outside, facing north
Cherry Tom's outside 2.jpg
Another view, this one obviously facing the west/towards the building
I tacked that black plastic thing to the post, and have the plants both draped over,
tied to it and in one case used a small piece of plastic "pool noodle' to
pad it where it was lying across the plastic.
New sprout 1.jpg
Not too long ago, I pruned the tall limbs of my Draceana Japonica, gave away the cuttings to be rooted.
Now you can see new shoots on the old stalks.
I started out in 2007 with ONE STALK, and when it got too tall and 'leggy',
I cut it and to my surprise it sprouted and branched.
I have given away many pots and rootings from that one plant, so that now
I have two LARGE pots that are just too much for me to move around.
New Sprout 2.jpg
Different pot, different stalk also pruned and sprouting

"My Day at the 'Maters"

Jerry E Smith
all images original taken with my Pixel 3A XL cellphone

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks



Your "maters" are looking pretty good. A little green maybe but fried green "maters" are tasty treats. Mine are starting to turn red. Can't wait for a toasted "mater" sandwich!

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I kept thinking I was going to have a tomato plant on my porch this year, but it still hasn't happened. Yours looks nice and healthy.

Do you have to take the Japonica inside in the winter?

Wow! Thanks for following up @jacey.boldart.
I specifically bought the cherry tomato a couple of months ago, in a pot from Lowe's.
It was already over a foot tall, with blooms AND fruit.
I first had it in the ground, but I suspected problems so I put it back in a pot on the deck.
About the draceana japonica.
I've had it since getting it as a gift in 2007, when there was just one stem; as it got older and 'leggy' I would prune it, the cut off part would root, the left over stalk would sprout, so that now, here we are.
Those pots are large and heavy. This apartment is the first since 2016 where I am on the ground floor and have access to a deck, so prior to this past winter, they were inside with me all the time. They lived but didn't like it.

This past winter, I bought "mini greenhouses" and kept them on the deck, which was a stressful thing because I never knew if my candles would burn out, the power would go off or whatever, and they would freeze.
I'm 65 now, and I'm considering selling them or giving them away. Perhaps taking a cutting and starting over with a small pot

That was good that you found the cherry tomato already that far along. Now I am wondering if I might find a renegade leftover somewhere.

I understand about heavy pots and the such and trying to drag them in and out. I am 63 and through the last "some" years, I have adapted different things here and there to accommodate my changes and make things easier. I don't have as much strength or energy.... or "want too".... ha ha.... so changing how things get done is good.

That will be nice if you keep a new smaller cutting to start again and it gets to keep it's history.