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RE: My personal hairdresser

Your nephew did a great job. I don't color my hair (I figure I earned every one of those gray hairs!) and I rarely go in to get my hair cut. I have naturally curly hair, but it doesn't look that curly since it is long and gets pulled down by the weight. I typically just get it trimmed when it is needed. I wear it the way my husband likes it - just brush it out - the natural curl takes care of the rest.


I'm so jealous, I would love a bit of natural curl in my hair, much better than the boring straight hair! I'm glad my nephew styled it that way for me last night. I think in a few years time I'll have to accept all my grey hairs and embrace it, getting there slowly!!!

Well it does have its pros and cons. Pro - all I have to do is brush it out! Con - the humidity makes it stick way out! Since I have very thin hair, it's easy for the humidity to do all sorts of things to it, but the curl makes my hair look thick (another pro).