Value, Love & Acceptance; What Makes You Attractive?

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Acceptance is often determinant on any value that's offered, perceived, showcased or given off. In the world we currently find ourselves in, there's no way we can do without acceptance. Infact most people struggle all their lives to find acceptance and love, nevertheless it's always problematic when acceptance is built on a particular conditioning which might or might not really last for a long period of time. In this video, I talked about finding the right people who eventually sees or finds worth and value with us, without it extrinsically motivating them. I talked about the different phases which can take place in the life of a person and why we need people who can stay throughout these phases and period.

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Very interesting topic, our self worth is important and we shouldn’t let how we value ourselves turn into pride 👌🏾, well said. Some people want to be accepted so bad that they might place themselves in positions where their self valuation drops and it shouldn’t be so

Thank you, its Important to actually maintain that stability. However we can get too emotional sometimes. Its difficult to find a balance but it's essential and we must see it as a practical necessity.

Yes, it shouldn't be so. One should know he/she is 'enough'.

Confidence, but not too confident.
Smart, but not too smart.
Showing humility, but not too soft.

Keep rockin buddy.

That was an amazing summary of almost every part of the video, I am glad you understood the whole concept. Thanks for dropping by.

In as much we need people to accept us, there will always be people who will accept us the way we are, esp when we are the best version of ourselves. When we love people genuinely and give value sincerely, being attractive to the right people comes naturally. Thank you @josediccus . On a lighter note, I love the way you pronounce the beacon. Hope I got the spelling right?😅