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Peace is a mental state that is built through the attitude that a person has towards life because peace does not mean the absence of conflicts, problems or limitations. All of us assume an attitude towards the circumstances that life presents us and that is where we are going to decide what attitude to take.

Peace is a learned value that God allows in the life of the human being, but it must also be a decision that the person must assume beyond the situations that can rob us of peace.

If we ask or do a survey about the people who can currently live in peace, surely the majority of those surveyed will tell us that you cannot have peace in such a troubled world in which we live. However, peace is built day by day and it is a mental state with which we fight daily to be able to feed on it, but who are we fighting against? We fight against ourselves since the enemies that can steal our peace are: worry, anxiety, fear, guilt and disbelief.

Precaution is an emotional state that we cannot avoid but we can balance it since the attitude towards what worries us must be seen as a present action but that is not forever because worries will not lead us to anything positive


The word of God tells us:

Matthew 6:27
Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

Although we worry, it has been shown that doing so affects our emotional state and does not change things, but if we trust God and rest on his promises, God can change everything because only he has the power to do so.

Our attitude also does our part when we make positive decisions in the face of adverse situations that we go through. When we do not try to make an effort and get up from worries then we can reach a stronger emotional state such as anxiety.

The Bible says about anxiety the following:
"anxiety comes from the Latin anxietas which translates to a state of anguish or affliction that a person can suffer without the need for any reason to really have a concern or stress that leads to loss of control or a feeling of not having a solution to the problem presented"


It is likely that worry overwhelms a state of anxiety in the person when they cannot control it because they think there is no solution to their problems and in this sense, instead of feeling safe, the person feels insecure, defenseless and panics; but the attitude counts a lot to be able to face this state of mind, motivation and hope are positive attitudes to get out of that problem and if the trust is placed in God it will be much easier to deal with this situation that is very difficult

“Worry overwhelms the person; a word of encouragement cheers her up” (New Living Translation)

God promises us encouragement and strength when we go through this kind of situation and many times he uses people from our environment or sends someone far away to motivate us at the precise moment, that is, when we most need to hear a word of encouragement or motivation.

In addition, fear, guilt and disbelief are also factors that rob us of mental and spiritual peace and even do not steal our projects and dreams. Many times we feel guilty for not having achieved something on time or we get frustrated for not having achieved a title or some ambitious project. But in the face of all this situation, God is always willing to extend his hand and give us his peace.


The peace that God gives us is a peace that surpasses all understanding and even in the midst of problems we can feel it, but we must avoid these enemies that steal our earthly peace in order to build our goals and realize our dreams.