The Burden Of The First Child

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Authored by @Kelzy Speaks

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Howdy ladies! How have you been? It's been a long time since my last blog and I'm kinda lost again to start. I was busy in the real world that I neglected to do what I usually do. You know priorities that need to work on before anything else. Even before yourself.


I guess you know now where this article will go. The title can summarize it all. Instead of keeping my stress in me, I will let these words out here. Besides, I find comfort in writing and only my virtual friends can understand me. Sometimes I wish they are my family cause they are more concerned about me. Thanks to my friends @usagidee and @ruffatotmeee who are always there to listen to my dramas.

I believe that the world is fair but people are not. God created the world perfect and provide everything when He created a man. But because of that crazy snake, our first ancestor committed a sin that made the world suffer until today. Tsk! I blame it all on that evil snake, if only I was there and I am a dino I'll sure crush his stingy and greasy body! Rawr! Haha.

That sin multiplies us and builds a family. Some are happy with it but others wish they didn't exist. Well, you won't think like this if you were raised and born in a family that gives you the love and care you need.

I was born into a broken family and grow up having a miserable life. In fact, I can't remember even a single memory of my childhood days that I am happy but still, I fixed my life and go on cause I don't want to look pity on others. I strive and work hard and fortunately finished college on my own. I didn't hold any grudges toward my parents even though they leave and neglected me. But now I think I want to voice it out because they wanted to give me the responsibility they should be doing which is to take care of my siblings. Actually, it's fine with me as long they will listen and treat me as their elder sister but they're not. I don't receive respect from them yet they still rely on me.

"Just be patient with them, your older so you should be more understandable" - Mom

Eh? Till when? Haist! I love my mom but I think she's already too much.

Maybe I'm just too stressed. I don't want to come to the point where I will let those words out to them and regret my action afterward. Hope I'll get through with this.

I need some hugs and advice.



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Aigoooo, kakalungkot tlga tong life story mo. Pwede na sa MMK or Magpakailanman pero wag na wag mo ng isa submit tong kwento mo don ha, alam ko na magiging roles ko eh. Char!! Basta kaya mo yan. Send gcash na ba? 😹😹

As the eldest child of a broken family, I can relate to this somehow. I just gotta say that it isn't always gonna be bad days. You'll be able to breathe and be your own person one day

I felt you. I'm not the eldest, yet it feels like one. Fighting, dzai. 🥺

Sorry to hear about your predicaments and struggle Kelzy. I hope that your parents will realize their responsibilities and not pass them on to you. I wish you more patience :)

Aigooo, why you have to suffer alone. Why not suffer but with the love ones para sana may karamay ka naman. You are the only one who's giving but how about them? Mejo nakakainis din talaga ang fam mo, aishhh. Pero fightuuuu lang. Kayanin para sa pangarap 🥰❤️🤩

Yay! 🤗
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Wait.. Andto ka pla 😅 or nakalimutan ko lang.haha..
Anyway, I feel you.. In fact, sobrang pagod na ako.. But still uncertain kung kelan matatapus ang role na to.. Hayst

I can relate to most of what you're going through ~ let's just struggle be more patient and responsible or do whatever we can for a better living!

You'll come out stronger and great in future!

So sorry about your situation, I do hope you find a way to make your siblings understand why they have to treat you with the kind of respect that you deserves. Sending !LUV and a big hug your way

Fighting, marecakes! I am also a breadwinner and the struggle is real talaga. Laban ra ta ! 💪

I'm the eldest, and nakakarelate ako sayo, Zy. You're still lucky to have friends na nakikinig sayo. Saakin naman nagstop na ako magshare. If gusto kong umiyak, nanonood ako nang mga sad dramas. But always remember zy, brighter days will come. Hindi sa lahat ng panahon nasa baba tayo. Kaya, hold on, cheer up, and keep going.

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