5 More Curb-Salvaged Items Saved & Sold For $625 (27+ Pounds)

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I'll admit that 6 new airdrops over the last few days and more critical global issues have me distracted lately, but sales have been solid. I've been going outside more often now that the weather isn't so miserable. I haven't been finding anything relatively jaw dropping in my eyes, but finding a few high quality items each time makes the trips worthwhile. I've certainly found plenty of nice things, but have decided to be a bit more selective in considering space requirements/resale timeline estimates.

For example, I recently found a rare GameCube LCD display with an original Xbox console. It was in the same spot as I found a Nintendo Power Glove about a year ago, so I'm thinking that it's from the same person. I've been slowly accumulating LEGOs and minifigures, one of my favorite things to find. In the ice and snow, I was able to see the edge of a storage bin with LEGOs peeking out from the middle of a clear bag filled with cans and bottles. To my joy, the bin was fully sealed, and there was a second sealed bin. While everything else was soaked and not so clean, it was a blessing to find these completely unscathed (and especially not loose in the bag).

I also just found a brand new Resmed CPAP sleep apnea machine, a really easy sale for $240+. It was in its original case with new tubes and sealed extra parts. It still has factory wrapping and cardboard on it too. Crazy. In the same black garbage bag, I found a nice blank 4 TB external hard drive dated 2017 I'll likely keep for myself, upgrading from the two other external HDs I previously recycled and had been using. While all of the black garbage bags in the pile were tied up, my fingers are like sonar and can feel the shapes from the outside to pinpoint bags that are filled with household items.

At the very end of another walk, I found an old tackle box of older fishing lures, and then noticed a rare artist-singed iridescent vase in perfect shape underneath. It's worth about $200 (limited because of its smaller size), but I'm mainly happy that I saved a gem of an art piece of a late artist. If I didn't find this, it'd have been shattered in a truck compactor in about 90 minutes. I'm not sure how it survived being thrown on the sidewalk in the bag, but it was meant to be. Things like this keep me going.

Lastly, I have a few cash sales lined up in the upcoming days I'll be posting on so stay tuned for more. Unrelated, I also just sold only a portion of a large 1985 Garbage Pail Kids Series 1 card set I bought for $5 at a yard sale for $610. The previous cash sale I had from this card lot was $115 a few months ago. I still have lots of these cards to sell, but will probably keep the ace card of the series (glossy Adam Bomb) and get it professionally graded. I think it could be a PSA 7-8, which sells for plenty. On a $5 spend, I've turned it into $725 cash so far with plenty to go.

Recent Curb-Salvaged Finds Sold Back Into Circulation:


This solid pewter luxury waste basket from Italy was sold online for $265. It had some dings and scratches, but clearly had plenty of worth left from its current $800+ retail value. It originally had a patina finish, but I decided to polish it thoroughly, which removed that finish. I advertised this adjustment to make sure the buyer was aware.

Weight with recycled packaging of 6 pounds. The solid pewter was just under 5 pounds. Crazy.


This is another boiler heat timer sold online for parts/repair for $160. Shipping was dirt cheap as it was sold locally. I find these on occasion and don't have the heart to leave them behind. I have one more to sell for parts/repair, which is much more current, and originally retailed for $3,000.

Weight with recycled packaging of 18 pounds.


This printer printhead was sold online untested for parts/repair for $55. It's worth quite a bit more if working, but I extracted it from the printer on the curb since it was too hard to carry (and may have been externally damaged from the curb if I recall correctly).

Weight with recycled packaging of 12 ounces.


The vacuum hinge is a vital part that breaks often on a popular model. I sold it online for $35. Whenever I come across this vacuum outside, I whip out my screwdriver and remove this specific piece knowing that it's an efficient salvage. I've probably sold about 7-8 of these over the years. With the entire vacuum able to fetch $100 cash locally, I'll take this to save space at home and keep on moving.

Weight with recycled packaging of 6 ounces.


This was the second set of air purifier filters I sold online. While the first set was sold for more, I sold this set for $110 since one box label was opened. While I wish I was able to repair the 2 broken air purifiers that came along with these filters, I still made something out of nothing.

Weight with recycled packaging of 2 pounds 4 ounces.


  • 5 items sold for $625 revenue = $125 each.
  • 0% received as cash.
  • No repair or parts costs. All free money.
  • Total weight of recycled items = 27+ pounds.
  • All items shipped with recycled packages and padding.

If you're seeing my recycling post for the first time, the value in it isn't in the entertainment from the handful of items I show as saved/sold. It's from the passion and hustle I consistently exhibit off-chain to produce the items for posts, and my goal of motivating others to address our global waste problem.

Thanks as always for your interest and support.

Please reuse, repurpose and recycle. If you aren't able, then donate them to shelters, churches, or thrift stores.



You are a legend. I'm so terrible at flipping things =/
I have a bunch of items out for sale, good stuff that I don't use anymore, but am unable to sell them. I'd better off give them away to a friend then dropping the price to rock bottom.

I hope you said this wh n you found the Power Glove, the OG Thanos


That's a damn fine wastebasket too I might add

I think one of the most fascinating things to me with your pieces, are all the “parts” of things that you moved not just flipping a complete “whatever”…but this specific part. So smart.

Speaking of that, I just spent 2 hours taking apart a fancy Jura coffee machine that had a leak. My hands are tired and cut, but I got the job done and it'll be an excellent return on my time once I get them listed.

Mind blowing every time. The lack of consideration that people have for the value of items! That vase from a late artist! Some of this stuff is valuable to humanity and part of our history and culture!