Happy birthday to me|| The age of Christ

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Why the age of Christ?

In the holy scriptures, Jesus, the son of God, was crucified at the age of 33. And it was from this event that this number has been associated with representing the age of mastery, wisdom and good energy, as it was the initiation of Jesus to return to his father's bosom after his death, resurrection and ascension to heaven.

Yes, wonderfully I have reached the age of Christ, represented as the number 33, 33 years of age, called the age of wisdom. I consider that this stage of life is called this way because one passes from one stage to another, childhood and adolescence are left behind, adulthood begins with the same strength of those stages. But with strength and more knowledge of life.

Looking for more explanations of what it means to turn 33 years old on the website Link

Every 33 years there is a return to the beginning. Great transformations, energetic movements, endings and beginnings can take place. That is why solar revolutions are the most complete system for determining both major events and minor life events.

Some have interpreted these cycles as a turning of time back on itself, as a cycle in which certain events could repeat themselves. Although it says that certain cycles can also repeat themselves, it speaks of beginnings, a rebirth.
A rather important and symbolic age that I have reached.
I am grateful for every second of my life, for all the moments I have lived, the sadness and adversities, the joys and achievements. They are all significant and important to me.
My family always my pillar of support and the most important thing I have in this life.

¡Happy birthday to me!


Photo from my family album


Happy Birthday @carmenm20, with many many more in the years to come!

Thank you very much for your good wishes, a big hug in the distance @jamerussell

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Felices 33 añitos!
Así es, ya posees "la edad de Cristo" y eso te hace crear conciencia de madurez. Yo casi que llego a mi segundo ciclo de 33, me falta poco para los 66.
Saludos @carmenm20

Happy 33rd birthday!
That's right, you already have "the age of Christ" and that makes you aware of your maturity. I'm almost to my second cycle of 33, I'm almost to 66.
Greetings @carmenm20

Muchísimas gracias! Así es tengo un poco más de madurez para enfrentar lo que se presenten en camino.
Que bueno, que estás por llegar a tus 66 años. Debes celebrarlo y ser feliz por tener esa edad.

I hope you get lots of love & hugs to make your day special! 😊


Thank you very much for your nice wishes. A hug for you

I wish you more of positive achievements on your age, good to know it's a Sunday, I wish your desires be fufilled. Thanks for sharing with us, do have a lovely week.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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