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RE: LOH contest #93 The trauma of a female child😓💖

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Many homes offer of University after finishing schooling was far and few between, your Dad tried to direct you into making lasting decisions. Music would normally be treated as a hobby unless you were really talented, able to earn a living. Politicians growing up were all male, never given a thought to this!

Enjoyed reading how you found your earlier life.

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I love music but I still don't know if I was actually talented on it🤔

Yeah, I loved politics because of the monetary value attached😅😅

Thanks for reading 😘😘

Our imagination when young sometimes makes us chase something that really is not viable, parents know us best and guide, hoping we have a better future than they might have had.

I agree with you on this. Sometimes we just think in a shallow way without proper future plans

Parents are really wiser.

Amen to that. Our future will definitely be brighter

Pity we are stubborn and normally don't listen when we younger.

Learn from mistakes if you don't accept guidance.