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This week I will be answering the #ladiesofhive community contest question number two

How would you describe the traits of a successful woman?

Success is a relative term, it might have one dictionary meaning but it means different things to different people. To some being successful means having all the money in the world and enjoying the luxuries of life and living the good life. Some other persons might tell you being successful is being married, having a husband and children. To a working class woman who has worked her way up the ladder of the cooperate world success might just be for her, becoming the chief editor or managing director of that advertising company she had worked with from scratch for over ten years plus. To Such a lady, being married and having kids is not in her agenda and as such she doesn’t consider it as success, for her rather she might see it as obstacle to her goal to be the best and be on top in the cooperate world.


Success can be defined as having your goals or aims accomplished. It is a feeling of achievement and a sense of accomplishment. Mind you all of the success examples I meantioned above are all valid, to each their own, no one’s feeling of accomplishment is better of or lesser than another’s, that is why the term success is relative.

For me a successful woman would be all encompassing, succeeding and soaring in every sphere of her life, leaving her mark and impact in the sands of time. A woman with a giant stride, one who is a force to be reckoned with.
Some of the traits she should possess that would help her become and stay successful are;

God fearing;
A woman who loves the lord for me is well on her way to a path of success, a woman who puts God first and knows that her strength to succeed and make an impact in her life and world is dependent on her maker and lord.
Trust me nothing can stop her from succeeding.

Goal getter;
This is one trait I admire on any woman, whether you are up there or you are working your way towards your goals, I love a goal getter, a woman who stops at nothing to achieve her goals.


Now this is one thing I personally strive towards, I tell myself no matter how bad the world turns out daily, I should never loose my ability to be kind, compassionate and caring, it is one trait that endears you and put you at the top without you even knowing.

Solution provider;
No Matter the sphere of life you find yourself as a woman,as a wife or mother, being a solution provider is a trait that keeps you one step ahead always. Life is always looking for new ways to throw challenges at us but a woman who is a solution provider would surely be always alert and ready for whatever life may bring, and instead of nagging and lamenting, finding a solution keeps her ahead and on top.

Amongst the many other traits that makes a woman successful in her life and endeavors, these are my top four. Mind you having these traits is not a sure quarantee that you would be successful but, with such disposition, anyone with these traits has a fair chance to beat life to its tricks and a fair chance at success in what ever sphere of life.

I invite @marinnoluv and @winniecorp to tell us their own take on what traits a successful woman should possess.

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Putting God first is the best thing for one to make it or be successful while others flows along too.


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You see that your first paragraph? It should be on a billboard. Success is relative indeed and it shouldn’t specifically define anyone. Each human being works at their own pace and style so it’s only fair to define success as that.
You have said it all and thanks for the invite.

great addition
Thank you

This was a good read lady! 😉

Putting God first and being compassionate are two of my top ones. I think having these two really set women (and men) up for a very successful path in whatever they choose to conquer!

Keep up the great writing work ~

Thank you so much 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼
I love your compliments and having you visit my blog
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It’s truly always a pleasure. 😘

God fearing is it for me. When God leads you, you excel in all your endeavours. Nice entry and Good luck too

Thank you very much

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Should I still drop mine?
Exact same line of thought…,

This one shock me oh 😂😂😂

Everyone is welcome to take part in the contest

A successful woman is a solution provider. She doesn't give up on the challenges life throws at her. She brainstorms and always comes out strong with a smart solution.

Such a strong view of yours👍🥰

A perfect addition
Thank you nkem

You have said it all...wanted to make a post but u captured all I could have said....


Lol thanks

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Success is a relative term, it might have one dictionary meaning but it means different things to different people. ❤️

I love it. Different people have different definitions of what success means to them. It could mean making a lot of money, being happy and content with one's life, or simply feeling fulfilled. The definition of success can change depending on the person's age, experience, and background. So yea there is no one right way to measure or achieve success.

Also, you pointed out the great qualities, and these are definitely the traits that successful people typically possess. Thanks for taking the time to join the contest and have a great Sun. !LADY

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Thank you very much
Such great addition

You are right
Without God you can't be successful
He needs to be in your success story so it will last

Yea right
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