The sun hits my face and reminded me that I am flawed✨

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Last week, I registered for membership of Philhealth. It was a nice and calm day with the bright sun🌞.


While waiting inside the tricycle, I captured the bright sun and so I did a selfie. From that moment, I realized that I am flawed. For a second, I hesitate to take a selfie. I though that it was not worth the space on my phone. The first thing that I noticed in my picture was the pimple in my forehead.


It was always a thing for me since the pandemic. Imagine, the only thing that the people can see on my face is my forehead. And guess what, it is the only part of my face that have pimples. I thought that people will probably generalize that my face is full of pimples.

I does hate that thinking, but sometimes I can't help it. On the brighter side, I am working on myself. I have now a skin care routine composed of Kojic soap, Toner, Day Cream and Night Cream from Gr8Life💖. Little by little, my pimples were being lessen. I can see some development so I am happy with it🤗.


There's nothing wrong with having flaws. I just remembered, one time when I was hanging out with my friends. Someone asked if what is our insecurities. Funny to realized that I am insecure in almost every feature in my face.

Lemme list it.

  1. I have kinda wide forehead with pimples
  2. My nose is kinda flat
  3. I always have bad hair day
  4. I have gummy smile
  5. I have noticeable eyebags
  6. I have lazy eyes
  7. I have kinda huge face

Now that I am listing it down, I think, it's not that bad afterall. Maybe because I am in my "self love mantra" right now. Actually, I also realized that when you combined all of that flaws, it still aesthetically pleasing (look normal). Guess I look like any other people in this world.

We all are flawed. It's just a matter of confidence and self acceptance. So, to all the ladies out there, just want to tell you that;

You're gorgeously flawed😉

Keep safe!😉💞



Hi! Thank you for stopping by☺️
I'm a Nature Lover🌱 | Photography Lover 📸 | Book Lover 📚 | Music Lover 🎶
Human Being🙋
I appreciate you💖


All I see is a pretty face, kind eyes and nice full lips ;D

You're too kind. Thank you!☺️💖

:) musta!

1. I have kinda wide forehead with pimples -- pimples are temporary. I used to have some before.. ur forehead is one of ur unique features. I wouldn't call it big at all.

My nose is kinda flat -- uhhhhh, isn't that one of the cutest pinoy features?? as a foreigner, that is my opinion.

I always have bad hair day -- not even! your hair is way nice and clean and shiny.

I have gummy smile -- huh? not sure what this one even means..

I have noticeable eyebags -- I get that, too. it's not a big deal.

I have lazy eyes -- Where?


I have kinda huge face -- I bet u my face is much bigger than urs! :P

Haha appreciate your comment☺️. Filipinos do have smaller nose than other race😅. Well, the gummy smile is when my gums always took the opportunity to say hi whenever I smile😂. It is noticeable everytime i laugh😄.And I think I look sleepy here😅.


Don't I?

i get gummy now, but no, u don't look sleepy there. :)

Really? Haha thanks😄

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