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RE: My personal hairdresser

in Ladies of Hive4 months ago

It looks great! I don't ever go to the beauty shop! I have cut my own hair for years. The top is layered and curled and the back is over 3 feet long. I haven't started coloring it yet, but probably will within the next 5 years or so. That depends on how much gray is noticeable.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy the new hair color! Take care!


Wow!! 3 feet long! That's really long and will be a mammoth job to colour! I'm getting more grey streaks in recent years, but I'm just too lazy 😄 to do it myself, always manage to find an excuse. Luckily he needed a model this week!!!

I think that when I do eventually color, I'll start by doing highlights first (I'm a strawberry blond) and then work my way to a full color job. That way, it's subtle and if I do it right, I won't have to do all of it. My idea is to get it to blend into the natural color. Hopefully-fingers crossed! Take care and enjoy the weekend!