My personal hairdresser

I'm a very sloppy low maintenance person and rarely go to the hairdressers. Since I stopped working I didn't need to look my best, then Covid came and hairdresser's were one of the many places to remain shut. The last time I had my hair cut was on my cruise back in March. I received a £30 onboard voucher to spend at the beauty salon and topped another £15 to have my hair done. A great bargain for a frugal person like me ☺️. A haircut normally last me a good full year (told you I'm low maintenance) till it gets too long and becomes intolerable. Colour is a bit tricky on the other hand. Normally I do it myself, but a DIY job doesn't give the best results. There's a reason professional hairdressers charge so much. Luckily for me, I got my personal hairdresser!

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My nephew,(not the kiddo one who just graduated and I normally mention in my blogs) is an experienced hairdresser and this week he was looking for someone to test out some new products. Aunty was on hand to help out of course!!

I went round to his mum, my sister's place for dinner tonight and he did the colour for me. It was all done very professionally, using professional grade products. He mixed two shades of the same colour, a darker shade for the roots and a slighter lighter one for the ends. Apparently this makes it look more expensive. I like the sound of this!!


Fifteen minutes later I was ready for my expensive look. Personally, I think this twirl looks quite nice!

And another 25 minutes later, here's what my colour looks like.

A bit of styling by my lovely personal hairdresser

And here's the end result. What do you think?

Wanting to look your best is important for pretty much all females (and male?) myself included. This used to be a pretty top priority in my younger days but as I grew older, my priorities changed. Where does it sit in your list of priorities?


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Your hair looks pretty good. You could have spent hundreds of dollars at a salon, but your private hairdresser took care of that.
By the way, my hair is very important to me too. My girlfriend @ezgicop knows this very well. I feel really bad when my hair doesn't look good.

You gotta look good for your girlfriend!!!

I'm trying my best. Believe me! She knows that too 😂.

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It looks good on you! I used to have that hair color but now change to blond streaks. Also, I can tell your nephew is a pro, he even scale the mixture 🤣. I usually just do that without a scale and even many places I went to never do that.


Yeah, he's very pro, even insisted to do a skin test on me wo days before hand to make sure there was no allergic reaction to the product!!

It's something many of us don't do but should. I personally have a few allergies to some of these coloring product and it feels burning when I applied it. Is your nephew a hairstylist by profession?

Same, I also have haircut once a year hihihi lowkey😁
But glad you have your nephew there. His hands are amazing.
Naahh, I miss going to salon. It's been more than a year already 😅

Normally I wait till the summer is over as I tie my hair up when it's hot, that will extend the need to the salon journey for a few more months 😀

Hey, how lucky you are to have a nephew who knows how to do the color, your hair looks so cute ☺️


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Thank you!! Definitely very useful to have him in the family, and he is a very good stylist as well1!

Wow! you look more beautiful and younger in your hair sis @livinguktaiwan. Thats an advantage having a nephew with a hairdresser skill

Thanks @jenthoughts, I guess that's why many females spend so much on beauty and hair. It certainly has that feel good factor.

It looks great! I don't ever go to the beauty shop! I have cut my own hair for years. The top is layered and curled and the back is over 3 feet long. I haven't started coloring it yet, but probably will within the next 5 years or so. That depends on how much gray is noticeable.

Thanks for sharing and enjoy the new hair color! Take care!

Wow!! 3 feet long! That's really long and will be a mammoth job to colour! I'm getting more grey streaks in recent years, but I'm just too lazy 😄 to do it myself, always manage to find an excuse. Luckily he needed a model this week!!!

I think that when I do eventually color, I'll start by doing highlights first (I'm a strawberry blond) and then work my way to a full color job. That way, it's subtle and if I do it right, I won't have to do all of it. My idea is to get it to blend into the natural color. Hopefully-fingers crossed! Take care and enjoy the weekend!

It looks great!! I really like it! I was also thinking about doing something red in my hair!

Thanks @bulug. Are you still in Europe now?

No, right now in Argentina!! :)

thinking he has done a pretty good job, I go to the same lady barber I have done for the past 15 years, for me it costs £5.50p, but I always since the covey round it up to £10, got to help and support local business, who struggled.

£5.50 is a steal, but it's really nice of you to round it up to a tenner. I think that's about the going rate in small towns. Hubby's regular is £9, think he tips it up to £10 as well. And I absolute agree with you in supporting the small local businesses

👍 @livinguktaiwan , pensioners rates 😂

That's awesome that your nephew was able to do that for you. It turned out really good too. 👍 seeing the process of how it's all done is interesting. I see that he used a scale to mix the products. It looks like you really have to know what you're doing.

He says using a scale is more precise in case he needs to mix more colour, which he did a few times, and that ensures every batch he mixes is exactly the same shade. #proatwork 🙃

That makes sense to me. It sounds like baking in a way.

Lol! I've been letting my standards slip plenty over the last few years and not freak over grey hairs anymore. It's a losing battle in the long run and embrace our crown of wisdom.

totally agree with you, although I haven't quite got to embrace my grey hairs yet, I am accepting them more, mainly due to laziness and having no option, but since an opportunity arise, I wasn't going to pass over that!!!

