[LOH#82]Thoughts about Gender Equality

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I saw a weekly contest with a wonderful topic, so i decided to join.

Here are my thoughts

What are your thoughts on the way women have been treated
in the past, and how women are being treated now?



Women are blessed creature and not creature i dispute the fact that the society sees us as weaker.

In the past women were not allowed to go to school, hold any political position, work , but the world is advancing, I don't think such rules and regulations still exist.
Although they might be some gender inequality but it not as before.

Would you be satisfied being offered a seat in exchange for not being allowed to vote or own land?

Offering me a seat has nothing to do with depriving me the right to vote. Anyone can be offered a seat even an old or sick man that's need help.
A woman should also be able to have land, either willed by her parents or brought with her own money. She worked for it, so if he decides to own a land she should.

Do you believe that God created women to a lower station in life, and we don't deserve anything more?

God did not make us any lesser.
He made us equal, he brought us out of man to be a supporter that is we even have great advantage in helping man and the society grow.
We deserve everything more and far as you worked for it with your hands.

Or do you believe that women deserve equal respect and treatment to men?

Strongly yes. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't respect men because we see our self in same shoe. Like they said respect is reciprocal
I would love to invite @philomenob, @melyxaluna to join in the contest.
You can know more about it here

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Respect is reciprocal indeed. Not because we clamor for equality means we will no longer give men the respect that are due to them. I think that's what is usually missing in some parts of the world, mutual respect to each other regardless of gender.

Yes you are right, the respect should be mutual

Yes, it is necessary for us to live in harmony. Thank you !LADY

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It is very necessary
Thank you for your kind words and sharing ideas
Have a Lovely weekend

Exactly :) Thank you too and enjoy the weekend!

Sure, i will
Make sure you take alot of rest this weekend, it is also important

Thank you for your reminder. Yes, I'm taking it slow :) Cheers !LADY

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I'm glad you are
It was a wonderful conversation with you
I followed you

And oh, welcome to the community by the way💗

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Thank you dear

Thank you so much for the invite 🥰 I also believe that women were created to assist man on his journey. Never did the Great Spirit expect women to be treated the way we have. We are equal. Men are supposed to be our protectors, not our antagonists. This all came about because of pride, greed, envy, lust and wrath. We must teach young men to have more humility, gratitude and patience. Time is of the essence.

You are right strong woman
Thank you for sharing your advise

When were women not allowed to have jobs?

I mean before, not now

But when before? Because women had jobs for thousands of years. But most women chose not to do certain jobs. Many men went out to war and died for women and children. Equality would be to force women to do dangerous jobs. Many men died doing dangerous jobs. Not just war related. Imagine doing underwater engineering. Welding. Some women do choose to be astronauts. Some women in the past were warriors. Some were queens. You will find women doing all kinds of things for thousands of years all around the world.

But many women did not want to do some of those jobs. I say if a woman wants to do a job, she could try. But if I have to choose who to hire for a particular job, a man or a woman, I will pick whichever could do the best job at it. I don't care your gender or the color of your skin. I only care who can do the job the best.

Yeah, you are right
Thank you for your ideas
Have a wonderful weekend

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Ok really appreciate
Thank you

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