Delighted to meet you. And quite the wide range of paths to explore. I like to find a few more happy places for variety than just my favorite quiet space to unwind of favorite reading genre. Welcome to Ladies of Hive! @dreamdigital

Nice to meet you !

Hello again. You certainly have a variety of interests. Writing creative stories and cooking. Those are some of my favorite things to do also. You will do well in the Freewrite Community.

In the cooking area, I invite you to participate in the Terminal's Cookbook Contest each month. A category of recipes is presented to choose from.

Good luck on all your endeavors.

Welcome to the Ladies of Hive community. Great intro and I enjoyed reading this. There are some of your interests that appeal to me very much so. Natural Healing is one of them, Photography of course, Art is another one. You're Vegan recipes are very welcome ... do I need to go on? I hope you will enjoy your journey on the hive blockchain and a belated congratiulations on your 30th birthday!

Have a great weekend and Take care.

I l ok ve that I read that there is someone else that zones out to relax and does creative things. I do that aswell I find it funny to read I am not alone. We never crossed paths but I found you in LOH So Welcome and great to meet you

Nice to meet you, great intro, love gardening and homesteading as well but as fall comes it frees up more time online so I can actually get to read others works. Welcome


Hello, @dreamdigital! It is lovely to have you join us in the Ladies of Hive Community. Thank you for this awesome introduction. It is a pleasure to know you. Please make the Ladies of Hive Community your home. It is yours! We certainly look forward to knowing more about you. Do not forget to use the #ladiesofhive tag on all or any of your articles and post articles from the Ladies of Hive Community page as you please.

Upped and rehived 😍

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