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It's a pretty good system and I think it's fairly good as a way to accept the value. However, I do think the huge volatility in Hive Engine tokens might be bad. Also, they have a swap.hive bridge to hive bridge that is cheaper than LeoDex. It does have less liquidity though.

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We basically quit accepting HE tokens for products on the Hivelist store. Currently only accepting HBD. The Hivepay Wordpress plugin needs to be updated for their Version 2 and the most recent WooCommerce updates for it to work, but finding the funds for a developer for that is a challenge.

That being said, we use the Hivepay HTML forms for things like vendor registration and accept both Hive, HBD, and LIST tokens for that.

We are also using it on @blocktunes as a way to directly tip artists either on a one time basis or as a recurring payment in different HE tokens, as well as Hive and HBD, so it has it purposes there.

Thats great because it gives utility to HBD and that should be our preferred token of exchange.

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The move to accept only HBD makes very good sense given the inherent volatility of crypto, and this strengthens the Hive ecosystem by increasing the use of the HBD.

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Thank you for the information. I will adjust the post. Please consider using the tag #hivebusinesscenter on your update posts, so I can keep your information here current.
Thank you.

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Good point about token volatility. It sounds like they are not accepting H-E tokens now.

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