A Satisfied Life is Better than a Successful Life.

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We all work for success in life. But how much of this success? Are we happy with our success? People evaluate our success by our money, reputation, property, appearance, good looks and so on. But no one checks whether I am happy with these or not.

In fact, we humans cannot be satisfied with anything. Like you got a job with a lot of difficulties but after a few days, you started applying for another job. Or you will try to find a higher position. It's not just about you, it's about all of us. When you tell someone that you've got a new job. At first, he will thank you and then he will say try for a better job. Hey, he just got a job. We should give him the courage to know how to work well, how to behave in the new office. But instead of doing that, we suggest he find a better job. By doing this he will try to get a job elsewhere after working here for a while. And as a result, he will become inattentive to his new work. This will ruin his reputation in the office.


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It’s not just about jobs. In all these cases we want to reach the pinnacle of success. But we do not know the amount. We are chasing success. But by running after this success we are ruining our current situation. There are very few people who are satisfied with his current position. And the rate of educated people is much less than this one and a half people. Because we have forgotten our present while running for success.

You can say that everyone wants to improve their life. Life cannot be improved by sitting with the present. I also say that we should be successful. But you cannot ignore your present for success. You are moving away from your family if you work all day. This is ruining the peace of your family. There are so many incidents happening now where the husband has worked all day for success in life, he is not able to give time to his family. And as a result, they are separated. Life needs success. But that is at a certain rate. You need to respect your current situation first. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, you will not be satisfied even if you reach the peak of success. It doesn't matter how successful you are in the eyes of the people, it matters how satisfied you are with your work. Only when you are satisfied with your work can you reach the highest level of success.

This Corona epidemic has given us another chance to think about our lives. Think about how satisfied you are with your current situation. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, work on how to fix it. Do not verify your life in the words of people. Give time to your family.


Is it possible to say successful people are not satisfied?
Or satisfied people are not successful?