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Hi everyone,

Steem Supporter was launched almost a week ago and we have supported a dozen Steem users so far. Of course we want to do the same here on Hive. We currently have 2,269 HP and will use these funds to help Hive users get more attention and grow on the Hive blockchain.

Our project has ended. Find out more about this here

Note that this means that delegations won't grant you any perks anymore.

How can you join the project? It is easy. If you delegate HP you can receive free daily upvotes by @steemsupporter.

  • 10 - 50 HP: One 25% upvote per day
  • 51 - 100 HP: One 35% upvote per day
  • 101 - 250 HP: One 50% upvote per day
  • 251 - 500 HP: One 100% upvote per day
  • 501 - 1,000 HP: Two 100% upvotes per day

You can also receive upvotes by sharing your links to our Discord server. To find out more about this check out the rules.

Why is our username STEEMsupporter? Because we initially started on the Steem blockchain and now decided to run our project on the HIVE blockchain as well. We'll still stick to our username because we have dedicated ourselves to support the Steem community no matter if we do it on the "original" blockchain or Hive.

With that said we wish you a lot of success here on Hive & let's be successful together ✌


Do you just upvote any posts if you receive delegation?
If so is this just not raping the reward pool?

Do you read the posts first before voting or is it done by a bot?
Although i could easily delegate 501 Hive Power to receive two 100% upvotes per day, i would only want to receive upvotes on my posts if they are worthy of an upvote.

Your reply @steemsupporter to clarify this matter for myself and others would be much appreciated.



Thanks for your questions and interest in our project.

  1. In general we upvote any post of a delegator but we only vote on high-quality posts. We manually check the content before we vote and if a user only publish spam or other low quality content he/she may be excluded from using our service. Our main goal is to support people who make Hive a better place and not those who ruin it by spamming or annoying people.
  2. How is this raping? We only support those who help us to make Hive a better place. HP is important for us because it makes it easier to support the community.
  3. We used SteemAuto to automatically upvote delegators post on Steem but here on Hive we do it manually. This way we can make sure that we only support unique and useful posts.

We hope that made everything clearer. You can also check out the rules post for more details.

Thanks for your reply @steemsupporter.

Re. 2.
If you're manually curating,
Then it's not raping!
Wow, i'm a poet,
i didn't know it :-)

Ok. I'll give it a go then. Delegation coming.

Do you ReHive posts too? To be honest i'm more interested in getting eyes on my posts (which are always uplifting with positive movement toward realising a peaceful and abundant world for all beings), than getting votes, and i think ReHiving is probably more effective at doing that. I'm not sure.

Anyway, you don't need to answer that, just ReHive my posts if you think they will benefit others and the world in general.

Peace and Love

Thank you for supporting our project with your delegation and encouragement.

Regarding ReHives: We don't think that this is something we should concentrate on right now as we only have 11 followers yet. Sharing posts may become an option in the future though. If we find a really good post worth sharing we might ReHive it but we can't promise anything...

Hello. How do I create a community? There is no create a community option coming up for me

The Discord link you are providing in this post is no longer valid, please consider changing it!

Thanks for mentioning that. We have changed it and it should work now :)

Glad you saw my comment! I will check and let you know.

It works! Just landed there!