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RE: The Circumstances Behind Unwarranted Expressiveness; Are We As Humans Under-expressive Or Overly Expressive?

in ecoTrain5 months ago

I liked your position on the assertiveness needed to lead us better in the way we express ourselves, however I confess that it generated a certain existential dilemma for me as well.

In my case, since I was very young I was taught that "feeling emotions" made me weak, that I should always be attentive to take care of that personal world, and today I think it was only that ego-driven fear that you talk about for fear of what others would say or being rejected

The truth is that for a few years I have found this path of evolution where I have learned that feeling and expressing emotions is not bad, rather, it is totally consistent with how you express Being, if you feel happy because you had a good day is wonderful, but if you are sad because you had a loss is equally wonderful, because the emotions are just for that, to express a "state" an experience.

What I feel is wrong is to repress them, to reject them, because that is a way of turning your back on your Self, and it also has a lot to do with your self-esteem and the perception you have of the world.

Thank you for making me enter into this reflection 🙏


Feeling emotions hardly makes us weak, sometimes the contention lies in whether you're too expressive or under expressive and if we basically have no emotions then what's the essences? It's a core part of us and it's beautiful when expressed rightly. Thanks a lot for your comment