Lessons that I have learned throughout the Year ~ Contest no. 166

1️⃣ What is the one lesson or knowledge you learned this year that benefitted you as a lady?


Today, I am going to share my experiences that have had till the age of 36!
Lessons that I have learnt:

  • Money is important in life and in every stage. It is very important to create a wealth fund for you and your spouse till this age. That’s the reason the person should start to save for the retirement from now onwards before it's already late. Learn how to save and grow money.
  • Most important thing as a parent everyone should stop pressuring their children’s. Because they are going to live by their own and have their own deeds. All I can do as a parent is to teach them what is necessary but need to let them grow by their personal experience. I stopped pressuring my children for anything.
  • I have started to stop comparing my life with neighbours or any relatives. They might live a better life than me and my family but they also have some problems which are not expressed or heard by me. That is the reason I should never judge.
  • I have learnt to buy only the things which I need. I prefer and suggest to invest in things which are going to be beneficial such as land and mutual funds. I looked for the professionals and looked for what is gonna work best for me.
  • I have given my only priority to my family and job should not be the only priority. Because my family is going to be by my side always that is the only reason to give the family those memories.
  • I have learned to stay calm and experience life and I have decided to for vacations and travel the world.
  • Another important thing everyone should learn is to take care of the health. Health is more important than anything else.
  • I am planning to Learn skills which will come in help for my family and career growth. I believe that there is no age for learning skills and no one should stop learning.
  • I also think that I should never let the child die in myself. Loving my self and enjoying whatever I do.
  • I Love my spouse more than anything else. Because they are always going to be there for me no matter what. If I don’t have time for my spouse then it would be neglecting.
  • Taking care of the old parents is very important because karma will pay me back. As I live with the parents of my husband I always take care of them as my parents even though they are my in-laws.
  • Being practical in life is also necessary. No matter what happens in life must go on. Meditation is essential to remain calm.
  • I know that kindness is a great act of human being. I should be kind but I should never lower my principles for anyone.
  • Whenever I am bored I would read books like crazy. Because it will train my mind and enhanced my knowledge through reading the books.
  • I have spent the first 20 years worrying what people thinks about us. I have changed the mindset of mine.
  • We get only one life that is the reason I don’t want to waste it by trying to please other people. Everyone should live the way they want to live the life.
  • There are no reasons why I can't achieve whatever I really want to. I have started to grow faith in myself.

Thank you for reading! Stay blessed.

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These are lessons and topic on their own
They are the reflection of life which I believe can only be learnt through experience

This is a nice piece people have to seat and think about

I will follow you right away
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Thanks for reading with patience!

Thank you for sharing these lessons. They'll be of great use to me. Have a great year 💕

Have a great year too thanks

These are some lessons that should be learned by everyone else, good to see you improving day by day.

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Really nice Thaughts!
I m totally agree with you money is very important in this dealing with kindness is very nice thing but never put yourself down.

Thanks for reading