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The world is full of beauty, every time I step outside, I am surrounded by such awe inspiring natural beauty. The ancient olive trees that surround my house truck and the mountains which I am nestled in. Since I was a little girl, I have always been awe struck by the intricate beauty that can be found in nature, the veins of leaves, the trunks of trees, the flowers that bloom and soothe me.


The way that the earth feels on my feet as I walk bare foot, the coolness of the water, form the rivers and springs as I bathe myself. The morning dew in long grass, the sound of bees feeding of the nectar of the orange blossom. There is so much beauty, whether my eyes are closed or opened, I am aware of it, the sounds the smells, it is a feast for my senses.

Ah the smell of the land after it rains, how that really nourishes me, the way in which the land becomes even more vibrant and alive after a really good down pour and the sound the birds and insects make, rejoicing in the gift of water!


There are so many things within nature, so much beauty that really makes my heart sing. Living amongst mountains, I am gifted with so many amazing views, some that continue to take my breathe away every time I see them. There is also an abundance of wild medicinal plants, plants that can survive in harsh conditions and which fill the air with such a amazing scent. Something I bask in when I go for walks.

Don't even get me started on fungi, they are so beautiful visually but more so,in the role they play within nature. Mycellium itself, just blows my mind, what goes on under our feet is amazing and mushrooms will indeed save the world!


I am also a big lover of insects and residing in a hotter country now, I have discovered so many more fascinating insects. The sheer size of the bees over here and the beetles, and the their are the spiders. I saw one the other day, that was yellow with white strips, it was stunningly beautiful.

I so easily lose myself in the garden, if it were not for my children, I could spend hours in there watching all the insects go on with their day. I remember being in Brazil and spending hours watching an army of ants transport food, from one spot to another, amazed with the weight they could carry.


There are also a lot of beautiful alternative dwellings in the area that I live in. Round houses, cob houses, yurts etc. They are numerous skilled people living here and they make the most beautiful natural sculptures and buildings, all from local resources that really fit into the surrounding area. They really are a joy to look at and explore and they are very inspiring.

Then, there is the beauty of music. I love music that inspires me, that transports me, that tells me a story. I want music to move me and their are artists out there that have. I love string instruments and also the piano, put both of them together and boom, that there is a beauty that can move me to tears. Just like this master piece below.(Play it with the volume up loud!)

Then there is the beauty of people, their beauty that you witness through their actions, through their gifts that they share with the world. Of course we can look at someone and be affected by their physical beauty, but for me, it is the beauty within that shines the brightest. It is the shine in their eyes, as they share their passion, a light that really brings them to life.
It is the way in which they choose to live their life, how they choose to interact with others. To me, that is real beauty!

The beauty of being true to yourself, nothing can match that!


I also see the beauty, of raising my children the way that I do, allowing them to choose the way in which they learn and giving them the freedom to do so. They are blossoming and thriving! They are responsible and caring and they are learning so many skills that will help them to live in this world. There is so much beauty in watching the interact with the world, watching them play and explore!


Then there is the beauty, in the food that I eat, knowing that it will nourish me and my girls and keep us healthy. The beauty of growing your food, of watching it grow from seed, a seed that you planted and that provides you with an abundance of food and more seeds, such is the beauty of the natural cycle of life.

Beauty to me, is something that goes deep, it connects us, it grounds us and it reminds us that life is a circle and that we are a part of that circle and that it is up to each one of us, to decide what part we plan to take! To hopefully, live in harmony with nature, because Beauty is life!






So captured by the beauty of your surroundings, i can only imagine how clean and healthy the air around you is, the melodious tunes from various birds around , the serenity too. Enjoy it my dear,it's a gift which many long to behold.
Truly, there is a creator who made all those in their beauty.

Thank you @javalord, I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place xxx

Why i am facing this problem i am not being able to post anything what to do now? Anyone help me out!!!
i am new here also it will be helpful to get a detailed guide of everything

I would recommend connecting with others on discord, especially the Hive server, which you can join with this link and ask any questions there x
https://discord.com/invite/npSpMpY x

Reading through it makes me feel like I'm also there, seeing what you see.
Yes, beautiful eyes and positive mind can make everything beautiful.

Yes it is all about our mind frame, as there is beauty everywhere. Thanks @rem-steem xx

Beautiful post @trucklife-family. We all need to appreciate nature more than we do

Thank you @christinepoulos, yes we do, showing our gratitude is so important xxx

I truly believe in an attitude of gratitude @trucklife-family

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I couldn't agree anymore "beauty that can be found in nature". It's a beautiful place and has stunning surroundings where you live.
The beauty of the people and beauty in food, beauty is everywhere. 🙂 It's beautiful writing and thank you for shaing :)