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I have considered myself a dreamer and a fighter.

I am currently 30 years old. I have a beautiful daughter. Since I was very young I always wanted to be a mother, I was on the verge of not being able to have children because of a tumor in my ovary, which caused part of it to be removed, but I never stopped dreaming that I could have a child.

Nine years passed after that operation, when by divine miracles I had a beautiful girl.

My greatest happiness

Over the years that tumor reoccurred which made me have to undergo another operation where my entire reproductive organ was removed, a total hysterectomy. This was very hard for me, I felt devastated, sad and angry,because I wanted my family to be a little bigger with more childen.About carrying this was difficult

I have a beautiful family, who supported me and made me go back to being the dreamer that I am.

There is no difficulty that we can't overcome, family support, is fundamental when we go through difficult times.

In the family everything is possible.

For me family will always be the most importnt thing


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Oh @carmenm20 the photo of your pregnant is gorgeous. I am so happy for you that you have a beautiful daughter, but I also know how hard it is when you can’t create the family you dreamed of having. To be able to overcome the loss of “what might have been“ means you are an incredibly strong woman. It is a pleasure to meet you.

They were miracles in my life. My daughter is a miracle.
I have a wonderful family that supports me. The love of our family is unique

Having a child, as you know, is a wondrous event! Family IS so important, and I can tell how much it means to you in your story. You never know what might be around the corner or what other miracle may happen. Take care!💜

Thank you. Take care of yourself.

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Upped and rehived 😍

Family is the most important thing to me too !

I look forward to getting to know you.

Yes, that's right. Family is the most important thing, it is the greatest treasure we have in life.

I also look to meeting you

By reading your intro it hits me how important your family is to you and I'm so happy for you that you have a beautiful daughter. I really wished for you to have a bigger family.

Look forward to read more of your posts. Have a great weekend and take care.

Yes, I wanted a bigger family, but now I understand that it is not the size of the family that matters, but the quality of the family

That's so very true. It's the quality and the love within your family that matters.

@carmenm20, que bueno es conocer un poco más a las personas con quienes interactuamos en la plataforma, más allá de una foto o un Avatar e incluso, más allá de lo que escribimos y expresamos.

Me satisface que seas una luchadora, agradecida con la vida. Lo tienes todo, incluso el mundo que espera a tus pies.


Hermandad Kyteler

Every day we must be grateful for what we have. And life is the greatest. I consider myself a dreamer, many times I think I live in the clouds hahaha

Hello, @carmenm20! Thank you for introducing yourself. It is a pleasure to meet you.
WOW... what a miracle and an AWESOME blessing your daughter is to you, your husband, and your entire family. And it is beautiful to be surrounded by loving family and friends.
Thank you for sharing your story. it is heartwarming and inspiring. Hope is a tremendous thing!
Have a lovely day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

The family union we have is very big. We are a great team. Our daughter is the reflection that miracles exist.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post

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Thank you.
Let's go for those 300 comments

You are very welcome @carmenm20! I am sure you will get there in no time 😉

So happy to see you overcame your situation to have a beautiful daughter. You are a wonderful mom and a nice person who has an awesome outlook on life.

Thank you very much for your words. You are very kind. Thank you for everything

Good reflection, Carmen. All the experiences that you have overcome have surely given you the wisdom you possess today. I'm glad you always have the support of your family. I send you a big hug.💕

My family is an important pillar in my life

Gracias a Dios que te permitió ser madre. Yo tengo una experiencia parecida. Tuve una hija a los 37 años, a 9 meses de llegarme la menopausia precoz, algo definitivo. Dios es grande.



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