Ladies of Hive Community Contest #160 - The Beauty of Life and Death

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This week the @LadiesofHive Contest #160 questions are:
1️⃣ Death is inevitable. It is beyond our control to prevent it from happening. What would you do if you were to learn that your death is imminent? Will you fight for your life to live longer for your loved ones? Or will you keep it not to be a burden to them, and just wait for your time? Explain why?
~ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 / 𝐎𝐑 ~
2️⃣ Do you know someone dear to your heart who passed away unexpectedly? In case he/she can read your letter from heaven, what do you want to tell him/her? You can express your feelings, emotions, and everything else you've been holding inside that remained unspoken before he/she passed away.


A subject that I have always liked to confront and talk about. True, Death is inevitable and some day or the other we all have to leave this body and go to another realm which is not known to us and hence we fear death. It is the fear of the unknown, but if we do a little study about it, we will not fear death, we will be ready to embrace it at any point in life. I know it's easier said then done.

For me personally, I am not very young, nor am I very old. I have accomplished quite a lot and I still have dreams to accomplish more. So if death comes in this moment, what will I do?

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This is what I am prepared for at any given time. I do have dreams and goals and wishes, but that will not stop me from passing by if my moment is now itself. I will not fight for it, I will happily go because that must be my soul contract to exit in this given moment and hence the timeline must be the most ideal for me, so then why shy away from it. First of all I do not feel that Death is a burden, so if I am aware of my end times, I will spend those last moments with my family cheerfully and mentally prepare them also to continue with their life happily once I am gone. I have had my down times in life, but when I look behind I have had a very good life, and I do not want to feel sad in the end times. I lived well and I will like to go with all those happy memories to the other side.


The second question, I will answer in brief. Yes, I do have such one person. My mother-in-law. We had a love, hate relationship. There were times when there was extreme love between us and it was pure and genuine and there were times when we were bitter with each other. It was not a typical mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship. She was a mother to me, but there were certain times when we were both caught up in the negativity of the world and were not nice to each other. I was brought up without a presence of a mother in my life, my parents were separated and I lived with my father, so for me the woman to woman connection was difficult. It took me many years to get adjusted in a homely environment, I was immature and all of that created a lot of stress.

That's a sweet memory that I have with her where she is showering her blessings on me.

She is now in heaven and there is not a day when I do not think of her fondly. She knows that. I only wish that I had little more time with her because by the time I had my realizations it was a bit late. I feel her pain and I know she was right in many ways but there were times when I also expected her understanding towards my life. Nevertheless with all of that I do remember her fondly and miss her presence and I also miss her food. She was an amazing cook and I will never be able to be that. I am aware that her love for me was very pure and genuine and I am happy she crossed my path in this lifetime.

I feel teary now writing all of this so I better end it here.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸



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I also feel like death is something most people avoid talking about. I have lost people that I still feel a sting of pain when I remember. I have loved and I have lost. But I value the poignant moments spent with these people. I believe it's not something we should fear but that we should rather spend each moment making the best memories with the people we hold dear.

No one knows exactly what is on the other side, but still it is a part of the nature's process and I always believe that nature is very beautiful and always gives us the best and so will be the space after death

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Death is truly inevitable
So inevitable

One thing where there is no discrimination :-)

You have told the truth, it is better to fight it Because life is precious, we get it once and we should try our best to live it. We all know that one day we have to go but we will continue our struggle

I rather do not believe in fighting. I believe in living it freely and go when the time comes


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Yeah death is painful, death is inevitable. I believe if every human will have a chance of taking one thing away in life, it is going to be death.

There is no hiding from it, rich or poor, everyone has to one day eventually die

Hi, I come to leave my like, nice day.👍👍👍