10 More Items Saved From Curb Recycling Recently Sold For $850 (100% Free Money)

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Pic shot seconds before ripping a line drive to left field for the first 2 RBIs of the league this season in its kickoff game.

Went 1-3 with 1 Run, 2 RBIs and 2 Walks. I felt comfortable in the box after a while away. It's home plate for some, but home for others...

I also pitched one inning, striking out one swinging at a nasty knuckleball, and allowing one run on a weak single.

I'm a little lighter than usual with gyms still closed. Fastball velocity is up.


Salvaging & Selling Recycled Items:

I post about what I've done to help others or the environment. Facts. No fluff. Period.

Per usual, all of these items below were found by walking around my city neighborhood's curbs on recycling nights (usually 3x a week for 90 mins per route), where they're sitting in clear plastic bags, loose on top of them, or sometimes in cardboard boxes.

I see the value everyone else misses or doesn't care about, and I consistently do something about. It's never work. It's all fun, like a treasure hunt.

$0 cost = 100% environmentally-friendly profit and complete freedom.

For those who know me, I've been doing/posting on this for years, and make more than enough to support myself and continue investing, as I quit my corporate career over 5 years ago to do this.

I sell on eBay, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. I've saved and sold thousands of pounds of household/commercial items, and use curb-recycled packaging for nearly all shipments.

Recent recycled finds/sales:

16 pound baby stroller sold for $100 cash to parents who just had theirs stolen.


17 pound vacuum cleaner sold for $140 cash.


27 pound baby stroller sold for $140 cash to parents waiting for this model to be available. Sold within 12 hours of listing.


10 pounds of loose Legos sold for $90 cash to a Dad buying them for his young son.


30 pound Dyson vacuum sold for $90 cash.


Vacuum power nozzle tested and sold online for $79 two days after listing it.


Vacuum power nozzle tested and sold online for $70 two days after listing it.


Modem sold online for parts/repair to be safe for $55 two days after listing it. Seeing a pattern?


Vacuum cord winder tested and sold online for $43.


Sealed new book from the early 1980's sold for $40 online.


That's $85 revenue per sale from free inventory I salvaged...

I also completed a factory recall process to get a brand new $350 product that sells quickly.

Good karma = visiting a friend for 7 hours to help her talk about an issue she was facing, and then finding the SAME recalled model of the item above 4 minutes after leaving her apartment. New recall/shipping process underway for another $350 to sell.

I hate to say it, but I wandered into a thrift store that just opened again was "forced" to buy something for $43 that I sold within a week for $325. So much for sticking to recycling...

How have you helped the environment lately?

Plenty more saved, sold and/or will be sold.

So many people are leaving my city, so I'm finding way too much outside... more than I can handle.

I'm trying to go out a little less to force myself to test/clean/part out/list that backlog of valuable items I've accumulated.

As always, recycled packaging used for all, except when free USPS flat-rate boxes are not more cost effective.

Thanks for following,


I still have hope to find a way to resell where I live. In person sales is tricky here, as folks aren't congested here like they are there. I had Ebay off to a great start before Covid hit (2 consecutive months right around 1k before fees) but given their penchant for doing jacked up stuff I can't being myself to list there again. I wrote about their gangstalking here a couple weeks ago.


Reading their seller boards, they appear to be demanding the password to folks bank accounts now as they steer sellers into managed payments.

Thinking of still looking into Mercari, but would love to figure out a way to just sell in person for cash and not even have to worry about fraudulent charge backs being enforced by shady operations like Ebay. Looking into a regional auction house atm, as well as maybe starting a website (for local) and seeing if that would make the flea market here feasible. Not enough traffic to justify flea markets in my area by themselves. I do miss the Tucson Swap Meet. Not only was procuring goods much easier due to people congestion, one could actually make a decent living just off the Swap Meet.

Nice job getting back on the wagon before hitting a wall.

I sort of had no choice but to sign up for managed payments. They did prompt my login into my checking account to synch up/validate the setup, but it was seemingly through a secure portal which gave me access to my bank. I didn't get the sense that eBay was acquiring my info, but just getting things aligned while not viewing my credentials.

I heard about the gangstalking situation but tried not let a few rotten apples ruin it for me. I suggest maybe tuning out the boards since they seem to demotivate via complaints there. If you focus on your business and revenue, that stuff may become less weighty towards your overall satisfaction. I think there's still value in using the platform even if things are going to be different on the payments side.

I don't think managed payments will be detrimental for me, but I've simply accepted it as a necessity for continuing to sell there. I've been trying to sell more and more off of eBay for cash, so I feel ok about it.

This is another option I'll be testing out: https://www.letgo.com/en-us

You make more money from stuff people throw away than I do with my full time job (which is even less than my socialist country would give me for being umemployed), while putting stuff on the street is highly illegal. Brave new world.

The cost of living is super high here, but generally speaking, yea, it's nuts. On top of that, the wastefulness and laziness of wealthy people is obnoxious. From the perspective of humanity, I wish it was illegal to put stuff out on the street here. You can't even imagine how much there is. I'd trade having people be more eco-friendly/less wasteful any day.

Admittedly, it is incredibly clean in my city, including several very good recycling companies (they got really good after they were privatized and not run by the government anymore). Most houses have bio-degradable, paper, plastic/tech and general waste bins. Extra glass containers are in every other street. Clothes containers for the poor as well. Each street has multiple waste bins with extra cigarettes departments and many different, smart/funny slogans, to make people use them. Dog poop goes in there as well in extra little baggies.

This is all good stuff and I am happy to have that. I guess I was just a bit bitter earlier this morning. Berlin is awesome. Except for the government in Germany. That is just as bad as in the USA - or nearly everywhere else in the world.

Nice haul!

Great job again saving these items from going to waste. I've been meaning to ask you, what's happened with that heavy metal painting? I know you have contacted the artist but that's where I am left at.
Have you been able to sell it?

Solid memory... I still have it. We exchanged emails a bit back where he was confused about my intentions, but did give me his cell. It sort of fizzled when I got sick, didn't call because it felt awkward, and didn't list it. I might just throw it up on some sites for a made up $ amount and see what happens. It's lamely leaning up against a wall in my apartment.

Good luck with it! I hope someone is going to appreciate it.

Been waiting for the millions to roll in for this badboy!

Millions of Dogecoin sounds more like it.

Oh yes! Love to see this stuff NOT go to waste. Also glad to see things are moving back to normalish in your area. The rest of the country doesn't seem to think that it is real.

Hey. did you read my comment about ctime? :-)

"16 pound baby stroller sold for $100 cash to parents who just had theirs stolen."
It wasn't the same stroller was it??? 😜

Ironically I sold a Fitbit to a guy for cash years ago who said he recently lost his when it fell off his wrist on the sidewalk in the middle of the day...

I found it in the middle of the sidewalk in the middle of the day. Good thing I factory reset it before meeting him. No way to know for sure, but it was awkward!

What's the reason for them to leave the city though?

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Hey Matt, I just stopped by to check on you. Good to see business is going good and I hope it gets even better.

Thanks. All good enough. My attention has just been off of Hive most of the time. Some of the leaders really irk me for some reason and that pushes me away.

Sorry about that man. I just ignore them and go about my business. Do what I can, shill when I can and sell when I can.