Your hair looks so lovely! How nice to have a personal hairdresser! 😁

Thanks @thekittygirl, it's very handy indeed to have him in the family, not that we would love him less if he wasn't a hairdresser!

Hey..I'm also a lover of good looks.and that color fit you so much.

Thanks a lot. I'm waiting for some nice good weather to go out so it can bring out the red in the hair

Love the color and your new look. You are looking lovely... i also need to cut my hair and color my hair, so waiting for my salary :D

Hi @priyanarc, I'm sure you definitely need something to cheer you up after all you've been through. Hope you are settling down ok in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a nice country, I will be here for one year and then after that, I don't know. I really like this country but I also miss my life and everything in Ukraine. So, I have to go back when the war will be over...

Wow, looking good Pauline! :)

Thanks Petr 😊

Lucky you for having a nephew who got your hair covered in fantastic colors and style too :)

Yes, he's great at his job, and luckily I can benefit from it

He sure is very pro. Cheers and happy weekend❤

Nice colour! I've never seen that brand of hair colour before.
Yes, colouring is something that is best done by a professional, but I find beauty salons traumatising. Too much empty chatter for me.
Looking good used to be on top of my priority too, but at this moment, how I feel is way more important, and I don't rely on looking good to feel good, which I consider a great achievement. It doesn't mean I'm gonna go out looking like a dog though 🤣

Beauty comes from within!!

I can imagine it's a tad bit difficult to put beauty at the top priority when you're living in a narrow boat with limited space!

Exactly!!! Especially when I would only pop off to operate locks normally 🤣

So cool to have a nephew who's a professional hairstylist. Great choice, that's a lovely hair color and it suits you well.

Thanks so much Arni!!! 😍

Your nephew did a great job. I don't color my hair (I figure I earned every one of those gray hairs!) and I rarely go in to get my hair cut. I have naturally curly hair, but it doesn't look that curly since it is long and gets pulled down by the weight. I typically just get it trimmed when it is needed. I wear it the way my husband likes it - just brush it out - the natural curl takes care of the rest.

I'm so jealous, I would love a bit of natural curl in my hair, much better than the boring straight hair! I'm glad my nephew styled it that way for me last night. I think in a few years time I'll have to accept all my grey hairs and embrace it, getting there slowly!!!

Well it does have its pros and cons. Pro - all I have to do is brush it out! Con - the humidity makes it stick way out! Since I have very thin hair, it's easy for the humidity to do all sorts of things to it, but the curl makes my hair look thick (another pro).

Lucky you! I think your hair looks pretty damn great. I'm loving the twirl pattern, too. And yet, it looks so easy from the shot with the dye still on. You can tell it's a professional's hand at work.

As a low-maintenance (loving the switch from "sloppy" haha) person myself, I so resonate with your words. I've never been interested in going to the hairdresser. I hate salon cuts, waxes, never had a salon dye job (and I've had a lot of hair colors :D). Can't be bothered. The way I see it, it's not about being frugal, it's just spending that money on more important things. Like, I have friends always complaining they're broke. And yet they're at the salon every other week, getting things done that they could easily DIY at home. So I guess it's pick your poison, right?

I'm sure we all got those friends in our circle or neighbours down the road, who say they're broke, but then they come back from the supermarket with pre peel, pre cut, pre wash, pre packed veg which costs twice as expensive as a whole cucumber or a big packet of carrots.

We all love to indulge ourselves every now and I'm sure we deserve it, it's just striking the balance with everything else in our life.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Well said! I think it's when it stops being an indulgence and becomes a weekly habit that it can spiral into a problem.

I like it! Excellent job nephew. 😍

How very fortuitous are you to have a nephew for a personal hairdresser. Fabulous! He does a lovely job as your hair looks great.
Spending a load of money on hairdressing is not on my agenda either. I get hair cuts/styled every 6 weeks only as my hair still has lots of natural colour in it. I have also made the decision to go grey (when I happens) gracefully. Maybe in a few years I may change my ideas, one never knows.

haa adorable how the nephew was the one do it for you! Looks great too!

Looking good @livinguktaiwan !!!
I like it, it's kindda sexy!

This is awesome, you look beautiful and your hair divine, I also did a little change for my birthday :)

fui fuio, looking great friend.

You are blessed with rich and thick hair. Your nephew did a splendid job! It looks so natural and I like the color 👍

Well I guess having a nephew for a hairdresser is super cool. Tell him, "Good job."

What a joy to be able to see your face, and your hair looks great, how lucky to have a hairdresser in the family.😘 @livinguktaiwan

I have always been low maintenance, as time goes by that maintenance becomes more demanding to look my best compared to women in my society who take great care of themselves. I like gray hair but it becomes your enemy when there are other colors on your head.

I cut my hair twice a year, painting is now more frequent when I have 4 fingers I touch up, it's time for maintenance and painting. 🤣

Hello, your new look is very nice.