Thanks for the kind words and the curation vote! I think we all have learned to love our green spaces more than ever this past year!

I have always enjoyed my garden, really got to enjoy it once again when there was not so much traffic on the road. This used to be quiet, now people speeding up and down day and night.

Have yourself a wonderful day tomorrow!

I too am enjoying the outdoor quiet! An old friend just called to tell me that her 53-year old cousin just died of covid-19 complications she was one of the little kids that I remember from childhood. They medflighted her to a better equipped hospital in the city, but she didn't make it. I'm looking forward to the rest of my weekend. On your advice I asked my daughter to buy me a bunch of wine when she goes to the store tomorrow. I am not expecting a wine shortage here but any excuse will do! I never thought about needing to keep cash on hand for black market purchases. Your advice is eye opening!

Fortunately we don't know anyone affected by covid, have had a number of unrelated deaths through this year which made it sad, unable to attend services to support families.

I have always had a "thing" about is keeping some cash stashed "under the bed", came in very useful with all my questionable habits. When my younger sister told me she was smoking tea I hit the roof, insisted she run the gauntlet in her city and find proper cigarettes. Yes they will kill you eventually, but smoking tea? Now we starting to hear of cases where elderly did smoke tea and are suffering the side-effects months later.

I never had more than a couple of bottles red wine to enjoy with supper that lasted a week, now I have stocked up and try hold the extra just in case this ever happens again.... Once bitten twice shy!

We live and learn, most definitely send you daughter down to your local store, lay a few bottles in storage they seldom go off with sell by dates 😄

I tend to make a bottle of wine last a week or more, but would feel quite deprived if I didn't have a glass to go along with a nice meal. I assume imported wine will become more expensive here.

Smoking tea! She would have been better off smoking some of the various herbs- rosemary, sage, lavender. Never tried it myself and am glad I quit smoking 30 years ago!