Not all that glitters are Gold (a story tread)

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Just like the sun ,
Shes worth more than gold.
A perfect kind of human,is worth more than rubies,
Attitude and character is the clime of good living ,
And so it definitely attracts blessings or curse in reality.

Most people hardly believe in anything but they believe life goes on as long as they are alive,
Sometimes it feels strange that people refuse to listen to advice or even hear what is being said about some certain situations especially when it comes to relationship matters ,

Here is a story of a girl 23yrs of age,
Dating a man with 2kids and this man wasn't married either but he was more like having baby mumy's
This very girl all pretty and endowed"i guess it was her looks and body that attracted the man".
This guy at 38,single with 2kids .
The mother of the children all stayed clear from him , reasons best known to them..
The 23year old that just graduated was still looking for job ,and she met this man with kids,
They went out on dates ,he was taking care of her , giving all attention and gifts .
The girl said she was inlove with him after 1month of dating because he buys her things , gives her money ,sends her unexpected gives and soo much more .
Well it was 3months later her mum asked her about the man and it felt like she didnt even know anything about this very man that is taking care of her and showing her excess love to make her happy.

At the end she had to go and ask the man some questions too but the mum insisted he gets the man to come visit her so she can ask him his intentions .

Funny thing was that she didnt even know he had kids even after 3months of dating,
6months later he finally accepted to visit her mum and there he opened up to the girls mum and told her about his life and kids and how the two different mothers stop coming to see thier children, after much discussions, the only thing he told her mum that attracted him to the girl was that she is beautiful and endowed, he jokingly said it out loud and laughed about how her shape was confusing him and he wants to rush and marry her ,

After he left ,the girls mum told her she should not marry a man like that , because he is having soo many unreal truth .
And besides,shes to young to marry a baby daddy and the man looks so unreal and not truthful about him loving her enough.
But this baby girl is inlove and refused to see reasons with her mum ,
She still goes on to say shes inlove and cant just leave him .

Besides, he's the best man she have ever dated and here she can't just let go after 6months ,

The mum was just not comfortable,and kept disturbing her to leave that kind of man .
The whole issue made her pack her things and left to go stay with the love of her life ..

Well for now i will end here ,will continue the story on my next post ..
Really appreciate any that will come across this story and read it .