QUESTION OF THE WEEK 9.2 - "If there is a God why is there so much suffering in the world?"

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We often wonder why they're so much suffering in the world? Especially after hearing the numbers of crimes that are been committed, seeing accidents happen, deadly diseases occurring and many more. This sometimes leaves us with this question of “if God exists why all this suffering”.

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The reality is that God doesn't always provide us with an answer to every single question we have and the world mysteries. Therefore, we might not truly comprehend the happenings in life.

Suffering is an inevitable occurrence in a man’s (human) life. We have all undergone suffering and hardship at a certain point in our lives. Be it in finance, health, relationship, addiction, accident or even just trying to live (weather rich, poor or in between).

Whatever the personal crisis we encounter, the issue of suffering is one of the toughest and hefty barriers that affect our faith in God. Furthermore on some occasions, doubt his existence.

The truth is that God knows what it feels like to suffer here on earth. The scripture Acts 3:18 shows that he already foretold about the suffering of Jesus Christ on earth through his words, which we saw in the bible came to pass.

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Christ suffered betrayal from one of his disciples Judas and, was abandoned by the others after he was arrested. He was falsely impeached and rejected by Jewish leaders, mocked and wounded by Roman guards, crucified, pierced with a spear while on the cross and finally facing death.
If we are to look at our suffering to his today, then we should know God who some might think is restrained is someone who understands is compassionate about what we go through.

We are Christ-like and created in the image of God, therefore suffering are part of the phases we would encounter if we are to follow him. For in 1 Peter 3:14 it says when we follow Christ, even in the sufferings, so shall we share in the glory and praise of His kingdom.

This doesn’t imply that we should delight in suffering but rather, we should endure suffering whenever it happens, delegating our hearts to he who died for our salvation.
God sometimes permits suffering to get to us, so that we may humble ourselves and trust in him for he says he would never give us a trail that is above us or the suffering in which we can not overcome.
More clarity on the scripture 1 Corinthians 10:13

Take, for instance, the case of Job in the bible.

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Job was plagued with terrible skin sores, lost all his wealth, three of his daughters and seven of his sons died, and it got to the point where his wife told him to cause God and die to end his suffering on earth.

Job experience on earth indicated God's value and glory, and his enduring purpose was to improve Job's righteousness. His suffering wasn't punishment nor a sign of God's anger.

What does all this lead to?


Not everybody likes being disciplined because most times it doesn't come in a pleasant form. The act of discipline comes from a place of love and the need for improvement.
The bible made us understand in Proverbs 13:24 while the need to be disciplined is important.
Therefore, the need to differentiate punishment from discipline isn't always needed. God himself disciplines us to become a better version of ourselves.

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In conclusion;
The bible has passed the message about God ending our struggles, suffering and tribulations. That doesn't imply he will not allow us to cry and face the evil on earth in the first place.
But in the end, it would be worth it, just like in Luke 24:26 Christ suffering paid the price for our sins on the cross and for the glory of God to be appreciated.